Later all. This time for good.

Can't enter a dungeon to level up any of my toons or teams. When i say, i can't, i mean, never. Outside Northrend is impossible, and since im ignored all the way, here's my move.

Can't enter an instance outside Northrend. I am deeply sorry but this goes beyond all the patience i have, and thus, im gonna cancel this account.
Not a single ticket answered, not a reason why, i just may give a tip to you: invest those monthly millions instead of making profit.

Account Type: Wrath of the Lich King Account
Account Status: Canceled

Maybe another day.
Later all.


For a change.

Vou escrever em português, nem toda a gente tem que ler isto.
O WoW a cada dia que passa, enterra-se mais. Fazer instances, raidar, daily quests torna-se pouco mais do que imitar um robot numa linha de montagem. Não o faço pelo gear, mas sim pelas pessoas que jogam ao meu lado, e cada vez mais vejo que, de um grupo inicial com bastante gente onde via potenciais amigos, restam aqueles que conhecia de longa data, melhor ainda, de outro jogo.

Quando não há respeito, não há confiança. Quando não há confiança não há vontade. A via que os acontecimentos tomam, nem sempre é aquela mais desejada, mas também não vejo esforço de quem poderia fazer algo mais. Existem os incansáveis, os trabalhadores, os que se estão a cagar e por último os que nem sabem o que andam a fazer. Estes dois últimos têm sido um fardo complicado de carregar, pois ao mesmo tempo, sem eles era complicado andar para a frente, com eles, por vezes ainda fica mais complicado.

O desabafo vem em sequência de uma raid que é marcada para as 21:45 e é começada às 22:30 em vez das 22. Como se isto não chegasse, mesmo a raidar com elementos a menos (limpar trash para os papões virem na segunda buscar o seu lootzinho), existiu um mass disconnect que nos fez raid off.

A paciência não é um dom, nem uma virtude, como tantas vezes a classificam. A paciência é uma poça de lama que quando lhe passam por cima ficam os sapatos todos cagados, e qualquer dia é isso que acontece.


It had to be made

I promised Woko i would made a horde team.
I really wanted to make it
I had done all the daily quests
I was bored to hell (lol)

A new team arises (with high chances of leveling up)


Esoteric knowledge is that which is available only to a narrow circle of "enlightened", "initiated", or specially educated people.

For the Horde! :D


Best Episode. Ever.

Os meus amigos decidiram fazer algo relacionado com a minha terrinha :D AWESOME :D


Unlucky or just destiny

I promised Woko i would make a boxing team horde side and all my wow folders turned to critical errors. In more than a year, i never had problems with patching, updates, whatever.
Now, arriving late at home, having to raid and completing some essential daylies gives me something like 0 time to play extra main. (some say i already play too much and i agree).

Yesterday, after what? 1 month+ wiping on YoggSaron, my guild downed him. Oh yeah, im glad we did it, but i would be even more if i didnt had to go to the airport earlier, not killing that fucking boss. People hate me so much, they are willing to spend thousands of gold just to wait for that day i can't make it to raid. Im such a no-lifer that i haven't missed a raid since February. 100% raid attendance until yesterday.

Looking forward to Northrend Lolbeasts and the other guys. Must be sooooo difficult.


And another idea in mind

With the recent patch changes, one was the ability to make both Alliance and Horde chars....on the same PvP realm.
Thats right, after so many years they decided to change it because...no one knows. Oh yeah, perhaps the incoming changes, where u can change faction, tilted choices a bit.

Im also here to say in gonna try and level up a team of mages, along side with Wokomehee on hord side. Definitly Female BE Mages, and Mages why? Well, despite all the nuke produced out of it, its simply easier to move around.
Now its the time when i start thinking about how cool the Undead Male animations are, and how nice is wotf. Well, later :)


Short on time and will

My Multibox is kinda dead for a week now. I always try to play it, either for PvP or level up alts but raiding is taking all my time, and i've also been doing as many daily quests i can, thing that was not even an option sometime ago.

Been grinding some quests for reputation, foods and mats to raid and that's all.
Yogg Saron is going to die, sooner or later, and every minute counts.

I tried to abandon boxing 2 times by now, and i always end up playing it again, even with the keyclone all reseted, i just config it all and play again, it's like a disease.

Im perhaps better leveling each toon individualy than having a hard time leveling all 5. I really dunno. Multiboxing lost some of it taste it had when i started.
Successful people doing it in PvP and showing the rest of us it's possible to do things in Arena, are the same that play the whole day, alternating between PvE and PvP, and i had my share of it to be wise enough to the point of admiting that everything is possible when u have the time for it. Multiboxed shamans, Gladiators, with all the little items farmed to the exaustion, ulduar totems and shields, better for PvP.

Ain't got the time for it really. But PvE is being a pain, too big to keep on with it for much longer. Theres 2 kinds of people in videogames: those who know to play, and those who know shit. Thing is, when it comes to group effort, no matter how many of u are good playing, retardness always wins.

I'll just post something from time to time, it's been almost a year since this blog was made and i kinda enjoy everything that was posted here.