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Cataclysm Beta

After 1 847 982 spamm emails, i received the real deal yesterday.
700mb base install, followed by a long, long, long download of 13gb. It's still downloading as i write, hopefully i'll have the whole experience later tonight.

I'll post some stuff later, some screenshots and perhaps a video.

Haven't been able to create a Goblin to see how it moves and how are the racials, but i already have a Worgen made and the starting zone looks great.

Later chaps!


Why isn't Multiboxing dead

Felt like writing something. Afterall, it ain't everything about idiots who use guilds and their good will.

Why isn't multiboxing dead?

After all the modifications in game, that annoy every single multiboxer?
Like arriving AV and don't have leader anymore, and find our chars scattered among 5 different groups.
Or a retarded shaman that pop's heroism before the gates open, or just after.

After PvP became retarded to the point of a single AoE'r kill 5 or more people in one place?
Arena matches taking less than one minute, and i'm not talking about skilled players, but rather mages and locks pressing a couple buttons.

But like so many non-multiboxing people always said: multiboxing is unfair
Come get raped by AoE to see what unfair.

Well, and to answer my inicial question, why isn't multiboxing dead, is quite simple.
It takes 15 minutes, to try and join a random dungeon, to see why multiboxing can be your best friend! The ammount of retards in WoW continues rising and there's no stopping that.
50% of runs are doomed by people always saying gibberish.
20% of the runs end when people ding and leave the group to go learn new talents.
20% of the times u'll get an afk tank
5% u'll have people kicking other people
4% is 4 guys walking around, not knowing where to go, with me trying to say that i know the way: follow me please!
1% of the runs, u'll get 4 other people who have done the instances countless times, who know what to pull and when to pull. Know when the healers and dps's need to MB.

Multiboxing turns that 1% into 100%.


Two years ago

I didn't care with nothing more than fun while playing WoW. I stopped worrying about gear, and raiding, and DKP's and shit.
It really didn't matter how much decked in BT gear someone was, or PvP gear... it was a dead target. A vast legion of fans emerged and Grim Batol wasn't the same anymore.

My memories from 2 years ago:
My pal Strickmabil and i traveling around and killing...stuff.

Dropping a 2150 rating team dead in 20seconds and laughing at the whine on official forums

Gohan, Francis, Slayer, Ji, Big, Debian, Blade, Gibson laughing hystericaly at "that druid decked in sunwell gear is gonna die! watch him! watch him! ahahahhahahhahaha!!!"

Let's see if Cataclysm gives something deadly for multiboxers, now that Mages have "heroism/bloodlust" and so many other surprises. I don't think i can resist to upgrade my 5 accounts :P

Unfortunnetly i can't play that much nowadays, but i'd sure have fun like the old times!

So anyways, here's a vid to remember

Learn more at the WoW Wiki

Casualcraft, Raiding and Legendary's

I felt like i needed to write something about what i learned today. Something we all should take in consideration, because no matter how many times it happens, how many times it repeats, u always happen to see it again and again. U saw it comming, but whatever, let's give the benefict of the doubt another time.

Back in late February, with the slowing of my multiboxing practice and the increasing ammount of chat windows on msn saying "common, join us, it'll be fun", i decided to migrate from Grim Batol to Silvermoon with my Paladin. In the process some of my friends got surprised and some said i didn't even bothered telling anything, but no big deal i thought, it's people i keep in touch almost everyday either on facebook, twitter, sms, forums, etc.

I went to join After Hours, with a lot of other friends that happened to raid with me in cartel, another guild where a legendary got aborted.

With the arrival at the server, carrying 20kgold and 20 Saronite Bars worth of many gold to sell on the AH, i asked if anyone had plans of going for the legendary.
At first the only one was malanho, someone i knew for a very long time. He was undecided and a couple more days passed by without anyone knowing exactly who was going to do what.
Some days later, late night talk, he says: "nah, won't make it. it's far too expensive, time consuming, and i don't even have the gold yet."
With the time closing in due to our raid progression, we really needed someone on the quest to make fragments drop.
So i thought, well, i can make the weapon, do the quest line and start this once and for all.

On the next night he says: "i wanna do it afterall."
And in a couple hours of buying and selling, ask the guild bank for 3 saronites and ask some borrowed, he crafted shadow's edge.

I even ofered some of my saronites to help, but it wasn't needed anymore, so i went to sell everything at the AH and made a good proffit.

The following 2 months and a half was a grind, and finnaly in the end of May, Malanho got his well diserved Shadowmourne. Well, until that time, whatsoever.

At this time everyone was so focused on getting it done, that most officers didn't even thought about:
- who was the second one to make another shadowmourne
- who had the most quest's done in the questline
- who had interest

And to tell the thruth, it all kind burned me.
The fact that burning a whole night on one boss for progress was a rare drop.
Or that, because of our short schedule (9 raid hours per lockout), we were always running to make boss's and make fragments drop.
Or that, sometimes, a tip came out of nowhere: "tired of this boss, let's farm the others"

Meanwhile, in the beggining of May i started getting some strange behaviours with my eyesight. I've been born with astigmatism on my right eye and my left one has always been my salvation. At the same time, i stressed it too much, but when u can't compare what u see with the left and on the right, u really can't say whats going on, and all i thought was: i have my eyes tired.

I slowly started missing raids, and from the 3 weekly ones, i started making 2. And then sometime i could barely survive making 1. It was terrible. The guild needed me and i couldn't focus. After 1 hour playing all i see is things walking on the screen.

So, Malanho ended his legendary for him and used the quest item to sell a horse for 60kgold profit for himself (if i recall correctly). GZ!

Someone was needed to make the second shadowmourne, someone trustworthy. At the beggining i said i couldn't make it. I had too much going on my life, togheter with health issues, and it would be bad to accept such a task.
A week went on and still, officers couldn't decide on whom to do it, and after talking with 2 people i said, after long consideration that i wanted to do it.

Believe it or not, i wanted to make it just to make sure it stayed on the guild, more than anything else. But people who know me know the sucker i am for lore items. How much time i farm, and dedicate time to worthless shit for so many people. For years i've been farming my Thunderfury. This year i finally managed my Sulfuras. I grinded Zul Gurub with my Paladin and my Shamans more times than 10 people who got zulian tiger, combined.
Having iconic items is more than showoff. Is something not meant for everyone, such as casuals or people that give no value to an account, to the point of selling it.

Well, i managed to convince Reigoto about doing Shadowmourne. I crafted Shadow's Edge and started my grind. I made 25 mans, 10mans, grinded undead mobs and on the second week, due to so much time spent on WoW, i started to have problems on my eyesight. I had to quit it. I wanted so bad to do it, as a personal souvenir from a fantastic game and making sure it stayed among us, our guild, but it was impossible.

I apologized Reigoto and the rest of the officers. I apologized to those who were about to complete the questline instead of me (Kobar and Habbaray) and togheter we decided to give the task to Kobar, whom we knew for a year, a really nice lad.
I asked the guild for a break, due to health issues, and on the following day went to the hospital in Lisbon to make sure everything was fine. After some hours of tests to make sure my corneae were fine, i came home. It's mostly tired vision. Working in computers the whole day, and play all night isn't a good thing to do, did you know?

The story is long now, and i've talked a lot about what happened to me the last months, that forced me to quit raiding and follow a more healthy life like jogging with friends and playing some football. Fuck, i didn't ran for years, making 4km's in 30minutes is godlike :D (for a person of my structure ahaha)

But like any other story, this one has an ending and a porpuse.
I didn't made the first shadowmourne because Malanho wanted to do so. For him, for the guild, for everyone.
It's a bit disapointing to see that, barely a month after, he put his account on sale: link
From my PoV, it's another fuckup made, another "i love everyone so much, and i'm a good guy, let me do it" that has happened in the past, and let other guilds to disband.
And to add, he has a story of selling and buying accounts or starting new ones from scratch, because he gets tired. And then he get's tired again.
Having it done by people i don't give a fuck? I really don't give a fuck.
Having it done by people i know online for years? I do give a fuck, and so should everyone.

He says, and i quote:
"tenho outras prioridades na vida neste momento e não quero perder mais tempo de vida agarrado a isto."

"I've got other priorities in life at this moment, and i don't wanna lose more time of my life shackled to this."

My question:
The fuck.
Did u made an item such as that to quit on the game, on your friends, on everyone of the guild just to sell the account 3 months later.
To fucking SELL the account.

It's not like, im tired of the game, i'll have a break.
Or, im ill and can't play.

No. U decided to sell the account and profit from eveyone who helped you.
Burn my fucking eyes right now, if i would do that to the people who would help me reaching such a unique weapon. It' would stay on the guild forever.

Oh btw, i wanna give an answer to myself!
U saw it comming, alongside with a chance of making something that would make your account valuable.
I don't think your account is valuable because of a priest a warrior and a mage decked in welfare and casual epics.
I don't think your account is valuable because of the other account u already had bought and linked to this same battle.net account.
I think your account is valuable because your selling it with an item that always stays on guilds. Because the people who accomplish that weapon know that without help it would never be possible, and by any means it stays on guilds.

Ow sorry. Forgot to add.
Serious people do that, not everyone.

Because for you, it's a matter of "it's my login, my account, and i want money"
For me it's like asking others to tell u to fuck off the next time they see you.
So let me say something, on the peak of my nerdrage: Go, fuck, yourself.

Now please, spare me the "u take the interwebs too serious" or "it's just a game mate."

And thanks for clearing out the ideas i had about you.