Where are u?

Most likely, on my Locks lvl11 or Hunters lvl15. Why so slow? My stupid country doesn't allow RAF system, and i can't afford to buy heirlooms to all those characters, which ends up on a slow ride to any level up.

The casual PvP on my shamans, gaining honor and then buying gems to sell. Made 10k recently, without even noticing :P

Thinking on leveling Priest and Mages as well. Just for fun. I know im gonna end up doing 5 of each class, and just trying to benefict from rested xp on all teams. Im a fuckin altoholic.


What about Battlegroups EU+US?

So i could get to 2000+ rating?

Seriously, what's up with the Shaman rush, Priest doing shit in front of the main shaman ready to get nuked, and all the other retards in middle arena ready to be one shotted? lOLolololololOLololol And all this, at 2k rating. /golfclap
This doesn't happen in the Old Continent.


So now im just sure that this is mindless arena bussiness. Look for yourself. From the most resilient shaman (it's called shamanistic rage, being healed and grounding totems, fyi), to not knowing what is happening, the vid has it all, and it's only part 1 of 3, not knowing where the other 2 parts are though. Best part is in Blade's Edge, when he rez his priest, while having 3 enemies left, watching and doing nothing. The priest on the other side had time to rez a partner or interrupt the rez, but i guess they are just horrible. Oh yeah, im gonna buy american games and start leveling.


Merry Xmas

Hope y'all have a merry xmas! Boxer's and Non-Boxer's!


Tornado, round 2

Been a long night, always with my heart pumping. The windows never ceased to be blown by the wind, and i had to stay awake, just in case something would break.

This was Torres Vedras (near Lisbon) yesterday, after whole Portugal got hit by very fast winds, my region is the most devastated, with winds aproaching 200km/h+, what the fuck...
Now i got news telling me this night is going to happen the same, and after sleeping 4 hours in the last couple days...jeezz...
It actually formed some sort of mini-tornado near the beach of Santa Cruz, and pretty much destroyed everything on it's way.

Anyways, got a nice visitor yesterday in town, my good friend Gibson just happened to come down here to attend a meeting, so i went to meet him and we talked for a hour about phiXion for Cataclysm.

So tonight, tornado round 2, let's hope i can grab my windows tight!


Saturday Meeting

10 ppl went, and, like always, there's the late hour giving ups, or simply "im late for this, can't go lunch with u guys, im really sorry!"

Gohan - Physïcx
Slayer - Thánatos
Francis - Gakand
Baía - Strickmabil
Langs - Devilry
Merujo - Konnichiwa
Rossi - Issorina | Trackerpt
Blaster - Ellminster
Ji - Halfaleca | Jinho | Jii
Bug - Mandriao

And so we met up in the place where the Expo '98 took place, in Lisbon, and headed towards the restaurant to have some codfish, but what Ji wanted was a good old plate of meat. Lots of it :P So we decided to go for meat.
We talked, i tried to convince Blaster and Rossi to join the Dark Side, Slayer ran away from frightening water splashes, and Gohan even had to escape from assasin seaguls. Francis, as always, remained very calm. Bug continues to have the sexiest voice of all, while Baía has a new D'Zrt look, very greenish i may add. Langs came in handy cause i didn't had cigars :D

A few photos, the only ones i took, while im still waiting for the few that Bug took. It's hard to take pics while all we want is to have a great time togheter. Till the next one!

PS: Im not gonna identify who's in the pictures.


Friday. Again.

Time fly's by.
Anyways, my first intention was to have a day off today, to what by boss gently replied: No can do, too much work.
I just remember the haters ingame telling me to get a life, and laugh a little bit.

Tonight i have some AV in mind, perhaps some AB cause it's that battleground weekend. I just want the day to finnish fast.

Tommorow it's a big day! 7th anniversary of Portuguese Warriors, my old America's Army clan! The meeting will be in Lisbon, with, of corse, the absence of Oporto people. Funny part is that some of the players in Gimp will be attending the lunch, so i'll have to post some photos later. It's a gathering of old members from PTwars, some of them play WoW now, and also many other friends from other clans.

bye! :)


Final Setup

At last :D

Made up my mind and tried dual view on my main computer, using a 17" bought from my pal Strickmabil some years ago :D
Working like a charm, much better in BG's, WG and Dalaran!

from left to right
Mac - 1 client
Dual - 2 clients in dual view (17" and |24" my main|)
Quad - 2 clients on a vertical position

Till the next change!
Or not!


I'll be back

For some more PvP action counting towards my 100.000 kill's achievement :P

I also want to start a Lock group. Again.


Patch day

Haven't logged in WoW since Tuesday, so now im enjoying my patching :|



Been chilin

in real life

bahahahaha \m/


Setup change and change and change and change

Been a manic multiboxing setup changer since this last friday.
What happened is that WotlK is much heavier than TBC, therefore, my quad core isn't handling very well the 4 clients i had on it. Soooooo......................since i'll my PC's had winXP 32 bits i changed to Win7 64bits. This was on Friday night.
Because my Keyclone email was still the ptwars one, and im having problems with the mailbox, i wasn't able to transfer my accounts until Sunday night, when Rob changed my email. On Sunday i had it rolling but.... it wasn't rolling good enough, for those moments in AV when we end up killing around 300 alliances in 20 minutes.

Sooooooo..............Monday night i decided to fix my old AMD, wich had a broken CPU due to overclocking, and then i had to buy a new one. Everything fixed and installed, ready to go, i bought another Keyclone, setup everything and...it would barely run 2 clients idling in Orgrimmar, imagine playing in AV. Final solution? Macbook Pro gets into play running 2 clients and generating enough heat to fry an egg...

So after all this, i decided to let the quad run 3 clients, the Mac handles 1 and my main pc 1. I may put another monitor and run a extra client on my main but i really didn't wanted to do that.

Thats all for now and im definitly not going to waste more time on setups in the near future.


Like ur style

The result of 6 friends fighting togheter for AV justice.