Some world PvP. For a change.

Yesterday, 5 try's on Coren and 2 Direbrew's Remote. Not bad.

3 arena games, the first one to a mirror team but curiously not a multiboxer. 3 enhanc, 1 resto, and one disc priest, all in average gear. It took some time to cut 4 rezers and in the end we won 6 points. wohoo.

The following to games were against one GB team, top 10. 2100+ rating, and we lost both games. On the first i rushed it and screw it. Basicaly i stayed in a place where i couldnt counter attack so... gg.
The next game i focused the priest, switched to the mage and...he went down to... 100hp. Needless to say, they continued to cc Baía a lot, plus counterspell's and it became impossible in the middle of all the nuke, for me to focus someone. So we lost that one too.

There was still time for some fun and i think that...we're becoming world pvp junkies.

Target: Grom'Gol, STV
Objective: Pretty much own the place.

Needless to say, the place was almost empty, just an infinite army of guards, wich doesnt happens on ally side. Hordes can raid our towns and 3/4 guards will harm them. On horde town we can expect up to 30 guards at the same time. Anyways, this is just a detail :P
Clearing our way to get the zeppelin to Orgrimmar and...and a....hmmmm...well.... the zeppeling arrives with around 20 hordes, minimum. All lvl70.

It was an epic, epic ownage, they had healers and all dps classes, and still, against us (9 chars) they got so raped they didnt even tried a massive assault on us, so we decided to say goodbye and went to Orgrimmar.

There we were, front door as usual, and not so many flagged for PvP. Within the next hour they were around 30 or more, and still most of them wouldnt dare to be one shotted.

I will try to get some screenshots from friends, cause when i engage, i dont have nothing else in mind, but after so many years of WoW, some sights are priceless and new. I seriouly hope world pvp will have a boost in WotlK, cause it's too much fun to be outnumbered and still kick their ass's :D


No Kodo Luck & Thrallmar Assault

60 Coren Direbrew Kills:
- 60 Trinkets u can't DE nor sell and in my case, use.
- 1 Direbrew's Remote
- 1 Swift Brewfest Ram
- 0 Great Brewfest Kodo

So the Kodo hunt continues :)

Late night Thrallmar Assault yesterday, after some ganking, Slayer and Francis got tired and decided to raid the place. I gave them a hand, we pretty much owned the place and laughed at noobs dying on flying mounts :D

The usual victim showed up

shit happens



Zironic, Jackinabox's team captain on 5v5 has made a comment, after getting is ass down on arena. I just noticed the post tonight, felt good :P
Full Brutal's QQ'ing is the sh!t. This guy knows shit about comps, and about multiboxing, and just because his priest got insta gibbed for having 0 brains, multiboxing should be banned. It's ROFLCOPTER!

* 79. Re: Multiboxing 26/09/2008 18:37:34 PDT


Assim táméin eu


Jackinabox has a team.

And our teams met tonight on nagrand arena.


WoW Private Server - How?

Nah... won't tell u how... i just wanted to share this epicness!

Drama, Some arenas, BRD boss and MGT HC with Jï

Drama. Not much, but it's Drama. e-Drama. Multiboxers are macros, in fact one NS macro for CL. They don't have skills when they kill 20 hordes trying to get past Balinda, or clear MGT HC alone. The most funny post is from a warlock, that must have a macro set for spamming curses, but still comments. People can't reach the fact that, their not supposed to kill a person playing 5 chars, or 5 persons playing 5 chars. With an insta or without an insta, ur dead, and that what makes u angry :P
Any drama is good, even shy drama.

Yesterday we got to play some arenas, as i arrived home (yes, i do have a life, amazing), and we did 5 matches. 10 minutes waiting to be matched agaisnt some guys from In Excelsis, full vengefull equiped but soon got nuked to death. The following teams arent even worthy to comment, and the night ended with 5 games, 5 wins: 6points-4points-1point-5points-4points. Low rated team, with their brutal and vengefull got steamrolled. gg. ofc, multiboxing is op.

It was late and i really wanted to give a shot at BRD boss, see if a mount droped or not, and all he droped was trinkets. Tonight, more trys ofc :)

To end the night i went MGT HC, but this time with Ji's Rogue. At first i was afraid of not having enough nuke, but a sap and a nice stun lock really pays for less nuke. We managed to do everything, even Vexallus, whom i thought we couldnt kill but we actually did, we all died, but he went down too :P Bad luck on trinket boss for him, it dropped the caster trinket :(

Thx for visiting and reading!


Brewfest - Kodo & Ram

Euronews. No Comments.

Here birdie birdie birdie

So i logged last night, after a hard session of PES 2008 on PS2 with my cousin for the World Cup. iSuck :|

Grabed the daily instance to kill some sisters of torment inside MGT, and before actually going MGT HC, i went to the brefest boss ofc! Another 5 kills, another 5 stupid trinkets. 20 Kills, only 1 Ram so far. I just want a Kodo :'(

Anyways, i went MGT HC and this time i didn't get any mysterious whisperers to ninja trinkets! No wipes, Vexallus done at 1st try, and when i reached Kael'thas i called the Beautiful Mace man aka Strickmabil. For our surprise, the mount dropped :) 25 Runs after it dropped for the first time, heres the second, that was for him to loot :D

We went ZG, for the Raptor and Tiger, but i sense it will be a long time before i see any of those drop.

Ended the night joining AV for the daily PvP quest, tottaly owning the horde, and getting some whisper to join my queues, lol.

Don't forget this:
Call to Arms: Alterac Valley! September 26 - September 29


Relaxing Moment

Multiboxing has its up and downs, but i enjoy every moment, even with hate tells from players raiding 8 hours a day, telling im a no lifer... or the regular PvP S4 weapons and shoulders buyer saying i ruin the game. At the end of the day, it's a good laugh.
Recently i've found another use for my shamans, called kamikaze nuke... well, u die, but ur opponent always die as well :P

Notice, i miss the nuke with 2 of my chars, i wasn't close enough..but he died anyways.
Props to Strickmabil, always with a camera at the right place, at the right time :P


Back on the road again

Well it wasn't bad at all. We got to learn our lesson: never Q again after 3 or more losses in a row. It really isn't about being lamme, it's about know what u're doing, because sooner or later u find urself doing errors after errors all because ur not focused.

So tonight we managed to raise 70 points back from 1759 to 1829. We had to put our disguises on:

Not a big story. Only that we lost 21 points to a decent but easy comp that q dodged right after that and we won 21 points to another team that...q dodged right...after...that. We get so q dodged that i even made a ticket to a GM reporting harassement, just to kill some time. Nah, seriously, im tired of trash talking sh!t thinking they won't get warned. Enjoy ur vacations.

That's all for this week folks, have fun :)

Brutal lesson

Last thursday we were climbing the ladder. We were better than ever, with a good synergy, everything was going so well that we reached 1922 as a record for this team. The road to 1950 was officialy open, and nothing could predict the beating that was going to happen this Sunday. From 1914 we went down to 1759 wich is ridiculous imo, but not according to the heavy melee teams forming up now on our battlegroup. I had my share of stupid errors made, Baía rarely makes mistakes, and we just faced, all afternoon long, people in full brutal, or brutal wepons only missing shoulders, and it gets chaotic inside the arena with these cleave teams, or euro comps, that, besides playing well, have massive gear and luck, getting away with 200hp or 300hp. Im not exagerating, there were at least 5 times where someone just survived with 2% or 3%, and everyone knows, inside an arena, thats gg.

We should had stopped after 5 or 6 games but we continued. I was determined to get it back, but loosing 20 points to full brutal, and winning 10 points agaisnt full brutal start to be pathetic. Logic won't apply here. This is the system, where ppl disband and join new teams everyday. It turns out to be very painfull for whos actually trying to do something, because u go full steam, thinking "ok these guys must have like 2k rating, and in the end, they have 1600, and u win 8 points.

Gear doesnt makes u win, but it helps. A lot.

So i ended arenas at 6pm, there was no reason to continue giving away 20points and winning 10 from equally geared teams. Tonight i hope to raise it to 1850 at least. Like it happened to many before, the closer u get to 1950, the harder it becomes, but loosing 100+ points, was too gay. I sense that at this time, Sunday is the new roll a brutal team day, so until im full brutal, i might skip it :)

Btw, we faced a team from SK Gaming, next time, dont Q dodge. Hope there wasnt much qq on ur vent.


Never stops getting better

Thats right, it never stops getting better, and i hope that continues for a long time. Arenas ofc :P

This new plan of doing arenas on a daily basis is making our team stronger.
These are the facts after Thursday (yesterday) night arenas:

- #1 Alliance Grim Batol
- #8 Grim Batol
- #48 Misery Battlegroup

Rating Record: 1922
Present Rating: 1914

I could take out all those inactive/disbanded teams and have a much more shiny result but... i don't care.

So we started arenas even later, at 00:00 CET, and we did 8 matches, of which we won 6 and lost only 2. I remember one of the losses, that was against a war/enh shaman/mage/druid/priest, after a strange rush, completly surprising me, but i can't remember the other. All in all, they were great matches, nice opponents, and we start to notice how gear improved our rating lately. Im still with merciless shoulders, gloves, weapon and shield, but the other 3 set pieces are handy.

Apart from all these 2 melee teams, we faced a triple healer team with extrememly well geared warrior and hunter. Their lack of respect towards a lower equiped opponent cost them the match: came into the middle at a certain point, and the warrior thought that would reflect LB all night long, and ended dying like a... 1500 player.
Priest and Warrior down, and the Hunter thought that he could even bother me with 0 mana. it was a Guiê Guiê.

Now the comic part of the night, again Mitrao and his crew:


and the best match of the night, Broculo and Rabanetes:

long story short, this lammer can't even equip his main to do some decent dps. only thing that bothered me, was ur sword applying poison by itself.
again, GG.

So now we're on the road to 1950.
We would love to play against more teams from Grim Batol, but we can't, since at 5am we're usually sleeping and we gotta work the next day.

Btw, thanks for all the visits, today it hit 800 :)


Wednesday Fun [Arena Time]

Thats it. And from now on, u can expect a lot more active 5v5 Arena Team, cause we plan on doing arenas almost everydays, at least to get more xp from it, from those teams well geared that know what their doing, rather than full Brutal's that don't know shit about arenas. Ladders are filled with people gearing up their Brutal at 1500-1600 Rating, not to mention Druids, Rogues and Warriors, that pretty much only have to go 2v2 to get their gear.

We started pretty late, around 23 CET, and the first 4 matches were a nightmare. A heavy cleave team, Enchanc Shaman, Rogue and Warrior pretty much ruined all the fun, with a superb style of play. They knew when to retreat, and to go defensive and when to nuke. Assisted by a Priest and a Paladin, the best we managed was to kill the Priest, and then the Shaman, but mana was low, impossible to continue, so they won again. Baía was forced to heal deep, not giving space for Mass Dispel's, and somewhere between Mortal Strike, Poisons and Windfury we ended up loosing 4 matches against this awesome team. Needless to say, they are always low ranked, grabbing us the points that only in 10 matched we will recover. Thats something that never happens to us: a higher ranked team, that we farm 3 times+, that WON'T Queue Dodge us! That's right, cause we don't Q Dodge!
Anyways, we we're loosing hope on a night where we thought we could get more than a Full Brutal team performing cleave, when we started facing different comps. Our favourite is: 2 warriors, 1 resto shaman, 1 resto druid, 1 holy paladin, and that was our next opponent. Shiny Brutal Swords, great style, and gay skills.
Charging Baía on middle of Nagrand Arena wasn't a bright idea, so guess what happened... NS Electrical Discharge.

After that we faced more teams that had zero chances, not according to their gear, but due to their lack of awareness. Ppl standing outside pillars for more than 5 seconds are like a Chicken McNuget laying on my desk.
Some more fun moments, we were raising rating, and we lost again one game against a funny team: 2 warriors, 1 ret paladin, 1 resto shaman, 1 holy paladin. These guys were much more based on minor PvE tweeks (minor like, Sunwell Gear)and RUSH! oh they liked to rush because they had nothing else on their box of strats. THey managed to win one like i told, and lost 3. I mentioned funny because, they would stafe/run around me/jump like if they were playing at McDonalds kindergarten. Thats...great! thx for those 50 points.

Also faced a GB Horde Team, 2 really fun matches, these guys were top! not.
Whats so funny about this SS, is that Baía went to the bathroom (nature call) and i was left alone killing the warrior. Lucky he wasnt resto spec.

Last Arena match of the night was against Kilrogg...number 1. SUO SWE got hit by a truck. Stayed inside their spawn on Lordaeron Ruins, and thats always funny comming from such a good ranked team.

Just to end, we also faced my friends Maom and Cokamine, and they had to experience the devastation :P Guys, i tried to be less agressive, but Mitrao was nasty against me!

Sorry for the wall of text, hope its good reading.
Today, more arena fun!


Another gearing up day

It's a nice day. I'm not getting a beautiful mace but Brutal Legs + Runic Spellthread should do the trick for now :)

This new piece will add me around 200hp and 20 Spell dmg, that's not bad at all.

As for last week arenas, we are now 77th of the Misery Battlegroup 5v5 Arenas, 12th Grim Batol and 2nd best Alliance team. Hopefully the best part is yet to come, starting today :)


Mount Hyjal - Orgrimmar - Undercity [Raids]

Saturday night i got an invite for MH, from my old PvE guild, momentum. They were short on players, and since i was PvE spec for the day, i gave it a try.

It was already late, but we managed to kill the first boss without any problems. Waves we're easy as well, but couldn't compete on dps, since my aoe is limited :) We tried the second boss 2 times, but a tank trying to learn how to catch add's, and very sleepy ppl, didn't gave us a chance. I loved it.

After this, Skir (momentum raid leader) wanted to do something with the raid, like some AV's, but since we were in Tanaris, i shouted, ORGRIMMAR! And so it was!
We went Orgrimmar to kill Thrall, but from 2 hordes at the entrance, we quickly got surrounded by so many i couldnt even count. It was 3am+ and the Horde response was amazing! We had to go out, with Thrall @50% last time i checked, it was incredibly hard, with all the elite guards around him, and the Troll Chieftain, doing massive Hex's on everyone. After this, we decided to go Undercity, via sewers, but again, lot's of Hordes came, and we didn't even passed Varimathras to get to Sylvanas. I must say the Horde cities are much more harder to raid than Alliance ones. Why? Simple. U have close retreat gates, like the Tram in both SW and IF, not to mention the Tinker Town, where Mekkatorque is, u have the tram right there. The horde leaders have a backup by them, in Orgrimmar u get Thrall and the Troll Chief, in Undercity u get Sylvanas with Varimathras that does Shadow Bolt Volleys and AOE Life Drain :P

Loved it, hope we can repeat, this time with even more people :)

I had raided Orgrimmar two days earlier with some friends, and managed to kill 200+ Hordes at Orgrimmar gates, and i also Frapsed, so im thinking of making a movie, with 2 different Orgrimmar raids, and the UC one.

Thx for the fun !


S4 Arena Week 8

This Sunday, me and Baía played some arenas once more. Like always, we were determined to go higher, and this time, 1900 was the goal. With only around 10/15 matches a week, we managed to get some good results, but now is time to start doing more, get more rythm as im getting more gear. Im lacking the Pants, Gloves, and some new shoulders. Within the next 2 weeks i'll have 2 of those pieces, and then it's time to push 1950 if we didn't already got it.

Anyways, we did (or better, i did in most cases) some errors that costs us too much. We started the arenas agaisnt a very skilled team, with rogue, mage and enhancement shaman that knew their lesson agaisnt multiboxers, awesome work, and we ended loosing 3 and winning 2 against these guys. Unlike those full Brutal teams we face, we don't Queue Dodge. We never got to see them again, but it was a lesson. Their movimentation and burst attack was incredibly well played. My kudos to them.
We continued, and met again some strange comps, like 2 mages (1 fire, 1 frost) bombing me, and ice blocking at 100 health. A team with a full brutal dpriest/mage/lock/shaman with a fuckin ugly gnome warrior wearing quest items and doing nothing but spell reflect made our longest macth this week, pillar humping break my heart and makes me a sad panda. They lost it anyways.
We also faced the team i wanted to see the most: Jesus Watever
From my pov, they are the best 5v5 alliance side on GB, but i really dunno what players cause their losses lately. I think it was up to the lock and rogue, that being very skilled, idt they knew how to move against a multiboxer. It's like facing a normal team, only a normal team won't NS u for 12k. Comming out and pushing too far, made us win 2 matches out of 3 against these guys, and they are really nice ppl. It only takes them to not see me as a lammer :P Fowl and Dallx are incredibly skilled and along with a great gear they execute their job in perfection. I guess when their in top shape again, i won't even have a chance to meet them at higher ratings, so GL to u.
We also faced a 1100 team like every week, only this time, instead of 3 points, we got 0, nada, niente, rien, nothing!

This week
26 Games
15 Wins
11 Losses
Raised our rating and we're sitting @ 1863

Who could tell a box still wearing S2 could go so far?
Let's hope it will get even further.


Blizz dont care about cheating? WTF is that!?

Very concerned rogue.

Hello i played today my normal quality PVP time 8-), and then i encountred an elemental shammy called : Zogzoon, this guy manged to copy himself with bots. now when iam saying bots i mean bots that do exactly what he does and cause dmg+have the same HP and stats as he is. and you can't tell who is the real player. this is plain cheating! i have a few screens i would love for you to see. is this something new in WoW iam not aware of? or blizz going to enforce better laws and ban players such as he?.
he was so powerful that he alone and his 5 bots single handedly took control of all the towers in EotS BG and won 2000-60. take a look at this :


and in this last screen you can see his name all over the list of horde players. ho and btw each bot has his own totem, and when all of them throw a fire nova totem + chainlighting they just meachine gun every one and kill us all. take a look in the list below, each has the name of that player in diffrent ways. such as Zogazon, Zaogzon etc...


i would love for someone to explan that for me

And now, something completly different

It's been said that an image is worth a thousand words.



Isle of Quel'Danas, ganking heaven

It's gotta be the easiest place to make world PvP. If ur crying, thats ur problem, not mine :)

Hope u enjoy some footage from my partner, Strickmabil

Just another normal day

Yesterday, was just another one of those normal days.

MGT Heroic cleared (pains @ Vexallus)
Isle cleared (a horde raid was cleared)
Zul Gurub 140302348459th Run (no mount drops, OFC!)

And before bed, just went for an EotS thats came out being amazing, total pwnage :)

There was a nice moment anyways. I use to remember everyone i always was guild mate, or that i helped, i always manage to remember all nicknames.
Back in WoW Vanilla, i was on a guild called INVICTUS, wich was quite nice, with many ppl, and at the time we were progressing in MC and BWL. I even participated on Rag 1st kill, it was great times, tottally diferent from today. Continuing, as i was walking around on the island, i saw a druid called Xálfur, and as i passed by, i said: "xalfurgates". I knew he would know the meaning but he didnt know me from anywhere, not with these shammies. The meaning xalfurgates was, back in the day, xalfur had large ammounts of gold, always on the AH, watching the market, at least from what i know :)

He immediatly whispered: "who are u?"
I said: "merujo, paladin, invictus time"

He laughed, he remembered me.
Best part is to come. He didnt realized the ammount of shammies there, and when i hit the spreadout macro, he went crazy llolo. "wtf?" "whats this?"

I think "where u get this?" was the correct question. I said it was multiboxing, 5 chars, 5 accounts. He went google it, and against all odds, he liked it. Said it was amazing, how i could control 5 chars with such accuracy. Obviously ppl only see the nice part, because being hit by fears is just crazy for me :P

It was nice, he followed me, i inst gibbed some hordes, and he laughed hard. "I CAN WATCH THIS ALL DAY AHAHA" and so we continued. He was amazed by it, and im glad he liked it. It was nice to see an old face reacting like he did.

Thx for reading.


EotS sweetness - The power of 2x 5boxers

Came home later yesterday from work, and i was really tired of baby sitting noobs all day. My pc doesnt output sound! Their media player is muted. My pc can't catch wireless! Wireless is turned off. My pc wont work! Their power supply if turned off.

The most amazing things, and so on :P

Anyways, Lilik, the other boxer on our guild, is now farming for his S2, and farming tokens from AB, WSG and EotS can be very hard. So decided to go EotS with him, to grab some tokens for his Merciless Gavel, and in the moment i was riding to the battlemaster, Strickmabil logged, and also came.

The plan was simple: force them to stay on their side towers, BE and FR and perhaps capping them, while Lilik went DR > BE, and i went Middle, grab the flag, and then push FR. It kinda worked out, they got stopped on the DR bridge from BE, but i was unable to stop them from getting Mage Tower, so i got FR instead, and then later, forced MT. The beauty of it is that, u can force a mass attack on a tower just by moving a boxer. The problem with this system is that u move too much ppl from tower to tower, but still, if well played, and along with some good randoms, ur able to win it.

Problem was, from the 4 randoms, 2 were slacking. One pala contantly DC'ing, and a rogue in stealth the whole game behind MT. There was a warrior and a druid doing a nice job though.

So they managed to zerg me and get the flag, so i instantly used reincarnation, and ran after the rogue with the flag, killing him and not letting them cap. Strick was with Lilik, so i had to just play with myself (not what ur thingking about! :P)
The trick is to hold the flag till 1850 or 1900 depending on how many towers u have, and deliver it for a win.
This will tottally own horde, as they go middle and stay there doing nothing expecting the flag... as for taking me down, well, gl on that, ull need lots of aoe, and focused dps on my main, even if u do it, u'll end up dying anyways.

So we won, Lilik got his last 3 tokens for his gavel and i went MGT heroic after that :)


Enchanting x5 - Accomplished

It's done. Yesterday i reached 360 Enchanting on the remaining 4 shamans. The plan was to enchant the rings with 12 spell dmg each, 24 spell damage per char, 120 spell dmg in total.

Went Durnholde, Black Morass, and along with some quests, i got a huge rep boost with Keepers of Time, so i could buy the Formulas to enchant my rings.

I also got to disenchant some blues from 2 quests, giving me 10 Large Prismatics.

I know this doesn't make sense to the common or hardcore wow player but, i really had no professions taken, and since enchanting gives that little extra damage, and i always loved the profession, i decided to go for it.

My plan is to go for Inscription now but... i guess only time will tell.
Enchating will be great once WotlK comes out, this means i will have the chance to produce lots of mats from quest rewards :)

Yesterday i also had a lot of Idiots whispering me for Arena Boost's and all kinds of stupid questions, i may be posting it later :P

Have fun!


1861 Rating Record - IF Horde Attack - Showtekz gets his trinket!


Me and Baía just got 1861 as 5v5 record! We're now standing on 1852 after 9 wins - 4 loss's. We met some serious teams, and lost some games to very well coordinated teams. We almost lost another game to a team from GB Alliance, very well played by them, nuking Baía, but 4x Lesser Healing Waves with Heroism can do wonders :P


I was doing my daily purchase of enchanting matterials to level up my remaining Konnichiwas, and Showtekz comes desparate to my ts channel: OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALP PLOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORDE INVADORZ ON IF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno, i always forget to damn fraps it, or take SS's, or wtv...ffs... it was beautiful, i managed to help out the ally's standing outside, and we nuked every single horde! sorry guys, u gotta do more than send ur warriors up front and heal them... 5 LB's and 5 CL's can be serious bussiness

I do think i have a SS at home, two mages (we're becoming friends tbh) sending spits while inside their Ice Blocks :P..ofc that as soon as they got out, they died :(



Everyday i get a message: vais a mgt heroic? (meaning in english: are u taking me to mgt heroic so i can get the 3rd boss dps trinket?) IM NOT GONNA REVEAL NAMES!!!!!!!!!!!! muahahah

So i managed to kill Vexallus, who is the biggest pita on that instance, and took the misterious whisperer and Showtekz to the 3rd boss, so they could try their luck, Misterious Whisperer needed DPS trinket.
Showteks needed Tank trinket.

Tank trinket dropped.
Misterious Whisperer cuts wrists with a butter knife.

ahhahaa seriously, this is just a private joke :)

(i'll try to update this with a SS or two, stay tuned, thx for reading)


Ganking Isle

Tonight i decided to roll some daily quests for the first time, and also got to see how horrible the place is. Its a gankfest. Horde will hangout in huge groups, just ganking, so i decided to invert it. It was serious bussiness until some brutal started to come and get slapped, so their key to win was to bring 3 mages, that later became 4 lol, all AOE'ing me and Jii da boonkin. It was nice to kill 10 guys around me when they had the upper hand, all with full life..rofl. They managed to put me down some times. In the end i went to help Jii to get his last Heroic Badge for a ring, and when we came out there was still a mage around, that started to pat me...lol...over and over again. He went for the city and continued the spamm, so i decided to go again to the instance and the noob followed. It just took half a second to turn around and one shot him :) rofl, i laughed hard, the guy even tried to approach the guards, but... byebye :P

have phun, cya tommorow.
i can't stop thinking of the randoms cutting their wrists trying to kill me llolol


ZA cleared, 2 times

After many successful and fast Kara runs, we decided to give ZA a go. It's a bit more complex than Kara, and it actually envolves better preparation, and is tottaly PvP gear unfriendly. I spec'd ToW, got Flasks, food and mana pots. Having Icept on my party (Spriest) was fantastic as well, being able to have those quantities os mana makes it so much easier.

So we managed it all, with my 4 shamans and 2 healers only.

This last time on ZA i took all my shamans, and without ToW and Icept i knew it was going to be a pain in the ass. Managed to kill all boss's with 5 shamans, except Malacrass and Jul'jin. For those i took out 2 shamans. Malacrass is doable with 5 shamans but eventually a mind control on my main Shaman will screw things bad.

Jul'jin is the hardest boss, and the eagle phase is pretty stupid without enough melee DPS. We always struggle on that phase, but still, managed to kill him.

Im impressed that a simple guild of friends, as ours, can do full ZA, when some serious bussiness guilds can't do nothing but 1 or 2 boss's :D

We are now clearing ZA and Kara every week.


AV fun, as always

Yesterday i felt like grinding a bit more honor, to buy a new epic PvP gem (crit+spelldmg) for the new gem set im planning, and since it was AV, even better. The night started bad, with huge lag spikes, so i decided to watch football, since my club was playing, Sporting Lisbon (we won btw, 1-0, we gonna be champions already).

2 hours later i tried again, and joined with the midnight Crew (also known as McCrew, anytime Hongz aka Physicx aka Jeromeskee aka Gohan aka Pirex aka Carloto aka McTasty joins in :P), the regular ppl that i play with.

We went AV for some honor grind and, after a series of wins, we decided to go Balinda defence again. After some time, we couldnt see nothing more than 5 hordes comming, and we said: wtf?
Oh yeah, i oppened the BG tab, and saw a multiboxer on the other side: Zhap and his Crew so i instantly went Galv and prepared an attack. I must say i dont play sissy mode against other boxers, i just go with the flow, whereas normally the boxer on the other side just camp with Grouding.
As so there he was, inside Galvangar, with his totem fest :D i loved it :D Alliance was already saying skip Galv, but i wanted to give a shot. A 5box shaman, with half AV inside Galv = party!
Purged his groundings, blasted the NS, and Baía went to Fear = success!
After that we killed Galv, even with many horde comming at us. From that moment on, i just wanted to go after Zhap. I remember being followed by Zogzuon when i was on quest gear as well, YEAH! Got my ass owned, so i wanted to see how it was, now killing. Managed to kill him many times, without being killed, and in the end, it turned out to be a GY camping at IB GY. I can tell he doesnt know how to setup Tremor Totems, but i guess that will come with time (with that much merciless gear, i should have it figured out already)

It ended, i got some ally whispers from GB ppl saying GZ.
Next AV i join, i get a whisper from.... Zhap himself :P

First thing he says is: it'seasy when ur healer is fearing me.

I thought, wtf, is this guy pissed for loosing ? He had nothing to be ashamed about, at least i have superior gear to his.

Since he had a Druid following him around, i told him to get a Druid with Fear Spec. Whats funny about this is that...hes allowed to have a healer, but because he doesnt fear, its not that much advantage. Right.

He asked something again, but since i was in AV, defending Balinda, i couldnt answer right away. The guy just said: dont wanna chat? very well then. And BAM, ZHAPS GONE! THE HORROR!

Lets face yesterday fun like a warm welcome to the 70's from another multiboxer :) Other Boxers did the same to me :P Hopefully ull get a lesson from it: u cant let a single fear tottally screw u up. Inside galv i had like 10 locks and priest fearing me, and i still beated u :)

It was a great time yesterday, and tonight, ill grab a new Brutal piece! (screw Baía and his precious S3 mace. Ugly fukkin mace. i like the mace :()


S4 Arena Week 7

It's been 7 weeks since i reached 70 with my 5 shamans, and started doing PvP. Without multiboxing experience, and only with the help of reading material, i was going for good results, and my main goal was to be successful in Arenas.

In 7 weeks i went from 0 PvP pieces to 1800 Rating with only one Brutal piece. Last week me and Baía reached 1800, but without enough points we couldnt have the S3 weapon. This week things will be different, as we managed to stay above 1800, with 6 wins and 6 losses, so it means Baía will gets his beloved S3 Mace :P. As for me, at start i was all into the S3 mace as well but... i couldnt achieve enough personal rating with 2 of them, and having in mind gear improvement, the Brutal Head will give me more boost than the S3 Gavel, therefore, im going to buy 5 Brutal Helms on Tuesday night, and gem them with a new set of gems: 2 Purple gems and a new meta socket for increased critical damage. This change will bring me up to more 600 damage per NS+EM+CL in arenas. Im tweaking everything i can. We want to go further on arenas. We wont start crying on forums about how op our opponents are. We want 1950 NOW!

Thx for reading :)