10k visits inc!!!!!

OMG 10k visits to a lammer blogz! look at that!

Well, unfortunetly there ain't much to look at, or read, since my multiboxing is kinda dead at the moment. I may end up paying the accounts today, and have some fun with my alt groups, and eventualy ending up filling the talent points on the shamans, doing some macros and test them out.

My partner seems to have no mood for arenas, but perhaps we can work something out.

Recently some boxers have left for EQ, other are starting in EvE, but i'll just stick around with my friends and do some PvE content in Ulduar, that despite the nerfs and how slow the raiding sometime gets in our guild, i still enjoy a lot.

Farewell :D


Ulduar, Raiding, Wipes

Its been a mad week in Ulduar, full of win, fail, tears and smiles.
Our guild has managed to kill Flame (oooomyyyy) and Razorscale, after 2 days of try's and even 10seconds after the enrage.
Deconstructor reveals to be the pain in the ass of many low DPS guilds, such as ours, sadly. We haven't managed to down him yet, after 3 days of try's, with the main reason being the lack of DPS.

Theres some sort of explanation behind this, and i find it in the easy content that we have farmed.
With the exception of S3D, and some achievements, such as Malygos 6 minutes, everything else is like auto-attack mode, and that didn't prepared us well enough for Ulduar. Now, we find ourselves struggling to make players to do some research on their class, and at the same time try to raise their DPS. It's just that 4k DPS was achieved long ago in TBC raiding, and some ppl only produce around those numbers.

I find it a very hard switch for some players, most of them used to a certain way of making DPS, and now forced to learn something that works better.

Lack of DPS and Raiding aside, i haven't payed my accounts so far. Its just that i can't find much more to do with multiboxing than leveling groups for fun and pwning in PvP. Let's see how other boxers deal with the new changes and if the elemental shaman can do something besides dying in arenas.

Well, i'll leave u two vids i've done recently (watch in HD ofc). Thx for visiting, cya around :)


New patch and what do to?

Next patch is just around the corner. As many millions, i've been waiting patiently for some of the most wanted changes, like Dual Spec.
It costs a one time payment of 1k gold but, its worth it when u're a tank or healer, and wanna kick around outside raids, with those amazing off-spec loots u just got.

Many other changes were made, specially to shamans, which im looking forward to re-play a lot in PvP. It's been a long time since i felt unstoppable in AV, not that i can't do it in the present, but, u never know when 3 Arms warriors start bladestorming around u, with 2 rogues spamming FoK.

People actually still complain about multiboxing, when they have no idea how many PvP boxers have given up, or how easy is to kill some multiboxed shamans. It always comes down to solo frustration, where one player whines because a guy, controlling more toons at once, killed him.

It reminds me the story of an alliance warlock, that, while defending the stables in AB, had no chance against 3 opponents. He said something like: "i did a deathcoil, sent my pet to other, and feared the third one while dotting him up. I managed to kill one, but the other just got his HP to half, and they killed me. warlocks need more survability" - rofl

Back on topic. Well, im not much of a "gief moar content" guy, im more like "fix the fuking game, specially arenas, since u had such a sad idea of introducing AoE to everyone and knockback effects, and wtv".

I want the next patch to play in Ulduar, and get some challenging raid, like S3D. I want it for the Dual Spec, so perhaps i can have even more fun in PvE content, when i dont have to off tank, and therefore, i can go retri. I want the next patch to see how powerful the shamans can get and how balanced the other classes become. And thats about it.



Thats me, without nothing else to do, and the lack of guildies on S3D day (on KT day, everyone's online) doesn't help much to fill my time.

So i came up with the idea, of carrying on with my alt teams, to infinite and beyond.

5xHunters - 22
5xLocks - 18
5xMages - 16
5xPriests - 12
5xDruids - 12
5xDK - 61

Well, by the end of 2020 i should have all leveled, but until then, let me have a good time with them. It's lots of fun, to sit and watch the power of 5 gnomes doing AE, or 5 hunters doing multi-shots and raping everything.

I'll follow my own instance grind technique, along with combined rested XP in each team.

But this is just a way to kill some time, while the next patch is about to come out. I expect the shamans to get uber at PvP, but if not, well, im going to dedicate to level up some alts, while attempting Ulduar with my guild, as long as there's ppl online to do such.