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After making a little post about Multiboxing Macro's, im going to introduce now some basics that worked for me, when i started boxing.

Please keep in mind www.dual-boxing.com , thats our place, where every multiboxer meets and share/discuss ideas. On this site theres a nice Dual Boxing Wiki where u can search for faq's, or anything related to multiboxing.

Today i'll show u guys 2 solutions, that in the end, can be paired to greater success.
Synergy (free) and Keyclone (one time US$19.99 payment)

Im not here to advertise anything, neither i get something for speaking of these solutions.
I'll start by Synergy.

It's simple. Think of this scenario: u have 2, or more computers, with all the screens in front of u. Now imagine a tool, that basicaly is a virtual KVM, meaning, with the keyboard and mouse in front of ur main PC, u can drag the mouse to the right screen edge, et voilá, ur inside the other screen just to your right, and u can now use that same mouse and keyboard on that computer. U can even copy+paste text from one machine to the other. Ain't that handy ?
For Multiboxing, and since this program is open source, there was made a slight, but still huge, adition: A Broadcasting feature, wich means, u press "B" on ur main, and the slaves press "B" as well. U get the picture. Heres the link, courtesy of www.Dual-Boxing.com: http://www.dual-boxing.com/SynergyWBroad.zip

It's a free way of starting boxing, but it still requires one game per PC, since it wont broadcast to multiple clients on one pc :)

Now... Keyclone... This is the real deal. It lets u:

  • use one single PC with multiple open WoW Clients and sends keystrokes to all of them
  • split ur screen with maximizer, a tool that removes the windows edges and makes it look like tiny screens, inside one single screen
  • broadcast keystrokes via lan to all machines in the network, and sending them to as many clients as u wish.
  • one click, and it opens all wow's u want, working like a charm.
Not much to add tbh, this is the tool to have. It's $19.99 per copy, that means, even if u format ur disk, u get to activate it again, and again. Only usable one copy per machine. In months of playtime, the downtime of playing due to this software was less than 0.5%. Once u get it to work, it's an awesome tool.

Well, it's really a basic post, for more info visit the DB site, specially the Wiki.

Btw, thanks for the quantity of visits (that mmo-champion post <3)

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