Level 5

Thats how far i went this weekend. I do want to continue and level them up but between guild raids, 10man, heroics, weekly molten core and onyxia, theres really not that much time available. I'll have to say that im not that excited to level up as well. It's extremly boring to level 5 different class's simultaneously but in the end it's rewarding cause the goal is to get them all on my main account :]


This is kinda different from what im used to. 5 different trainers and 5 different necessities.
Im just glad theres a mage to make some waters :]


Party of 5 - Each of a kind

New project (let's see how much time i stick to it, hopefuly a couple of hours)

Gonna level up a char of each class, that i currently dont have at higher level, via multiboxing.
Feral Druid: Shiftycent
Holy Priest: Calcutá
BM Hunter: Ezee & his Pet: Mode
Aff Lock: Cåpslock
Fire Mage: Frostituta

Later tonight, a pic and some uber HOGER PWNAGE!
Stay tuned!
Now i gotta get back to work and read moar loot dramah queens on ma guild!



Imagine a Druid tanking, a priest healing, a hunter dps'ing, a mage doing the same and a warlock.

Just try to picture it.


New ATX's and Format c:

It's close to an end. Because i was too lazy, im missing my PC to multibox with, still in the living room, waiting to be mounted in the new box.

There were two main reasons to change box's: cleanup the dust and change for less weight and size. My old thermaltake must weight more than 25kg and the aerocool wasn't so heavy but still, needed to change cause of some missing pieces to attach more hdd's.
Hmm, i was kinda tired of the box's as well ^^

Tommorow seems a good day to start leveling those damn warlocks :)
...after another format c: -_-


Starting to be afraid

Without my partner to PvP, im turning into a pansie