Mimiron down

After some major effort, and downing him in 10man, my guild killed Mimiron last night in the 25man version. It's a great fight, that puts into play more than the usual tank&spank and little things to do.

In this fight awareness is everything, and if someone screws a bit, most likely, it's a wipe.

Theres only one thing that bothers me in this fight, and its the fact that, in phase 4, Arcane Barrage is casted and the bottom vehicle still runs around, what sometimes can cause the tank to die if he can't position the boss correctly. Other than that, its all about eyes and ears.

I frapsed the fight and already made the movie, bad thing is, i rendered it wrong, ending with a size of 700mb's. Anyways, im uploading it and already making another render with a little less quality, im aiming for the 500mb's.

It's General Evax time and mana starvation is already bothering me.


Flame Leviathan - 10boxed

Mad props to Theradin for doing it


How to: Freya in 3 faceroll try's

Gather 25 monkeys
Clear the mobs (note: theres a lot of mobs, and u'll die more than on the boss itself due to retarded CC trys)
Clear the keepers (bigger mobs than the rest, they are tree's. carefull with the ones to the right, they hit hard)

Engage Freya and kill everything u see, including some tree's that spawn. Stupid thing sometimes is that u have to kill some mobs all at the same time, making things incredibly difficult.
We did it at the 3rd try, but my face was starting to bleed.

On to the serious bussiness (i love this expression)
Boxing groups leveling up, starting to feel the power BUT! right now! i've been helping my dear friend Gibsonz with some heroics, along with the old school brigade. He desperately needs loot so he can double up hes damage and make the mages cry, since, in T6, he can equal them already.

Sunday. Baron Geddon. No Binding.

Forgot to mention, Thorim went down as well. Seems like we needed a seriousbussiness talent from our seriousbussiness rogues, so that the Thorim encounter could feel less seriousbussiness. Down at the 3rd try. It's seriousbiz when other class's have to tell our seriousbiz rogues what spec is more seriousbiz on a certain boss.

Mimiron, or like some call it on my guild, Mirmirone, we're on our way!

To wipe!



Locks and Hunters

Locks and Huntarrdssssss are just awesome. I can't stop playing them everyday before the raid, it's just too awesome to not do it. Hunter's are incredibly OP at low level and clearing deadmines is as easy as wipe at ulduar with batatoons. (priv joke obviously)

With the locks, im really looking forward to lvl31 (gibson corrected me from my last post, where i said lvl30) cause thats when siphon life comes into play. Hope its OP and with a little bit of FotM mixed to make an explosive combination.
Siphon laiiiiifffffeeeeeeeeee.......

Im making a new video this weekend, something for the portuguese wow players, wich is basicaly a work of how and why i multibox.

Cya soon, baibai!


Accounts payed and some PvP action

Friday night decided to pay my accounts and get some action. Took some time to bind everything again on my shamans, and work on the talents, but in the end it turned out ok. Im surprised by how much damage i still manage in PvP, and the EM change was a godsend. In the end, i dont think it's enough to battle to the top, but the time will come.

AV is messy, with leaders not being able to organize groups, im limited on my grounding totems, wich is kinda gay. Thats all i did this weekend, some AV's for fun, and a new Battlemaster's trinket along with the LagGrasp one, with the same use of the PvP trinket, but without resil.

End result was 111*2 SP added to each of my shamans, wich is great. 9k+ Lava Burst's on flame shocked targets.

Also had some time to play on my alt's, Hunter's and Lock's are my favourites. Was forced to respec to Demonology, since i can't stay alive inside DM that much time. With the Hunter's, it's another game, but Gibson promised me that at lvl20 with Siphon Life on my locks, i may get another taste of the lock imbaness.

Thats all and welcome back Gi-Gi, just play with moderation :D


Windseeker !

Hi all
Instead of paying my accounts and pwn some newbs in av, i just went solo. Again.

Sorry if the blog is turning out a story of a solo char, instead of a multiboxer but...
Blog is mine, capiche? :D

Thursday late night, and decided to venture into MC (again!!), since some ppl want rep, others want old fashioned loot, and others just want fun. I for one, want my damn bindings.

Full clear in MC, and when Garr died, as soon as i click the loot and saw Bindings of the Windseeker i just screamed like a little girl, ROFL!

Left Binding comes from Baron Geddon, and ofc it wasn't going to drop.
And it didn't.

But boy, i finnaly got one Binding after all this time. I've never saw it drop in vanilla, and only recently have been killing both boss's in hopes of seeing it drop.
Already have 8 Elementium Bars stashed, lacking 2. Call me whatever u want but...TF is "the sword".

Well, it's a 3% drop rate, and im looking forward to meet mistar Geddon this week :D

I promise to make a video if i manage to get the second binding ^^