The Retarded AoE'r

Guess what? The kings here are mages, but now with WotlK almost anyone can do AoE, and be a retard along with it. Like one of my guests nicely put it on the comments box yesterday, retards are people with special needs, not warcraft players, but i beg to differ: these people do have special needs, like the need to fucking learn to play.

The most common situation while doing massive AoE is to pull aggro on loose add's, just because the tank has the duty to keep aggro. Even before the tank reaches the pack of mobs there goes the massive damage, while being stactic, and aggroing that patrol on the back of those mobs, thus, making more damage than the tank and pulling the adds to himself, and the following sentence on party char will be: WTB AGGRO FFS?

Le AoE rétárde will often post his recount meters at the end of the run, showing how much skill he has to click a shortcut and place it on the ground. Some classes don't even need to place the area of effect, cause that would complicate the class too much.

Piece of advice: Do not try to talk about how bad the person is playing, always doing aggro just because he doesn't know to play. That person will eventually tell you suck, because u can't keep up with is damage, and ur just jealous cause u can't output 2000dps at lvl40.


The retarded puller-ninja

Most likely we're talking about a melee dps here.
It's a retard and loves to do shit, such as ninja pulling and ninja some loot. The educated version of this chap will say sorry in every sentence.
From his PoV he's doing it right, u just suck at tanking cause u don't taunt that mob he's hitting in single-target mode till it dies.

The retarded puller-ninja doesn't stops for mana breaks, that's for loosers.
If he wears plate and uses shields, start praying hard so u can get that shield u wanted from the last boss u're trying to get for months, cause he will roll, and everyone knows the retard will most likely get the loot.

Tommorow: The retarded AoE'r


Solo leveling for some boosting later?

Yeah, i've been solo leveling. Again.
The game as it is doesn't suit for what i'm looking for with multiboxing: having fun.
Im not a guy that likes to be locked on a dungeon, doing it all alone, even if it has some interest. What i like to do is PvP, face 20 guys entering Galvangar's room and rip them apart...with the help from my friends! Those friends don't seem to have the time or will to play a game that's become more of a AoE party than anything else.

So, i'm back to some leveling, enjoying the sweet experience of growing... experience.
Well, the new LFG tool is really nice, and there's always someone trying to do instances.
For now the plan is to continue playing just for kicks. Later on i'll decide if i wanna level up the other 4 chars for each class, and if i do, i'll be boosting them with my paladin.

Just remembered that perhaps i should let a class or two for Cataclysm, and let them be Goblin Mages or something? :P By that time, we should have CPL.
CPL: Character Payed Leveling :P


Hunters and Ninjas

Decided to lvl my warrior a bit and went tanking some dungeons with the new system.
At lvl76 HoS is a bit challenging, but when u get a fucktard hunter that the first thing he does on each pack is Multi-Shot, and for the rest he nukes a single target and kites it around, things get somewhat annoying. I taunt the target and get back to the rest of the mobs, but he just wouldn't let go the target, wich was amazing.
In the end he tells me to learn to tank, cause it's really easy. I said if it wasn't easier for him to change target and let me grab that mob he kiting around, and he says i should learn to tank. ROFL

On the last boss a Tank neck drops, the DK needs it, wins and says thanks for the party.

If there was a God, how could we be filled with morons allover the place?



PvE....my head hurts..

After much time thinking about it, i decided to jump into some PvE Multiboxing. I had the Tank, my Paladin, so i just needed to change some things on my shamans...

After a couple hours, i had everything set. This may come as a shock, but, truth is, i never boxed a PvE team, with 3 DPS, 1 tank and 1 healer. Spent 4k in Dual-Specs, built some PvE talent trees and switch a shaman to resto with his elemental gear (ohh shiii!!!tsss) and i actually managed to do a lot of normal instances, and UK HC.

Got new totems for everyone, except one shammy that really needed the badge shield.
I think i got the hang of it, the major problem is to setup multiple shortcuts to a single keystroke, which, unfortunately, i never had much courage to do, or better, patience...

The new random dungeons system is great, so i just have to queue my team up and enter the dungeon couple seconds later. I guess i'll be doing some emblems farm whenever i grow bored of PvP.

I've also been destroying things with my new teams.
Hunters...so fucking op.

And making money with honor points. Go figure...