Where are u?

Most likely, on my Locks lvl11 or Hunters lvl15. Why so slow? My stupid country doesn't allow RAF system, and i can't afford to buy heirlooms to all those characters, which ends up on a slow ride to any level up.

The casual PvP on my shamans, gaining honor and then buying gems to sell. Made 10k recently, without even noticing :P

Thinking on leveling Priest and Mages as well. Just for fun. I know im gonna end up doing 5 of each class, and just trying to benefict from rested xp on all teams. Im a fuckin altoholic.


What about Battlegroups EU+US?

So i could get to 2000+ rating?

Seriously, what's up with the Shaman rush, Priest doing shit in front of the main shaman ready to get nuked, and all the other retards in middle arena ready to be one shotted? lOLolololololOLololol And all this, at 2k rating. /golfclap
This doesn't happen in the Old Continent.


So now im just sure that this is mindless arena bussiness. Look for yourself. From the most resilient shaman (it's called shamanistic rage, being healed and grounding totems, fyi), to not knowing what is happening, the vid has it all, and it's only part 1 of 3, not knowing where the other 2 parts are though. Best part is in Blade's Edge, when he rez his priest, while having 3 enemies left, watching and doing nothing. The priest on the other side had time to rez a partner or interrupt the rez, but i guess they are just horrible. Oh yeah, im gonna buy american games and start leveling.


Merry Xmas

Hope y'all have a merry xmas! Boxer's and Non-Boxer's!


Tornado, round 2

Been a long night, always with my heart pumping. The windows never ceased to be blown by the wind, and i had to stay awake, just in case something would break.

This was Torres Vedras (near Lisbon) yesterday, after whole Portugal got hit by very fast winds, my region is the most devastated, with winds aproaching 200km/h+, what the fuck...
Now i got news telling me this night is going to happen the same, and after sleeping 4 hours in the last couple days...jeezz...
It actually formed some sort of mini-tornado near the beach of Santa Cruz, and pretty much destroyed everything on it's way.

Anyways, got a nice visitor yesterday in town, my good friend Gibson just happened to come down here to attend a meeting, so i went to meet him and we talked for a hour about phiXion for Cataclysm.

So tonight, tornado round 2, let's hope i can grab my windows tight!


Saturday Meeting

10 ppl went, and, like always, there's the late hour giving ups, or simply "im late for this, can't go lunch with u guys, im really sorry!"

Gohan - Physïcx
Slayer - Thánatos
Francis - Gakand
Baía - Strickmabil
Langs - Devilry
Merujo - Konnichiwa
Rossi - Issorina | Trackerpt
Blaster - Ellminster
Ji - Halfaleca | Jinho | Jii
Bug - Mandriao

And so we met up in the place where the Expo '98 took place, in Lisbon, and headed towards the restaurant to have some codfish, but what Ji wanted was a good old plate of meat. Lots of it :P So we decided to go for meat.
We talked, i tried to convince Blaster and Rossi to join the Dark Side, Slayer ran away from frightening water splashes, and Gohan even had to escape from assasin seaguls. Francis, as always, remained very calm. Bug continues to have the sexiest voice of all, while Baía has a new D'Zrt look, very greenish i may add. Langs came in handy cause i didn't had cigars :D

A few photos, the only ones i took, while im still waiting for the few that Bug took. It's hard to take pics while all we want is to have a great time togheter. Till the next one!

PS: Im not gonna identify who's in the pictures.


Friday. Again.

Time fly's by.
Anyways, my first intention was to have a day off today, to what by boss gently replied: No can do, too much work.
I just remember the haters ingame telling me to get a life, and laugh a little bit.

Tonight i have some AV in mind, perhaps some AB cause it's that battleground weekend. I just want the day to finnish fast.

Tommorow it's a big day! 7th anniversary of Portuguese Warriors, my old America's Army clan! The meeting will be in Lisbon, with, of corse, the absence of Oporto people. Funny part is that some of the players in Gimp will be attending the lunch, so i'll have to post some photos later. It's a gathering of old members from PTwars, some of them play WoW now, and also many other friends from other clans.

bye! :)


Final Setup

At last :D

Made up my mind and tried dual view on my main computer, using a 17" bought from my pal Strickmabil some years ago :D
Working like a charm, much better in BG's, WG and Dalaran!

from left to right
Mac - 1 client
Dual - 2 clients in dual view (17" and |24" my main|)
Quad - 2 clients on a vertical position

Till the next change!
Or not!


I'll be back

For some more PvP action counting towards my 100.000 kill's achievement :P

I also want to start a Lock group. Again.


Patch day

Haven't logged in WoW since Tuesday, so now im enjoying my patching :|



Been chilin

in real life

bahahahaha \m/


Setup change and change and change and change

Been a manic multiboxing setup changer since this last friday.
What happened is that WotlK is much heavier than TBC, therefore, my quad core isn't handling very well the 4 clients i had on it. Soooooo......................since i'll my PC's had winXP 32 bits i changed to Win7 64bits. This was on Friday night.
Because my Keyclone email was still the ptwars one, and im having problems with the mailbox, i wasn't able to transfer my accounts until Sunday night, when Rob changed my email. On Sunday i had it rolling but.... it wasn't rolling good enough, for those moments in AV when we end up killing around 300 alliances in 20 minutes.

Sooooooo..............Monday night i decided to fix my old AMD, wich had a broken CPU due to overclocking, and then i had to buy a new one. Everything fixed and installed, ready to go, i bought another Keyclone, setup everything and...it would barely run 2 clients idling in Orgrimmar, imagine playing in AV. Final solution? Macbook Pro gets into play running 2 clients and generating enough heat to fry an egg...

So after all this, i decided to let the quad run 3 clients, the Mac handles 1 and my main pc 1. I may put another monitor and run a extra client on my main but i really didn't wanted to do that.

Thats all for now and im definitly not going to waste more time on setups in the near future.


Like ur style

The result of 6 friends fighting togheter for AV justice.


Last Shaman - Faction Change

It's official ladies and gents!
The pentagram is now possible at fuckin-last!

I had to phone during my lunch time, in order to sort something out, that should have been already solved a week ago.

The problem? The MBnet system used in my country, that let's us issue a VISA for each ammount we want to spend, made the Blizzard system detect several cards used within the same battle.net account and therefore, my account got silent-blocked.
Silent-blocked because i was able to repeat and repeat the process whenever i wanted, but it would never end up with good results.

Tonight im going to sort out more macros for the last shaman, in order to do some sick WSG's with ma friends, like yesterday: Cigarrete, Jinho, Debian, Gohan. Rofl, we had a blast :P

And so, we shall go to war!


MMORPG's Fails - Alganon

Many of us had our share in the mmorpg's fails chapter, like trying a new mmo because it will be so good and great, or just because World of Warcraft makes u feel bored in April or September.

My fail was Age of Conan. Many friends recent fail was Aion.
Why were these games a fail? Too many damn reasons.
Why do i even bother talking about it? Because a good and viable option to World of Warcraft would steal several thousands of players from it, but i guess they just don't want to.

And don't come with the "it's a different game" bussiness, cause these two examples, and even LOTRO or Warhammer, settled their plot in the same space in time. They all have Rogues, Warriors, Paladins, whatever, only with different names.
It takes much more than a good background story and a game that makes u buy a new computer to play it, just to install WoW one week later.
All those games must have their players and fans, so no hard feelings. They all have their unique qualities, i just don't have time to pay and play as a beta tester.
Like Strickmabil said once: "those games are trying to kill the WoW of today, not the WoW of 2004" and this is so true when, in the case of AoC, they said the game was in production for 5 years, and when i played it, at earlier levels, i can say i saw less bug's on those free mmo's like Metin and shit.

Now, when it comes to fail, the biggest fail is when u find yourself on a "dejá vu" moment.

So u are playing this insane game that u pay 60€ for, plus 13€ a month, called by many the WOW KILLER, and then, out of nowhere a bar appears with several possible attacks. Then a box appears and tells u to fill out talent points on it. Swords, daggers, bow's with very familiar names and u start wondering, WTF am i doing here.

So this situation is a great fail.
But there's worse.

A Multiboxer friend at Team Skekraft wrote an entry today about one of those /wrists moments.
This guy over at Eldergoth tells us the tale of this magnificent new MMO called Alganon. Alganon...dejá...vu...

He wrotes:
The design goal behind Alganon, as far as I can tell, is "slavishly imitate WoW, and then add a couple of new features that we think would be cool." The only problem is, the imitation is of the poorest imaginable quality, and hardly any of the new features have been added.

Welcome to Westfall v-00.1

I can't imagine it's going to lead to anything other than a trainwreck though. Games like Age of Conan and Warhammer Online have demonstrated how remarkably little tolerance the gaming public has for games launching in a poor state - and both those games were in much, much better shape than Alganon.

Rofl, they even called it Alganon, doesn't it ring'a bell?
Read the entire review


City Raiding

Stormwind and Ironforge were our targets yesterday. We were 20 people strong, 3 boxers involved, and we were enough to cause panic amongst those trying to celebrate the Pilgim bussiness.

As always, in the heat of battle i forgot to screenshot some pics, but i think i have some from the trip to Ironforge, so i'll try to post them later.

As a side note, my Shaman is still unavailable to Faction Transfer and it's getting on my nerves.


Shaman Cataclysm

Fancy title, attention whore.

Updates: One week after, problems with the account remain the same. I've been told to answer surveys about problems solved that i don't even know what they are about.
Blizzard support is plain horrible.

Anyways, i just concluded im gonna need to buy another machine, to run 2 WoW's, or simply tweak my current quad core in order to run 4 wow's flawlessly.
I'm not even going to mention Lagaran, thing is, even in AV, it breaks a lot and sometimes a process will simply stop. Half year ago it just didn't happened.

Oh well, since it's Friday, and i wanna be on a good mood, let me show u this beauty:



Sent by Gibson


Hello, this is Blizzard support line, how may i help u?

Give my fraking account the possibility to go Horde!

No...i didn't said that, but i did asked to discard the webform i filled saying they should hire more staff :)
Quick tip to u all, when u need to call Blizzard just install Skype and dial the country code of ur choice.

So finally things are getting solved, this afternoon billing will contact me in order to fix the mess with my account. Let's see :|


Payment issues, forever.

Several tickets and 5 days after everything remains the same. A 11 million subscriber game must have around 10 persons working on the billing department, wich is...kinda sad actually.

Day after day i exceed the 3 payments trying to make the same process i did with the other 4 accounts. I guess everything will be sorted by the end of the mo... year.

Time for more 4box action tonight, until i can't make pentagons.

Btw, Isle of Conquest is a great battleground.
For me to poop on.


So i heard Rogues are in

Dunno what Strickmabil has to say about this, since hes been leveling a Rogue.
I think that with enough playtime 4 Rogues in arena would 1shot a target and spam Fan Of Knives to death the others.

And again

The 5th Shaman waits another 24 hours before he sees Orgrimmar.
After the Faction Transfer fail on Friday, and the 3 day lock placed on the char, today i tried again the payment without success. Char exceeded the 3 payment attempts and cannot be touched for another 24hours.

Fuck, its annoying. They don't even answer the mails regarding this issue.


On with the show!

What would be boxing without enemy city raiding? Nothing.
Thats why me, woko and gorgo just went for a little visit at IF gates, along with some friends, Ji da lock, Rot da rogue, Debian da rogue and more.
Fun times :D

PS: Bigalhão went down!


Casual Boxing

I'm not fit to sit in a chair for 4 hours straight raiding. Better, i can't do it cause my doctor said so.
Quit raiding and return to MultiBoxing again (for the 190819023th time) wasn't an easy decision. I really didn't felt like seting up everything again, invest more money on it, but...but... i couldn't resist.
This all comes more like a preparation to cataclysm than play the current content, cause i need to practice my uber senses for boxing again, oposed to what many think, it isn't just follow and assist.
It's gonna take a while before i stay in shape, and i really need to convince Strickmabil that this path will lead us to world domination on Cataclysm.
Rated BG's start to look like the best thing to come, and with the help of another 4x5toons multiboxers in AV, i think we have the odds on our side.

So yesterday i managed to transfer all my toons to GB Horde side, all but the last one, because it gave an error with the credit card, and it locked the char for the next 3 days, without chances of faction change it. So i have now 4 Konnichiwas ready for action and a ticket submited to unlock my 5th in order to join Horde side.

It was already late night when i saw my friend Jackinabox, who got really surprised and amazingly didn't had any anger stored :P
He and Clearcast were in party, he invited me and we chatted for a little bit. I may say now i belong to the "alliance cities dawn raiders", as most likely we're gonna rape IF's door sooner or later, ahaha!
He also said i was the best multiboxer he ever faced, along with Strickmabil, we gave his team hell in arenas! (ahhh pois é modafoca!)

It truly was the best thing to do at this moment. I get to meet some friends, spoke to many i ganked, play my way, anytime i want... i just need Strickmabil to start rocking in AV :D


What if

i return to multiboxing?



Olhem, se quiserem continuar a ler baboseiras e desabafos, venham daí!



Later all. This time for good.

Can't enter a dungeon to level up any of my toons or teams. When i say, i can't, i mean, never. Outside Northrend is impossible, and since im ignored all the way, here's my move.

Can't enter an instance outside Northrend. I am deeply sorry but this goes beyond all the patience i have, and thus, im gonna cancel this account.
Not a single ticket answered, not a reason why, i just may give a tip to you: invest those monthly millions instead of making profit.

Account Type: Wrath of the Lich King Account
Account Status: Canceled

Maybe another day.
Later all.


For a change.

Vou escrever em português, nem toda a gente tem que ler isto.
O WoW a cada dia que passa, enterra-se mais. Fazer instances, raidar, daily quests torna-se pouco mais do que imitar um robot numa linha de montagem. Não o faço pelo gear, mas sim pelas pessoas que jogam ao meu lado, e cada vez mais vejo que, de um grupo inicial com bastante gente onde via potenciais amigos, restam aqueles que conhecia de longa data, melhor ainda, de outro jogo.

Quando não há respeito, não há confiança. Quando não há confiança não há vontade. A via que os acontecimentos tomam, nem sempre é aquela mais desejada, mas também não vejo esforço de quem poderia fazer algo mais. Existem os incansáveis, os trabalhadores, os que se estão a cagar e por último os que nem sabem o que andam a fazer. Estes dois últimos têm sido um fardo complicado de carregar, pois ao mesmo tempo, sem eles era complicado andar para a frente, com eles, por vezes ainda fica mais complicado.

O desabafo vem em sequência de uma raid que é marcada para as 21:45 e é começada às 22:30 em vez das 22. Como se isto não chegasse, mesmo a raidar com elementos a menos (limpar trash para os papões virem na segunda buscar o seu lootzinho), existiu um mass disconnect que nos fez raid off.

A paciência não é um dom, nem uma virtude, como tantas vezes a classificam. A paciência é uma poça de lama que quando lhe passam por cima ficam os sapatos todos cagados, e qualquer dia é isso que acontece.


It had to be made

I promised Woko i would made a horde team.
I really wanted to make it
I had done all the daily quests
I was bored to hell (lol)

A new team arises (with high chances of leveling up)


Esoteric knowledge is that which is available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or specially educated people.

For the Horde! :D


Best Episode. Ever.

Os meus amigos decidiram fazer algo relacionado com a minha terrinha :D AWESOME :D


Unlucky or just destiny

I promised Woko i would make a boxing team horde side and all my wow folders turned to critical errors. In more than a year, i never had problems with patching, updates, whatever.
Now, arriving late at home, having to raid and completing some essential daylies gives me something like 0 time to play extra main. (some say i already play too much and i agree).

Yesterday, after what? 1 month+ wiping on YoggSaron, my guild downed him. Oh yeah, im glad we did it, but i would be even more if i didnt had to go to the airport earlier, not killing that fucking boss. People hate me so much, they are willing to spend thousands of gold just to wait for that day i can't make it to raid. Im such a no-lifer that i haven't missed a raid since February. 100% raid attendance until yesterday.

Looking forward to Northrend Lolbeasts and the other guys. Must be sooooo difficult.


And another idea in mind

With the recent patch changes, one was the ability to make both Alliance and Horde chars....on the same PvP realm.
Thats right, after so many years they decided to change it because...no one knows. Oh yeah, perhaps the incoming changes, where u can change faction, tilted choices a bit.

Im also here to say in gonna try and level up a team of mages, along side with Wokomehee on hord side. Definitly Female BE Mages, and Mages why? Well, despite all the nuke produced out of it, its simply easier to move around.
Now its the time when i start thinking about how cool the Undead Male animations are, and how nice is wotf. Well, later :)


Short on time and will

My Multibox is kinda dead for a week now. I always try to play it, either for PvP or level up alts but raiding is taking all my time, and i've also been doing as many daily quests i can, thing that was not even an option sometime ago.

Been grinding some quests for reputation, foods and mats to raid and that's all.
Yogg Saron is going to die, sooner or later, and every minute counts.

I tried to abandon boxing 2 times by now, and i always end up playing it again, even with the keyclone all reseted, i just config it all and play again, it's like a disease.

Im perhaps better leveling each toon individualy than having a hard time leveling all 5. I really dunno. Multiboxing lost some of it taste it had when i started.
Successful people doing it in PvP and showing the rest of us it's possible to do things in Arena, are the same that play the whole day, alternating between PvE and PvP, and i had my share of it to be wise enough to the point of admiting that everything is possible when u have the time for it. Multiboxed shamans, Gladiators, with all the little items farmed to the exaustion, ulduar totems and shields, better for PvP.

Ain't got the time for it really. But PvE is being a pain, too big to keep on with it for much longer. Theres 2 kinds of people in videogames: those who know to play, and those who know shit. Thing is, when it comes to group effort, no matter how many of u are good playing, retardness always wins.

I'll just post something from time to time, it's been almost a year since this blog was made and i kinda enjoy everything that was posted here.


Level 5

Thats how far i went this weekend. I do want to continue and level them up but between guild raids, 10man, heroics, weekly molten core and onyxia, theres really not that much time available. I'll have to say that im not that excited to level up as well. It's extremly boring to level 5 different class's simultaneously but in the end it's rewarding cause the goal is to get them all on my main account :]


This is kinda different from what im used to. 5 different trainers and 5 different necessities.
Im just glad theres a mage to make some waters :]


Party of 5 - Each of a kind

New project (let's see how much time i stick to it, hopefuly a couple of hours)

Gonna level up a char of each class, that i currently dont have at higher level, via multiboxing.
Feral Druid: Shiftycent
Holy Priest: Calcutá
BM Hunter: Ezee & his Pet: Mode
Aff Lock: Cåpslock
Fire Mage: Frostituta

Later tonight, a pic and some uber HOGER PWNAGE!
Stay tuned!
Now i gotta get back to work and read moar loot dramah queens on ma guild!



Imagine a Druid tanking, a priest healing, a hunter dps'ing, a mage doing the same and a warlock.

Just try to picture it.


New ATX's and Format c:

It's close to an end. Because i was too lazy, im missing my PC to multibox with, still in the living room, waiting to be mounted in the new box.

There were two main reasons to change box's: cleanup the dust and change for less weight and size. My old thermaltake must weight more than 25kg and the aerocool wasn't so heavy but still, needed to change cause of some missing pieces to attach more hdd's.
Hmm, i was kinda tired of the box's as well ^^

Tommorow seems a good day to start leveling those damn warlocks :)
...after another format c: -_-


Starting to be afraid

Without my partner to PvP, im turning into a pansie


Faction change

All of a sudden, old wishes become true, and i wonder, is this the end of the line?

Well, thruth is, we're only missing now a new hero race, such as Murloc's, who knows, but despite WoW being constantly threatened by other MMO's, i really dunno if all these changes aren't too many to apply at this time.

There's plenty to do now, and to think of, but Blizzard just keeps pumping more info, more options, more and more.

So, if u don't know yet, there's already plans to let people do cross faction transfers. In a world where things are planned according to the lore, every now and then Blizzard just injects in the book whatever they want the most, preferably something that brings another load of cash.

So heres the list:
Character Name Change
Character Customization aka Sex Change
Character Faction Change

Let me add some more:
Character Class Change
Character Race Change within the Faction (Gnome Paladins, Priests and Human Hunter's...)
Character Cloning - give ur family and friends a brand high lvl

And by the end of next year, the next gen mmo is out, and we just have to buy it. Perhaps even an option of "if u played wow, exchange his gold for our new coin" or "if u played wow, bring ur char"

U know what? Bring it on, i like changes.


No more XP

Ever wanted to make a draenei shaman and stick with it at 60 for PvP, or a night elf huntress to raid endlessly the classic dungeons, while having at the same time a lvl80, on the same account?

Until now, u couldn't twink lvl60 or 70 unless u didn't had the next x-pack, but now, after years of request, a simple feature will change the life of many, and let me dare to say that many more will adopt this new feature.
Farm that Van Cleef sword, and the full Defias Set without caring about XP gains. Whatever suits u!
But my favourite, and im tottaly in for it, is level a group of 4 and pimp it up with the max gear available in vanilla content. Priest's or Hunter's would be hot, much cause of those MC epics (legendary in the feeling)

For every mistake blizzard makes, they inject something that is wished, and thats why WoW can't be killed :P

Power of Alt's

Theres two things i have in mind: PvE with my Tankadin and PvP with my Shamans.
But everyone gets bored of playing the same game over and over again, specialy when ur PvP buddy forgets his authentication token and is unable to play for the whole weekend...

So, without arenas to do, bored of AV ownage and close to puke everytime i have to tank with my paladin, the opportunity came: "let's go do an instance with our alts, merujo wanna come?"
"oh, we need a tank." -_-
Go go Lvsitana Prot, and i must admit that i enjoyed tanking, it's so different from the Paladin where u have so little buttons to press, and a retarded rotation to keep up. Made a couple of runs but things started to go PvP side so... Peekabøø came into play. We started ganking inside a Horde village but we needed more power, so my Shammies also came. After that we went to another horde town and the gank extreme was great, the best way to spend a sunday afternoon.

Another Sunday, another Ulduar Raid, another Raid Off. WTH!
Al'righty then! Peekabøø let's go UK and Nexus! Good times, i really had fun playing a bit on my alts this weekend :)

But what about my other alt's? Multiboxed alt's? Well, i quit the idea a while ago, i was even considering canceling all my accounts but i just can't loose the fun of multibox several classes. Perhaps next weekend i'll grab a group or two, meanwhile i'll just watch crazy setups, like JoeWunsch has. 5 boxed mages with Mirror Image, that pretty much makes a guy go crazy inside an arena :D

I can't stop thinking about leveling another group of 4 to PvP with, perhaps even some kind of twink multiboxing :D


Horde Boxers

They are never too much :)
I love world PvP, and visiting Orgrimmar was a weekly thing back in the TBC days.
I need to start doing it, and get some practice.
Why? I just read this on a sig at the Dual-Boxing Forums:

Playing: Totemuc, Totemoc, Totemec and Totamic on Jaedenar EU Going to transfer to Grim'Batol EU soon. It will be the new home for the horde EU multiboxers. Feel free to come!

Well, i'd be more than glad to face 5 boxers at the same time in WG. Bring it on :D Unfortunnetly i dont have much help on my side. The last active boxer quit, and Soares has returned, he's leveling but... he never answer's whispers.

As for Konnichiwa path for Arena ownage, there might be a light in the end of the tunnel. Let's see :)


U know ur fucked when...

After the first arena, teams realize that instead of CC'ing, it's just faster to cleave the whole shit.
This is my Arena story. I really don't know what to do when my HP drops from 100% to 20% in 3 seconds. On 4 chars at the same time.

My gear can excuse a bit of low burst dmg, but not totaly the ammount of damage taken that simply kills me in a matter os seconds. I could even have an extra healer, but i doubt it could be handled.
I was used to loose back in TBC, when we were learning the basics, but it wasn't this bad. Now, we can't even take out some clues about what to do better, because, u can't do nothing at all. It's the Arcane Torrent and Warstomp racials fucking us every single time, and worst of all, heavy melee teams.

Out of 11 arenas, i think 5 were in Lordaeron. Can i get another one more often?

And now their adding 2 more tombs to the place, perhaps it's a test agains't retards, to see if they manage to get to the other side without crashing into one.
Anyways, as it stands, we'll prolly reach 1300rating winning 30% of the games, wich is great. Bring the resilience buff and we'll see.

For now, i'll just farm some more gear, because in the end, owning AV it's all what this is about.
PS: Strickmabil, éspérô qué náõ tánhás dórmìdó mál, cõm pésàdélós e ássím.


PvP Changes in the future patch 3.2

o The newest season of Arena gear can only be purchased if you meet the requirements with your 3 or 5 player team rating. Rating requirements from 2 player teams can still be used to purchase the previous season of gear.
Two years later blizzard realized that, the 2v2 bracket was way too unbalanced to award the exact same type of rewards as those in 3's and 5's. This brings me the ultimate question: do they even play the game they do?
People complain about multiboxers all the time, but reroling a DK or Pala for sheer retarded action and grab the best available PvP gear there is, it's completly normal. Now shove the icy touch up your ass. U may was well want to be reminded of other 2's combos back in TBC that geared up to smash everything in 5's. "Im gonna roll a druid, cause it's fun".

o Dalaran Sewers
+ The entire Arena has increased in size by 25%.
+ Mounts can now be used in this Arena.
+ The position and collision of the crates on the central platform has been modified.
I always thought u couldn't mount here because the mounts wouldnt grip in the dirtyness. Now i don't know why we were never able to mount there. Other than that, it was already a bad arena, i don't know what 25% more size will do, and i hope they dont put more collision crates, otherwise the hunters will choke with retardness.

o Ruins of Lordaeron
+ Alcoves have been removed from the starting chambers.
+ Two line-of-sight tombstones have been added to the slime pool on the southern side of the map.
+ The collision around the central tomb has been smoothed out to prevent players from becoming stuck on the terrain as often.
Well, i guess alcoves refers to the stairs on each starting area. What i dont know is, why this change after so many time. The tombstone addictions seems like someone at blizzard got tired of kitting around the same tombstone, so they added more. I think they could add a labyrinth arena where people would just die in LOS before they even watch the opponent. What amuses me the most is getting rushed and aoe to death in 5v5, and blizzard adds 2 tombstones to ruin of lordaeron.

o When standing at a capture point that you control, you will gain a buff called Honorable Defender. This buff grants +50% honor gained from kills. This currently affects Arathi Basin, Eye of the Storm and Isle of Conquest.
Ok hmmmm.... so.... i'll have to wait to see but, since im constantly attacking in AB and EotS, i dunno. Have to wait for IoC to see if we get a good camping spot :P

o Arathi Basin
+ The time it requires to capture a base has been reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds.
+ The game now ends when one team reaches 1600 victory points, down from 2000.
Well, with the introduction of a new BG, they needed to make older ones more apealing, so i guess it's an ok change.

o Eye of the Storm
+ The time it requires to capture the center flag has been reduced to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds
+ The game now ends when one team reaches 1600 victory points, down from 2000.
Once again, the change on the victory points is nice. imo.

o Strand of the Ancients
+ The faction starting on attack/defense will now be randomized at the start of each match.
Thank You for making something that should be done since the beggining.

o Warsong Gulch
+ There is a now a 20 minute timer on this battleground. After that time, the team with the most flag captures wins. If this would result in a tie, the team that captured the first flag wins. If neither side has captured a flag, then the game ends in a tie.
Finally someone used their brains, or actually played a WSG to understand some could reach a hour of duration, or even more.

Many multiboxers see in this next patch a new oportunity to start and to do something with PvP, myself included. I consider that the main problem is AoE. Particularly the melee one. Bladestorm with 1.5minutes CD is close to a level of retardation never seen before. Divine Storm is too strong on a well geared pala, and the worst of all, imo, is FoK, spreading poison allover and dealing damage. PvP became a shadow of what it was, where top PvE geared ppl seem to smash those that make PvP their choice. It's like being a football player and getting beaten by a rugby one.
I hope that the resilience change compensates the burst of those in PvE gear, otherwise Arenas will become a grind place to get that weapon that only drops on Vezax Heroic mode, Algalon or wtv.


1 keystroke, 4 totems

The moment many have waited may be just a patch away. A new way for totems to aid their summoners is in the works, an improved method of bringing up those totems.

It's been stated oficialy, and this is the current state of things:

We wanted to provide some insight regarding the upcoming shaman-specific interface addition, the Totem Bar. Shaman will be able to utilize this new bar to manage their fire, earth, water, and air totems in a more accessible and convenient way. This bar will appear on the left-hand side above the standard toolbar, similar to warrior stances or druid forms. The bar contains space for four totems of the player’s choice, one of each element. Clicking the respective button will drop that totem.

To the right of the four totems is a button for Totemic Call, which we have renamed Call of Earth. To the left of the four totems is a new ability named Call of Fire which will drop all four totems on the bar at once. The mana cost is the same as if the shaman dropped all four of the totems one at a time. However, it takes but a single global cooldown.

Ok so...this is great. 1click, 1GCD, 4 totems. My only question is: what if u dont have enough mana to drop all 4? My guess is that, it will drop by order until ur oom.


The Beggining

10 days later and, besides not having much time, i just couldn't help myself, watching to my left side and see the pc off. I had to start again, and this time with only 4 shamans (only!). Because it works better, not having to bother with that extra shaman that stays behing in rating, switch between arenas, and finally i can party with a friend and go av.

I dunno, i just couldn't let all this work go to waste. Multiboxing is much more than sync'd attacks. It's a game inside the game.


The End

I've been delaying this decision for a while, because i truly like to box. It's something different, that makes me more than just another sheep online, but i can't continue it anymore.

There's many boxers out there, that raid PvE content, multibox arenas and instances, all at the same time, but i can't afford to do that, not while having a full time job, wich, i always did even before playing WoW, but i think now is the time to stop.

I have a place in a guild, a role to play and that is enough at this time. Paying 5 accounts to solo instances at the weekend is useless at this moment, and contrary to common belief, it's faster to raise a solo char to 80 than a boxed group. I will, however, continue to level my chars.

Dunno if i'll return at multiboxing someday, but this blog stays as a proof of having a real good time doing it. MB is fun, specially when u can devote some time to it, and u get to play another game inside the game. It was a great experience, and i feel a little sad in a way, after all that time invested in all my chars, we're talking about thousands of gold, mostly in professions, but i have to say i don't regret having started it nor putting an end on it.

I want to send a huge thanks to all that visited this blog and always chat with me online, people that saw more than 5 chars doing simultaneous attacks, those that are smart enough to realize how much skill u need to constantly keep those chars rolling. To the top guilds on Grim Batol with whom i always had some sort of contact and gave me grats for managing to do what i did. To all my friends, some of them long time friends, that adapted to this strange kind of gameplay and had a blast with me doing simple things, such as frying a horde. To all those unknown people that knew what i was doing and were always good about.
And specially to the multiboxing community, a wonderful group of people that are very kind, simply amazing.

A special thanks to Strickmabil aka Baía, without whom, this project would have never been the same.

Peace and stay well :)


Konnichiwa goes Enhancement

I ended up trying something i delayed for so long: put my main shaman with enhancement spec.

It's something i should have done earlier, because the combat speed is just awesome, combined with instant cast's provided by stacking Maelstorm Weapon, this spec is awesome to do PvE with, at least i totally dig it.

It's been a week of gearing up, and i managed to grab a lot of items to fill up some major gaps (elemental items), but i still need to replace my neck.

As the multiboxing adventure seems to fade away, i really don't find much amusement on it rather than going AV and change the tide. In TBC i was able to box instances, get access to a whole variety of items, and now? Can't box an heroic, if im going to box a raid, im just gimping it, and with Wintergrasp, the server lags so much that is impossible to try and have a good time.

Multiboxing is fun, is different and specially is a new game inside the game, but at the moment it simply doesn't fit my plans. I'd rather raid with my paladin along with some friends, gear up the shaman and be a good enhancement, and level up some alts.

Still, the pleasure of completly wreck the horde in AV is, and always will be, priceless.



Mimiron down

After some major effort, and downing him in 10man, my guild killed Mimiron last night in the 25man version. It's a great fight, that puts into play more than the usual tank&spank and little things to do.

In this fight awareness is everything, and if someone screws a bit, most likely, it's a wipe.

Theres only one thing that bothers me in this fight, and its the fact that, in phase 4, Arcane Barrage is casted and the bottom vehicle still runs around, what sometimes can cause the tank to die if he can't position the boss correctly. Other than that, its all about eyes and ears.

I frapsed the fight and already made the movie, bad thing is, i rendered it wrong, ending with a size of 700mb's. Anyways, im uploading it and already making another render with a little less quality, im aiming for the 500mb's.

It's General Evax time and mana starvation is already bothering me.


Flame Leviathan - 10boxed

Mad props to Theradin for doing it


How to: Freya in 3 faceroll try's

Gather 25 monkeys
Clear the mobs (note: theres a lot of mobs, and u'll die more than on the boss itself due to retarded CC trys)
Clear the keepers (bigger mobs than the rest, they are tree's. carefull with the ones to the right, they hit hard)

Engage Freya and kill everything u see, including some tree's that spawn. Stupid thing sometimes is that u have to kill some mobs all at the same time, making things incredibly difficult.
We did it at the 3rd try, but my face was starting to bleed.

On to the serious bussiness (i love this expression)
Boxing groups leveling up, starting to feel the power BUT! right now! i've been helping my dear friend Gibsonz with some heroics, along with the old school brigade. He desperately needs loot so he can double up hes damage and make the mages cry, since, in T6, he can equal them already.

Sunday. Baron Geddon. No Binding.

Forgot to mention, Thorim went down as well. Seems like we needed a seriousbussiness talent from our seriousbussiness rogues, so that the Thorim encounter could feel less seriousbussiness. Down at the 3rd try. It's seriousbiz when other class's have to tell our seriousbiz rogues what spec is more seriousbiz on a certain boss.

Mimiron, or like some call it on my guild, Mirmirone, we're on our way!

To wipe!



Locks and Hunters

Locks and Huntarrdssssss are just awesome. I can't stop playing them everyday before the raid, it's just too awesome to not do it. Hunter's are incredibly OP at low level and clearing deadmines is as easy as wipe at ulduar with batatoons. (priv joke obviously)

With the locks, im really looking forward to lvl31 (gibson corrected me from my last post, where i said lvl30) cause thats when siphon life comes into play. Hope its OP and with a little bit of FotM mixed to make an explosive combination.
Siphon laiiiiifffffeeeeeeeeee.......

Im making a new video this weekend, something for the portuguese wow players, wich is basicaly a work of how and why i multibox.

Cya soon, baibai!


Accounts payed and some PvP action

Friday night decided to pay my accounts and get some action. Took some time to bind everything again on my shamans, and work on the talents, but in the end it turned out ok. Im surprised by how much damage i still manage in PvP, and the EM change was a godsend. In the end, i dont think it's enough to battle to the top, but the time will come.

AV is messy, with leaders not being able to organize groups, im limited on my grounding totems, wich is kinda gay. Thats all i did this weekend, some AV's for fun, and a new Battlemaster's trinket along with the LagGrasp one, with the same use of the PvP trinket, but without resil.

End result was 111*2 SP added to each of my shamans, wich is great. 9k+ Lava Burst's on flame shocked targets.

Also had some time to play on my alt's, Hunter's and Lock's are my favourites. Was forced to respec to Demonology, since i can't stay alive inside DM that much time. With the Hunter's, it's another game, but Gibson promised me that at lvl20 with Siphon Life on my locks, i may get another taste of the lock imbaness.

Thats all and welcome back Gi-Gi, just play with moderation :D


Windseeker !

Hi all
Instead of paying my accounts and pwn some newbs in av, i just went solo. Again.

Sorry if the blog is turning out a story of a solo char, instead of a multiboxer but...
Blog is mine, capiche? :D

Thursday late night, and decided to venture into MC (again!!), since some ppl want rep, others want old fashioned loot, and others just want fun. I for one, want my damn bindings.

Full clear in MC, and when Garr died, as soon as i click the loot and saw Bindings of the Windseeker i just screamed like a little girl, ROFL!

Left Binding comes from Baron Geddon, and ofc it wasn't going to drop.
And it didn't.

But boy, i finnaly got one Binding after all this time. I've never saw it drop in vanilla, and only recently have been killing both boss's in hopes of seeing it drop.
Already have 8 Elementium Bars stashed, lacking 2. Call me whatever u want but...TF is "the sword".

Well, it's a 3% drop rate, and im looking forward to meet mistar Geddon this week :D

I promise to make a video if i manage to get the second binding ^^


10k visits inc!!!!!

OMG 10k visits to a lammer blogz! look at that!

Well, unfortunetly there ain't much to look at, or read, since my multiboxing is kinda dead at the moment. I may end up paying the accounts today, and have some fun with my alt groups, and eventualy ending up filling the talent points on the shamans, doing some macros and test them out.

My partner seems to have no mood for arenas, but perhaps we can work something out.

Recently some boxers have left for EQ, other are starting in EvE, but i'll just stick around with my friends and do some PvE content in Ulduar, that despite the nerfs and how slow the raiding sometime gets in our guild, i still enjoy a lot.

Farewell :D


Ulduar, Raiding, Wipes

Its been a mad week in Ulduar, full of win, fail, tears and smiles.
Our guild has managed to kill Flame (oooomyyyy) and Razorscale, after 2 days of try's and even 10seconds after the enrage.
Deconstructor reveals to be the pain in the ass of many low DPS guilds, such as ours, sadly. We haven't managed to down him yet, after 3 days of try's, with the main reason being the lack of DPS.

Theres some sort of explanation behind this, and i find it in the easy content that we have farmed.
With the exception of S3D, and some achievements, such as Malygos 6 minutes, everything else is like auto-attack mode, and that didn't prepared us well enough for Ulduar. Now, we find ourselves struggling to make players to do some research on their class, and at the same time try to raise their DPS. It's just that 4k DPS was achieved long ago in TBC raiding, and some ppl only produce around those numbers.

I find it a very hard switch for some players, most of them used to a certain way of making DPS, and now forced to learn something that works better.

Lack of DPS and Raiding aside, i haven't payed my accounts so far. Its just that i can't find much more to do with multiboxing than leveling groups for fun and pwning in PvP. Let's see how other boxers deal with the new changes and if the elemental shaman can do something besides dying in arenas.

Well, i'll leave u two vids i've done recently (watch in HD ofc). Thx for visiting, cya around :)


New patch and what do to?

Next patch is just around the corner. As many millions, i've been waiting patiently for some of the most wanted changes, like Dual Spec.
It costs a one time payment of 1k gold but, its worth it when u're a tank or healer, and wanna kick around outside raids, with those amazing off-spec loots u just got.

Many other changes were made, specially to shamans, which im looking forward to re-play a lot in PvP. It's been a long time since i felt unstoppable in AV, not that i can't do it in the present, but, u never know when 3 Arms warriors start bladestorming around u, with 2 rogues spamming FoK.

People actually still complain about multiboxing, when they have no idea how many PvP boxers have given up, or how easy is to kill some multiboxed shamans. It always comes down to solo frustration, where one player whines because a guy, controlling more toons at once, killed him.

It reminds me the story of an alliance warlock, that, while defending the stables in AB, had no chance against 3 opponents. He said something like: "i did a deathcoil, sent my pet to other, and feared the third one while dotting him up. I managed to kill one, but the other just got his HP to half, and they killed me. warlocks need more survability" - rofl

Back on topic. Well, im not much of a "gief moar content" guy, im more like "fix the fuking game, specially arenas, since u had such a sad idea of introducing AoE to everyone and knockback effects, and wtv".

I want the next patch to play in Ulduar, and get some challenging raid, like S3D. I want it for the Dual Spec, so perhaps i can have even more fun in PvE content, when i dont have to off tank, and therefore, i can go retri. I want the next patch to see how powerful the shamans can get and how balanced the other classes become. And thats about it.



Thats me, without nothing else to do, and the lack of guildies on S3D day (on KT day, everyone's online) doesn't help much to fill my time.

So i came up with the idea, of carrying on with my alt teams, to infinite and beyond.

5xHunters - 22
5xLocks - 18
5xMages - 16
5xPriests - 12
5xDruids - 12
5xDK - 61

Well, by the end of 2020 i should have all leveled, but until then, let me have a good time with them. It's lots of fun, to sit and watch the power of 5 gnomes doing AE, or 5 hunters doing multi-shots and raping everything.

I'll follow my own instance grind technique, along with combined rested XP in each team.

But this is just a way to kill some time, while the next patch is about to come out. I expect the shamans to get uber at PvP, but if not, well, im going to dedicate to level up some alts, while attempting Ulduar with my guild, as long as there's ppl online to do such.


Raid Off

After some arenas, we made a break and prepared to raid and kill S3D, but unfortunately we didn't had a full group, so it was raid off.

Very well then, let's do some more arenas, since we all were in the mood.

11 matches later we had won 10 and lost 1, now sitting at 1676 rating.

This Week - 43 Games | 32 wins - 11 losses | 74% win

Also a small update: we were ranked 655th, and now we are 178th :D

Let's play more!


Time to change and expect more

Last week it was a week to forget. Never done so bad in arenas, loosing 12 in 12 matches, against all kinds of combos, and geared players and omfg, i wanna erase it from my mind. Dunno what happened, it was simply impossible, as Strickmabil would die in a matter of seconds, and try to heal him, not dps'ing, and eventualy end on taking damage myself was the most dificult time so far.

Something had to be done. Disc Priest is not what it used to be, neither are shamans, and we both felt like we needed a hand on arenas. Physicx was the answer to our problems so far, and so we turned the tide, ending with a 22-10 score for this week. Hes a long time mate of us, even from another game, and hes doing great atm in the 2v2 and 3v3 brackets. He decided to take the invite and i think hes somewhat enjoying our arenas.

We're excited about the results so far, and we even took a lot of whispers this afternoon while playing, that made us laugh and enjoy it. We also made an achievement, winning 10 ranked arena matches in row, not that bad for scrubs.

Will we turn into some crazy cookie cutter setup?
Only time can tell :P


Please, make it fast

The longer it takes to install the new patch, the more we get owned in arena. Something that never happened before became true yesterday: can't win a single arena match for the weekly arena points.

It's gear, combined with the oposing zerg, combined with how weak the priest and shamans are atm. Multiboxing is nothing compared to any team who has average skills. It's pathetic to watch defensive specs being played on arena with the sole purpose of surviving, while the other just nuke at will. Several spells/attacks are non-sonse on todays arenas.

It lacks strategy, mostly on low ratings. It's a rush and destroy game, with arenas not taking more than 3 minutes to end, where 1 minute is burn before the gate opens. The damage is so far more powerful than the healing that is makes me believe some blizzard employees have nothing but shit in their heads.

All in all it just amuses me that, there's still people complaining bout multiboxing in PvP. They trully don't play shit at this game.

Makes me think that, even with all the nerfs and boosts on next patch, we wont be able to counter a team with 2 DK's or 2 Hunter's, rogues spamming aoe attacks, etc, etc. PvP is slowly comming to an end in WoW, and i must start considering other boxing MMO's.


3.1, the patch of ownage

People make often the same mistake, by thinking that a boxer is only good with extreme easy classes and ofc, OP'd.
Nah, a boxer is good when he can turn around the odds of battle, when he manages to look good to the rest of the server, or has been told by top arena players that he has superb control of his chars (and a good healing partner). It's not all about instant casts, even if that's our best weapon.

Since WotlK came out, the Shaman pretty much stayed in the shadow of what it used to be. The only great arena spec was restoration, getting to 2k rating with some dps classes has been a easy ride. But not for elemental. A knockback didnt pulled out whatever dev's had in mind. A 100% crit spell, after consuming a dot isn't working as well so, changes have been made for 3.1 patch.

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)

  • Mana Spring Totem: This totem has been redesigned. It now provides the same mana benefit as Blessing of Wisdom to the entire party or raid, but is exclusive with that effect.
  • Elemental Mastery redesigned: When activated, your next Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning or Lava Burst spell becomes an instant cast spell. In addition, your Fire, Frost and Nature damage spells have a 15% increased critical strike chance for 15 seconds. Elemental Mastery now shares a cooldown with Nature’s Swiftness.
  • Elemental Reach: Now also increases the range of your Flame Shock spell by 5/10/15 yards.
  • Lava Flows: No longer increases the range of your Flame Shock spell, but now increases your casting speed by 10/20/30% when your Flame Shock spell is dispelled for 6 seconds.
  • Lightning Overload: Reduced to 3 points (7/14/20%), down from 5.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire: No longer increases the range of your Earth Shock or Wind Shock spells, but now also causes your Earthbind Totem to have a 33/66/100% chance to root all nearby enemies for 5 seconds when initially cast.
  • Thunderstorm can now be cast while stunned.

Do i need to write anything?
Old times are back with instant casts, and so much more has been added.

All i can say is that, maybe, just maybe, now i won't get steamrolled. I can instagib who i want in a matter of seconds, so let's so who will be laughing more from now on :)

The Discipline Priest has been given some great spells as well, this means my good friend Baía aka Strickmabil will surely do a hell of a job with me :D

Also, small updates on my setup.

Added a 24" to my main, and switch my old 22" to my followers :)

Well, working on some WG Marks atm, as well as some honor. Im expecting a lot of good things from next season.


The Life of Multiboxing

Watch more videos of WoW

Ellay and another great vid :)


This might be interesting

Quote from: Ghostcrawler (Source)
Gift of the Naaru is not a dispel, but an instant heal of the magnitude it had before.

How many times me and Strickmabil made comments on this?

I think it's a pretty nice change, but it doesn't change the fact that im having a hard time finding motivation to play the shamans.
The whole Lava Burst idea just didn't came right. I mean, we have loads of tools and still, it's so hard to stay alive and at the same time, try to kill the opponent. I can take ~10k hp out in 3 seconds, and die in the following 5 :)


PTR Testing

Just finished some playing on the PTR, and after 15 minutes of WSG i almost deleted WoW.

I copied both my pala and my shaman, but only the shaman got copied by now, so, i gave it a go. Made a new talent tree and jumped for some wsg action, only to find out, retards dont choose hours to play. And dispite the whole ally team was being gy camped, horde had like... 7 locks in 10 possible players.

As for my shaman, all i can say is lol. A big fucking joke, and u need 5 to be able to kill something thats for sure.

700+ res.
1750+ SP.
20k HP.

I die in seconds. I can't fucking heal myself, or even do any sort of damage besides instant. Yeah, even in 1v1 situations, it's just ridiculous. Locks, hunters, mages. It's tested, and i dont even wanna test the rest.

Now the best part is, Lava Burst came down from 10k dmg on crit to half damage. On time i got lucky and hit for 7.5k. Normal damage with flame shock applied was 5k - 5.5k.
Nah, im seriously now quiting my shamans if a major change isn't made to the class. Hell i couldnt give less of a fuck on what the changes influence multiboxing, point is, i pitty any fool who plays a shaman alone, cause he stands no chance. Being killed by hunter pets, rofl, it's just the cherry on top of the balancecake.

All im saying is, continue the joke around the game. That's less 4 accounts i pay, and eventualy 5, cause im growing tired of the tard-friendly process. Im expecting to see some improves for the shaman class, and everyone should agree on the fact that its just too easy to kill a shaman. An elemental one.


Totem Merging continues


Poison Cleansing Totem and Disease Cleansing Totem have been merged into "Cleansing Totem." Cleansing Totem pulses every 3 sec, down from 5.

Combined with the Mana and Healing stream totems, things are getting easier.

2 Totems that make 4 things. bb retarded diseases and poisons :D

Btw, my friend Strickmabil just made a new article about our recent arenas.



Improving the gear

Slowly building a better shaman. Beg ur pardon. Shamans.

Finaly got my 5x Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance and also a pair of Hateful Gladiator's Mail Leggings for my main shaman, after a lucky 10man VoA.

Im aiming now for either a new neck or bracers, since i still have the S4 ones, and a new trinket, obtainable via 25 WG Marks: Flow of Knowledge

I'll get a better ring when S6 comes out, since hateful and some deadly pieces won't require rating. Basicaly it will be a "farmagainthatshitnoob", that gives me creeps. Such a fucking bad prepared season this one has been, and a fucking screwed PvP at all levels. Hopefuly shamans will have the so needed boost in PvP.

Excuse me ladies, for swearing like a hooligan, i just can't hold it.

With my guild, we managed to take Sarth+2drakes down, after some try's. Some people died too early, and even with a surprisingly low number of players, we still managed to down him. Well done guys :D


Anti Totem Macros

Imagine ur getting the same team, over and over, in arenas. After some time, if they have enough brains, they will end up using a clever tremor totem macro, along with some nice fear. I highly doubt a team could have enough time to find my tremor totems, in the middle of my totem forest, without macros.
Well, but all u can say, im a purge away from destroying all ur buffs, and killing a totem shouldnt be any harder.
Most buff's can be vastly superior, and most importantly, they are with u in every place. Whenever a shaman does a position change, more than 30y away, buffs fade. This is why i agree with the following.

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Totem Stomping Macros
We don't like totem stomping macros. Destroying a totem should be a choice and require at least a modicum of player attention. That is one of the main differences between totems and other types of spells and we don't want everyone to just opt out of that difference.

Preventing them isn't always easy to do, but we do try and stay on top of it. We did stop it for a short time, but players found a way around it. And, no, just naming the totems after the player won't solve the problem or we would have done it long ago. (Source)

Slowly gearing up, and more worried about 3.1 release than honor points, thats me at this stage. I barely can find motivation to farm honor points, specialy when a guy reported 4 days ago, isn't still banned and farms up to 60k a day. Im 6 WG marks away from the Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance, but joining Laggrasp is always a pain.


Nerfing classes

Blizzard woke up, after 3 months of broken PvP

We have made burst nerfs to Retribution paladins, death knights, Arms warriors, Arcane mages, hunters, Feral druids and now rogues. Almost unanimously, the nerfed classes thought that nerfs were needed but that our specific nerfs went too far. Nerfing classes is never fun. Players hate it, and ultimately it means we screwed up or at the very least failed to predict new tactics. But we still need to do it for the good of the game when we think it is warranted. There will be more. (Source)

As for Rogues, well, cry now.

Rogue (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
More changes to come in 3.1
On the second question, yes, we have several changes in mind for 3.1 for rogues and only announced a few. (Source)

We agree with you about how an Assassination rogue should play – setting up a kill and then delivering it. But bursting someone down who is crowd-controlled while the victim has very limited decisions they can actually make to avoid death is only fun for the rogue. The Mutilate button push is just very strong when poisons are nearly always on the victim.

I have said before that we don't think Arena is fun when healers are immortal until mana-drained. However, we also don't think Arena is fun when someone always dies in the opening few seconds. The matches need to last long enough for something to actually happen -- for you to decide who you are going to attack or how to respond to their actions. If someone literally has almost no response for your attacks then that is not skill that is allowing you to win matches (and I am not just talking to rogues here). (Source)

"I have said before that we don't think Arena is fun when healers are immortal until mana-drained. However, we also don't think Arena is fun when someone always dies in the opening few seconds."

This pretty much sums it up. Dev's stated that in order to give arenas some balance, they were boosting dps a little bit. What i think is that, they never had a single experience of game play prior to that comment being made. Arenas aren't 1vs1, and if u run arena 1dps&1healer, thats ur call. With this change in this expansion, what we saw was an increase in DPS representation in arena. Why? Shutting down a healer was never so easy, so why not make it even more quick?
All in all, im glad the change finaly came.


Bot Report

How often do other players call us, multiboxers, boters? Or Multiboters?
A lot, at least in my case. But the thing is that, a multiboxer is far, far away from a bot, in fact, he may very well be one of the most dedicated players around, caring for all those accounts at once, and never giving up in the heat of battle. Whenever i PvP, either alone or with my close friends, i always give everything i have.

The following pic was an answer to a report made by me, the so called boter, on a player that is using 3rd party software to gain honor points.

I seriously hope u can tell the diference between a guy controling 5 chars simultaneously, and a guy letting a program control his only char. And also that the person that i reported, get's the account suspended.


Ikea makes me cry

I could try and tell the whole story. I could let u feel what hapened but... it's just too painfull, rofl. I'll try to say it in just a few words.

Went Ikea on Friday to buy a uber desk, and the main piece didn't fit my car. And let me tell u it has a big trunk.
So i had to send it by other transportation, and it would arrive Saturday (yesterday)

Well... i started piling things on another room (yes, piling infinite cd's) and they just wouldnt arrive with the fukin table. 9pm was the hour. Table didn't fit my stairs to the atic, after 100 try's from side, left, right, bottom, it just wouldn't pass. The guys left, and there i was, with a fukin piece of wood in my restroom loolol (seriously, not so funny)
Anyways, i wasn't going to give up. I started dismounting my stairs, cause they are built in a single piece that comes from the gound, and in the end i just couldn't take out the last stair that would give me space. At least, at this point i had "bought" more space, and so i tried.

I just pushed the fukin table up, only to find out i couldn't make it by a finger of space... well, if i fucked enough wall, it could pass, scratching the whole table in it's way up but... it would reach the final destination. So i took option B.



VoA25 and Uldaman

So heres the konni's, in VoA25, they struggled to DPS, but managed it. Afterall, our weapon is burst dmg.

And here's a friend, Blade, leveling a druid to become... Resto Druid.
He just doesn't know yet :D



Well, no more "one day i'll arrive home and i won't login my accounts"

Fact is, i never had a single problem on my accounts and always kept my pc secured, but, u never know. So after my friend Strickmabil got one for him, i decided to buy one as well.
It's a must have, specially for a multiboxer.

btw, since i had hands on the camera, heres a pic of my 10k euros setup:
(and u cant imagine how much i spend on electricity!)

WG Goodness

2 boxers, 1 wg = fun
that's how it is always with my friend Liliq :D


back in biz

AV remains the same :D


honor grind

Half year ago, after hiting 70, i basicaly went 1 mode for several days:

Honor farming

It now comes to the same thing again, only that u get much more raped on BG's now, making it almost impossible to continue playing.

Already farmed a new chest, boots and a totem, but the best is yet to come.

Im super curious about how many seconds we (me and Strickmabil) will have to down an enemy, before we get roflstomped, but we will try our best, and we never know what the future may present us.