Totem Merging continues


Poison Cleansing Totem and Disease Cleansing Totem have been merged into "Cleansing Totem." Cleansing Totem pulses every 3 sec, down from 5.

Combined with the Mana and Healing stream totems, things are getting easier.

2 Totems that make 4 things. bb retarded diseases and poisons :D

Btw, my friend Strickmabil just made a new article about our recent arenas.



Improving the gear

Slowly building a better shaman. Beg ur pardon. Shamans.

Finaly got my 5x Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance and also a pair of Hateful Gladiator's Mail Leggings for my main shaman, after a lucky 10man VoA.

Im aiming now for either a new neck or bracers, since i still have the S4 ones, and a new trinket, obtainable via 25 WG Marks: Flow of Knowledge

I'll get a better ring when S6 comes out, since hateful and some deadly pieces won't require rating. Basicaly it will be a "farmagainthatshitnoob", that gives me creeps. Such a fucking bad prepared season this one has been, and a fucking screwed PvP at all levels. Hopefuly shamans will have the so needed boost in PvP.

Excuse me ladies, for swearing like a hooligan, i just can't hold it.

With my guild, we managed to take Sarth+2drakes down, after some try's. Some people died too early, and even with a surprisingly low number of players, we still managed to down him. Well done guys :D


Anti Totem Macros

Imagine ur getting the same team, over and over, in arenas. After some time, if they have enough brains, they will end up using a clever tremor totem macro, along with some nice fear. I highly doubt a team could have enough time to find my tremor totems, in the middle of my totem forest, without macros.
Well, but all u can say, im a purge away from destroying all ur buffs, and killing a totem shouldnt be any harder.
Most buff's can be vastly superior, and most importantly, they are with u in every place. Whenever a shaman does a position change, more than 30y away, buffs fade. This is why i agree with the following.

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Totem Stomping Macros
We don't like totem stomping macros. Destroying a totem should be a choice and require at least a modicum of player attention. That is one of the main differences between totems and other types of spells and we don't want everyone to just opt out of that difference.

Preventing them isn't always easy to do, but we do try and stay on top of it. We did stop it for a short time, but players found a way around it. And, no, just naming the totems after the player won't solve the problem or we would have done it long ago. (Source)

Slowly gearing up, and more worried about 3.1 release than honor points, thats me at this stage. I barely can find motivation to farm honor points, specialy when a guy reported 4 days ago, isn't still banned and farms up to 60k a day. Im 6 WG marks away from the Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance, but joining Laggrasp is always a pain.


Nerfing classes

Blizzard woke up, after 3 months of broken PvP

We have made burst nerfs to Retribution paladins, death knights, Arms warriors, Arcane mages, hunters, Feral druids and now rogues. Almost unanimously, the nerfed classes thought that nerfs were needed but that our specific nerfs went too far. Nerfing classes is never fun. Players hate it, and ultimately it means we screwed up or at the very least failed to predict new tactics. But we still need to do it for the good of the game when we think it is warranted. There will be more. (Source)

As for Rogues, well, cry now.

Rogue (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
More changes to come in 3.1
On the second question, yes, we have several changes in mind for 3.1 for rogues and only announced a few. (Source)

We agree with you about how an Assassination rogue should play – setting up a kill and then delivering it. But bursting someone down who is crowd-controlled while the victim has very limited decisions they can actually make to avoid death is only fun for the rogue. The Mutilate button push is just very strong when poisons are nearly always on the victim.

I have said before that we don't think Arena is fun when healers are immortal until mana-drained. However, we also don't think Arena is fun when someone always dies in the opening few seconds. The matches need to last long enough for something to actually happen -- for you to decide who you are going to attack or how to respond to their actions. If someone literally has almost no response for your attacks then that is not skill that is allowing you to win matches (and I am not just talking to rogues here). (Source)

"I have said before that we don't think Arena is fun when healers are immortal until mana-drained. However, we also don't think Arena is fun when someone always dies in the opening few seconds."

This pretty much sums it up. Dev's stated that in order to give arenas some balance, they were boosting dps a little bit. What i think is that, they never had a single experience of game play prior to that comment being made. Arenas aren't 1vs1, and if u run arena 1dps&1healer, thats ur call. With this change in this expansion, what we saw was an increase in DPS representation in arena. Why? Shutting down a healer was never so easy, so why not make it even more quick?
All in all, im glad the change finaly came.


Bot Report

How often do other players call us, multiboxers, boters? Or Multiboters?
A lot, at least in my case. But the thing is that, a multiboxer is far, far away from a bot, in fact, he may very well be one of the most dedicated players around, caring for all those accounts at once, and never giving up in the heat of battle. Whenever i PvP, either alone or with my close friends, i always give everything i have.

The following pic was an answer to a report made by me, the so called boter, on a player that is using 3rd party software to gain honor points.

I seriously hope u can tell the diference between a guy controling 5 chars simultaneously, and a guy letting a program control his only char. And also that the person that i reported, get's the account suspended.


Ikea makes me cry

I could try and tell the whole story. I could let u feel what hapened but... it's just too painfull, rofl. I'll try to say it in just a few words.

Went Ikea on Friday to buy a uber desk, and the main piece didn't fit my car. And let me tell u it has a big trunk.
So i had to send it by other transportation, and it would arrive Saturday (yesterday)

Well... i started piling things on another room (yes, piling infinite cd's) and they just wouldnt arrive with the fukin table. 9pm was the hour. Table didn't fit my stairs to the atic, after 100 try's from side, left, right, bottom, it just wouldn't pass. The guys left, and there i was, with a fukin piece of wood in my restroom loolol (seriously, not so funny)
Anyways, i wasn't going to give up. I started dismounting my stairs, cause they are built in a single piece that comes from the gound, and in the end i just couldn't take out the last stair that would give me space. At least, at this point i had "bought" more space, and so i tried.

I just pushed the fukin table up, only to find out i couldn't make it by a finger of space... well, if i fucked enough wall, it could pass, scratching the whole table in it's way up but... it would reach the final destination. So i took option B.



VoA25 and Uldaman

So heres the konni's, in VoA25, they struggled to DPS, but managed it. Afterall, our weapon is burst dmg.

And here's a friend, Blade, leveling a druid to become... Resto Druid.
He just doesn't know yet :D



Well, no more "one day i'll arrive home and i won't login my accounts"

Fact is, i never had a single problem on my accounts and always kept my pc secured, but, u never know. So after my friend Strickmabil got one for him, i decided to buy one as well.
It's a must have, specially for a multiboxer.

btw, since i had hands on the camera, heres a pic of my 10k euros setup:
(and u cant imagine how much i spend on electricity!)

WG Goodness

2 boxers, 1 wg = fun
that's how it is always with my friend Liliq :D


back in biz

AV remains the same :D


honor grind

Half year ago, after hiting 70, i basicaly went 1 mode for several days:

Honor farming

It now comes to the same thing again, only that u get much more raped on BG's now, making it almost impossible to continue playing.

Already farmed a new chest, boots and a totem, but the best is yet to come.

Im super curious about how many seconds we (me and Strickmabil) will have to down an enemy, before we get roflstomped, but we will try our best, and we never know what the future may present us.


Planning my return

Vacations are always nice, and after some from my multiboxing team, next week i'll have some on real life. Amazingly, i do work for a living.

Recent changes boosted my faith on the shaman again, and there's a new multiboxer on our server, with 10 accounts, on horde side. Im looking forward to speak with him, as on Grim Batol all multiboxers know eachother. At least i do like to contact them, and have a chat sometimes.

Next week the plan will be set in motion, gearing up once more via PvP.

But first, im planning a trip to visit some long time friends up to the north, so expect more news to the end of next week.

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