The Best UI...

has got even better.

Even if u don't raid at all, use it and feel that freshness everytime u log. I'm a bit paranoid about UI's and must have tested like 50 or whatever but this one is the best and the author tries to keep it always updated for each patch.

Try it out.
No, i don't earn cookies with this pub.


Addon: Altoholic

Altoholic isn't new around. It's been talked for more than a year at least, between alt's fanatics, as a must have.

If u take alt's seriously u must have it.
If u don't have it, either ur just slacking (like me) or u don't wanna assume how geek u are.

I consider myself an altoholic. I've done several chars, on serveral accounts. I've even deleted many lvl's 20's just because i wanted to organize my multiboxing teams, or simply because i needed to transfer back my chars to GB Horde, and couldn't have Ally chars.
Long story short, i lost total track of the time i've spent on alt's of any kind.

What i currently hold is my oldest chars and some fresh ones i've created recently to have one of each class.

Yesterday, after reading a post at mmo-champion regarding altoholic, i decided to give it a go, since im pretty much into my alt's atm.
The result was quite...unexpected. It was great to have such an addon that keeps track of everything one might need to organize his toons, but at the same time, when i saw the summary of days played i kinda...i dunno...stopped in time?
372 days played on all chars, not counting a mage i've had with 20 days and a lot of other lvl 20's and 30's i had at some point.
By my calculations i must have around 450 days played lifetime on all accounts and toons i had active. Ofc i've thought of the afk times, but even if u take out what? 30 days? 40 days? Yeah, it's still a lot.

So... my advice is that, if u don't wanna get depressed by the ammount of time spent in WoW don't install it. If u don't bother at all with it, use this awesome tool for who has more than one char.


Do u think im loco?

When i started doing the Insane achievement, wich i didn't even ended, people called me mad.

So let me present u the next level.

"Fast" Generation

Been enjoying the game like it should. Many low level alt's that give me plenty to do, quest here and there with the ocasional random dungeons. Even my cousin made me grab an old account and set it up for him to play (ofc, he made his 3rd hunter), and i've been leveling a druid along with him, whenever he comes visit me.
So mostly i've been tweaking my warrior and pala, and leveling all the remaining classes with heirlooms, since at Portugal we can't benefict from the RAF system.

But... something just doesn't feel's right.
Sometimes i get perfect groups of people that know what to do and how it must be done.
But most of the times it's scrubs, wanting to make it fast. The word is indeed "fast".

"Come on, pull faster"
"Dude please do this faster"
Upon entering a random HC or low level dungeon: "Let's make it fast"
"Faster tank"

Well, the irony in all this is that, most of the times, those telling to go faster end up fucking it.
The story i have present in my memory is about a AN HC random run, where this rogue decked with a 5800+ GS just kept saying "faster" all the time.
He wanted it so fast that he even went to do the 2nd boss bug, where he vanished and reseted the fight, but the other ppl were so slow that got owned by the respawn and....wipe.
Second try, he does the same, sprinting to Anub's room and leaving us running our way down, while i managed to do it with another guy, 2 were killed and had to corpse run, now without the rogue to do the trick again.
It's important to say that i told him not to do it, cause it was an easy badge and was better not to confuse ppl, to what he told me fuck off and join another heroic to triumph farming.
It's also important to say that, after he talked to me like that, i made everything possible to fuck him and his fast run, so after 30 minutes i finally made him to say the magic words: "thx for everything u motherfucker no-lifer" and he left.

For every single instance on random HC mode it's been almost 100% like this.
People join for the 2 Emblem's of Frost that are given at the end of the run and nothing else, so if it was possbile to skip the entire instance they would want to.

What's most annoying is that most people don't say anything about skiping the badge, or being told what to do by scrubs decked in their ICC gear that monkeys could achieve. In fact, i believe most of them don't even read the chat or have it enabled.
WoW is easy. Even leveling up with all the help now available is damn easy. Everything is shown as easy, yet appealing to new players and even older ones seeking to level alt's.
But in the end we get this mixture of hardcore, semi-hardcore, casuals that doesn't go along well with random dungeons, unbalanced pvp and everything available via emblems.

People are constantly angry at eachother because they know that, in the end, the difference between a devoted (im not even saying a 24/7 raider) player and a casual one is getting slimmer each day.

All i know is that i miss the classic wow. The one we enjoyed so much and that everyday we remember as "those were the days".

To be continued...


Oh noes.....

Since i just can't seem to get some freakin boot's for my warrior, either prot or fury but what i really want is fury set, i had to buy the PvP ones, until i get some proper ones for PvE.

WHILE VISITING THE VENDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I see all this shiny-awesome furious PvP gear. And i imagine im with my shamans. Doing PvP. Owning every one's ass in AV. Riping people apart in Arenas with my partner Strickmabil. And...
I bought the boots and went to the AH to buy a 20Str Gem.



One week later

My Warrior dinged 80 precisely one week ago. I had the mood to level up from 74, where it was for a long time, perhaps since June, and the new LFG system was awesome to join as Prot.

Now, when a char reaches 80 a new adventure begins: collecting gear, wich, as all may know, ends up being a PITA, with all the ninjas and fail runs to HC's and wtv more.

I had a little help from my friends, who were great and joined me for countless HC runs, still going everyday. Lost track of how many Emblems of Triumph i got, but damn, we farmed a lot!

While many argue that this ruins the game, wich in a way i agree, trash players remain trash, even with great gear or not. What i know is that i was given a chance to tune my warrior with massive gear upgrades and im doing DPS like i've never seen a warrior do. It's a "first come, first serve" playstyle that i seem to enjoy very much with the warrior and now i just can't stop playing it.

Slowly leveling some alt's, using the rested xp, and making 10mans along with HC's, that's me enjoying the game without the raid guild stress i always end up finding sooner or later.

Oh almost forgot! Nice lunch on Saturday from my good fellas over at After Hours, i love these meetings where we talk and talk about warcraft, with the lady in the back thinking we're gonna nuke something later.