WotlK waiting

It's a mix between really looking forward the next x-pack and the "omfg, leveling again". The choice is made, and i'll continue my multiboxing team, hopefuly till 80, if i don't get tired of the game that much. It's just that, sometimes, when u grind over and over again, for the same objective - be better than the average joe - the fun starts to fade.

The thing that totaly ruined the game for the time being, was the fact that Arenas were completly fucked. It's not only the fact that u have to deal with 5v5 teams composed by 4-5 Paladins, its also the constant lag.

So basicaly the waiting comes down to:
- Headless Horseman farm (the daily traveling makes me puke now)
- Completing Achievements (pretty much bored by now)
- Farming Baron for the mount (thx blizzard, for making the only drop worth farming, the CASUAL mount)
- Leveling fishing and cooking (yeah, i know.)

I am now seriously considering a return to my roots.
If AA 3.0 gets launched in a near future, AND if it brings something NEW, i might go back to it. Oh btw, please, input some flow into the fucking game please.



Nothing much really

As the title says... i've been doing nothing much in the last days, other than filling some achievements, just to kill some time.

I am pretty much Honor capped for the xpansion (around 70K), arenas seems to be tottaly broken due to lag and class trees, specialy paladins and my Arena partner ain't in the mood to even try some arenas.
As for PvE, im a bit tired of MGT HC, and only thing i've been doing is the Headless Horseman, the daily summon with my box team.

Im enjoying the achievements, apart from what some say, that is a silly feature to keep ppl playing, i still enjoy doing them.

Yesterday i went to Bolten Moore with my friends from momentum, and cleared the area pretty fast, thus, achieving the Raggy kill. Looking forward to kill Nef and C'thun next week.

I even started Fishing and Cooking again, after getting 375 on both with my paladin, so im gonna work it out on my main shaman as well :) It's not a long wait till WotlK, but honestly im not that much excited about it. New content is perfectly fine and needed to give new players a shot at high eng raiding, and a clean start at PvP, but i must admit i was just now getting started with TBC on my team :P

Will try to make a new vid this weekend, and post it here.

Btw, i also had a nice talk with a fella from Iceland yesterday. We pretty much talked about simple things, but at the start he said: "u dont like to talk that much do you?"
lol, i guess that's why i started to talk, cause usualy it's just ppl saying nonsense.
So i asked back: "do i know u?"
And he says: "yeah, everyone on the server knows who u are! best boxer on the server!"

rofl, it put a geek smile on my face honestly.

The other day, a guy on Helfire Peninsula said on general: OMG IT'S DA MULTIBOXER!
I replied: AWWWW MY GOD!
He then said: I read ur blog! good job man!

i was like... wtf?!

I just wanted to share these. Afterall what i'm doing it's noticed, and even though some ppl hate it, theres an even larger ammount liking it, or at least they understand the choice of multiboxing. The reality is this:

High end PvE's: their ok with it, never had a problem, or a stupid comment. they know they spend twice, or more the time i do in the game, and they seem to enjoy.

Normal PvE's: more like casual's playing, most dont know what boxing is, but theres some ppl, informed, that can identify my main, and whisper it saying, gj there, or, must be fun to box. Theres the random: OMGATZ U R NO LIFEZ!!!! u spend really big time gearing all those 5!

note: these people really believe that... i played char by char to lvl70. geared up each char individualy. LOL
these are also the ones that challenge my main to duel, thinking they will fight against all 5 shamans.

Normal PvP's and Highly commited PvP's: i find no difference on these. both can be total retards, or nice ppl who understand it easier to down a boxer than 5 ppl playing 5 chars.

It's a matter of how much knowledge the person has, how much informed the other person is behind the screens, cause believe me, some ppl are total ignorants and crazy about the fact that they can't afford 2 fucking accounts, so when they see a guy with 5, they go beserk.

Bottom sentence:
Multiboxing is a person playing more than one char at once. Multiply ur char by how many the boxer has, and that number is how much more efficient the boxer is compared to u.


Weekend full of experiences

I have to start with arenas: playing 5 retri paladins on arena is a big fuking fail. We played against one team of 5 retri paladins, and it was a complete joke, because as soon as they turn avenging wrath inside their "bubles", and started stunning away, it was chaos. Ppl complain against boxers, when they really should be enjoying how fun is too face retri palas atm. No matter where.

We also went Kara yesterday, and the nerf applied to the whole game, it's a GG. Taking out 30% of the health, and 30% less dmg to tanks, with the excuse of not knowing how new talent trees would really work, should instead be named: "theres one month left of TBC till WotlK, so noob guilds, here's ur chance to kill as many boss's and brag about it on ur lamme site"
I guess SWP boss's still require a lot of gear and theres a lot of effort, but anyways, its less health, less dmg on ur tank. Tbh, some classes are even outputing more damage.

Saturday afternoon i got a surprise invite to SSC and TK, and easy mode was on. Vashj down at 1st try, Kael down at 2nd try ( i screwed up on one of kael's add's :P Reinc ftw aha).
At night there was a raid to try down some horde faction leaders, but soon we discovered it's was going to be a little dificult, most likely impossible. At Silvermoon, the leader hits more than Brutallus on a tank, and worst than that, all casters miss, and melee's have a hard time as well. We we're unable to do it, after managing to clear the whole place with only the boss to kill :(

Big and Debian, two close friends of mine both in the interwebz and r34l l1f3! are also playing WoW for kicks. Their enjoying it, and leveling now togheter, and yesterday i gave them a boost in both DM and Stockades. It's so easy when u can just bug on friends and ask for a boost :P When i leveled i had a hard time finding groups for instances and/or elite quests, it was a major pain in the ass ^^

Now to the serious bussiness that is keeping me playing like a little child: ACHIEVEMENTS!
Man! i tottaly love doing little stupid things to get more achievements! Im currently doing the exploration of all regions and some pvp, specially AV!

So far these are my favourites and i also managed to do them:
Stormpike Perfection
The Sickly Gazelle
Alterac Valley All-Star

And im also up for the Hollowen achievements, already looted a Sinister Squashling and one Hallowed Helm for this achievement: Sinister Calling

All i can say is that Blizzard did a good job keeping ppl busy until WotlK.
I'll try to get some PvP footage as well, for a future PvP video as promised.


Patch 3.0.2 - the pain

Patch days sometimes can be a real pita. Imagine logging in with ur main, still working out the other 4 box's, and then...world server down. Azeroth was offline, but chars on Outland could be logged in, so i grabbed my paladin and my rogue, and made some PvP tree's for them. Since BG's ALSO were down, i had to go test it in some mobs. With the rogue, is the usual stuff, and i might add, i still have to see it's true potencial in PvP situations.
As for the paladin......as for...the paladin... i never saw the paladin like this! It is so fucking OP! I specc'd retri, wore some shit gear i had in my bank, most of my gear is spell power gear, adapted from holy gear, and it was unbelievable the ammount of damage one paladin can output in a matter of seconds, u just have to wait for the GCD, and along with instant attacks, crazy many regen, instant FoL's and HoW's and some luck with SoC proc's, u can for sure kill wtv the fuk u want. Impressive, and i don't even know how much a good geared paladin can do, it's gotta be a huge burst. Now i can completly picture a retri pala pairing up with other pure melee class's: he can mana regen and heal the raid, being able to maintain a crazy DPS. It was doable before this, imagine now with these talents.

But... it wasn't until late, late night that i got all my box's ready. At first i wanted each box to update by it self, but after arriving from work, they still missed 200mb, so i decided to copy the files from my main, and proceed to the update... lol... was a disaster... diferent file versions, along with crashes and critical errors when it was already patched. I had to do it all again, but saving my macros bought me precious time.
Anyways, one box failed to save the macros properly, and i have no clue how it did had the macros from the first day i started boxing, and didn't had my updated macros. Thing is, i used to play a lot with that char, without problems, and now, i had to make again the macros. In the end i just did a copy+paste from the macro.txt of another box, and made some minor tweaks.
It was now 3am in Portugal, and i was still working out talents, macros, round robin macros, and some addons. In these situations u start to realise how much u need some addons, like ag_unitframes, where u can see the cast bars of everyone in the party. I managed to enter an AV for some action and... I'm not doing great with my round robin Thunderstorm... But i was able to play without my sweet NS, and its doable, i just lack to see how much thunderstorm will be a good replacement, cause i did it a lot of times against warriors with Bladestorm, and they simply ignored it.

I have my S4 shields now, just lack one cause of personal rating, and in the future days i hope to have everything up and running, mostly regarding the addons area.

Multiboxing @ Yahoo!

Yeah... yahoo.com featured our known fella Prepared and his 36 WoW box.
I think its freaking lovely :)


OG and Dal Arenas | SotA

Orgrimmar Arena

Dalaran Arena

Strands of the Ancient



mana mana tutut-tururu


momentum & konnichiwa - Orgrimmar Raid

me and my "old" PvE guild. After a run in MH, we decided to go Orgrimmar.
It's almost one month old and i decided to do the video today. Enjoy.

unhappy player spits on you

Thursday night, and after a bit of EotS and AV fun time, me and Baía headed to Arenas. I think we faced 2 different teams the whole night.

The first match gave us 0 points, but 1 personal rating point!!!!!11111

From that game on, it was just a pain train going down the railway!

UNTIL!!!! Until i missed my NS nuke into a grounding totem, the other team managed to put MS debuff on all my chars and we eventualy died from Mage AOE, and Shammy enchancement + warrior damage. They managed to heal good during the fight, and missing the nuke on their paladin pretty much dictated our loss. It was a 29 points loss that we weren't expecting but... oh well.

I think we managed to get 2036 as record yesterday, but im not sure. Anyways, we're still above 2k, but my head hurts of thinking that i need to win again 10 low rated games to replace that loss. Oh yeah, low rated, because all high rated's dodge da Q.


New Record and a hand full of shoulders

Thats right! Tonight a new record was broken (2023), so i guess that puts me on the Hall of Fame ? teeheee!!!

7 games, 7 wins, from 1970, and i was able to buy the remaining shoulders on all chars.
It begun well and ended even better, grabbing 14 points from them. GNOMEZERG was the victim, and tbh, their shaman was on namek to get nuked like that. Where ur pvp trinket mistar ?

Nothing great to add, only that we've met a couple teams from GB Horde, Hunter trio with shaman and dpriest, a real pita, cause if it wasnt for their impatience, we could be there all night, fighting behind pillars. Ty kind sirs.

Another pic:

Very fast match, my NS made me proud, and their jaw opened. Ty as well.

Cute pics now, and ty for visiting! Stay tuned for some arena movies incoming, and some funny world PvP. Peace.


Multiboxing Software

After making a little post about Multiboxing Macro's, im going to introduce now some basics that worked for me, when i started boxing.

Please keep in mind www.dual-boxing.com , thats our place, where every multiboxer meets and share/discuss ideas. On this site theres a nice Dual Boxing Wiki where u can search for faq's, or anything related to multiboxing.

Today i'll show u guys 2 solutions, that in the end, can be paired to greater success.
Synergy (free) and Keyclone (one time US$19.99 payment)

Im not here to advertise anything, neither i get something for speaking of these solutions.
I'll start by Synergy.

It's simple. Think of this scenario: u have 2, or more computers, with all the screens in front of u. Now imagine a tool, that basicaly is a virtual KVM, meaning, with the keyboard and mouse in front of ur main PC, u can drag the mouse to the right screen edge, et voilá, ur inside the other screen just to your right, and u can now use that same mouse and keyboard on that computer. U can even copy+paste text from one machine to the other. Ain't that handy ?
For Multiboxing, and since this program is open source, there was made a slight, but still huge, adition: A Broadcasting feature, wich means, u press "B" on ur main, and the slaves press "B" as well. U get the picture. Heres the link, courtesy of www.Dual-Boxing.com: http://www.dual-boxing.com/SynergyWBroad.zip

It's a free way of starting boxing, but it still requires one game per PC, since it wont broadcast to multiple clients on one pc :)

Now... Keyclone... This is the real deal. It lets u:

  • use one single PC with multiple open WoW Clients and sends keystrokes to all of them
  • split ur screen with maximizer, a tool that removes the windows edges and makes it look like tiny screens, inside one single screen
  • broadcast keystrokes via lan to all machines in the network, and sending them to as many clients as u wish.
  • one click, and it opens all wow's u want, working like a charm.
Not much to add tbh, this is the tool to have. It's $19.99 per copy, that means, even if u format ur disk, u get to activate it again, and again. Only usable one copy per machine. In months of playtime, the downtime of playing due to this software was less than 0.5%. Once u get it to work, it's an awesome tool.

Well, it's really a basic post, for more info visit the DB site, specially the Wiki.

Btw, thanks for the quantity of visits (that mmo-champion post <3)

New Shoulders

Weekly reset, and points available to buy new shoulders. Was only able to buy 2 shoulders because of PR, but it felt good anyways. It isn't something everyone can brag about, it feels good and is kinda mission accomplished for us.

Not much to add, this will be the last week of S4, me and Baía will do more arenas and try to push it but, it's going to be very hard, as everyone is trying to go for the top 10, Gladiator Title. We're still happy about what we've done so far, having in mind i dinged 70 when the season already started, while everyone was full with points and gear for the new season.

Some screenies, have a nice Wednesday :)

What everyone talks about on the realm forum: is this man good enough to wear these beautiful shoulders?

Beautiful shoulders smell so nice that even emplastro came...

S3 shoulders. Too bad every Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Warlock, has them.


Shaman Multiboxing Macros

I've been monitoring the visits to this blog, and most of them are searching for multiboxing macros and software/hardware.
So today i'll make an entry for macros.

Theres a good guide that helps out most ppl starting to box, and even the ones doing it, sometimes find something to add to their setup.

Ken's complete Shaman macro set is an extensive and detailed macro list for shammy boxers, and i would like to point out the most important ones, imo. A must have list, and then u add what u want.

Invite all

  • Invite all characters into your group.
  • Set this macro on 1 character.
  • Pressing it once will invite all party members. Pressing it a second time will set loot to "free for all".

/invite Character1
/invite Character2
/invite Character3


Accept all

  • This macro accepts all sorts of things like party, trade, quest and resurrect request.
  • Set this macro on all characters.
  • Place this in the "General Macros" tab. You can use it for other groups too.
/script AcceptGroup();
/script AcceptQuest();
/script AcceptTrade();
/script RetrieveCorpse();
/script RepopMe();
/script ConfirmAcceptQuest();
/script StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");
/script StaticPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");

Regular casts

Regular cast macro's are those who try to assist the current focus (if any) and then do a cast.

/assist [target=focus, exists]
/cast (spell)

"(spell)" can be replaced by:

  • Earth Shock
  • Frost Shock
  • Lightning Bolt
  • Flame Shock

These are the 3 most important to me, and tbh, i don't use much more than this, only some i figured out myself while playing and that i find to suite my needs.


S3 Shoulders for 1970 Personal Rating

Mission accomplished, and all the nay sayers might as well just kiss my ass. We worked hard for this, and even if sometimes i screw some arenas, the overall wasnt that bad, and as a proof, Baía has some Beautiful Shoulders now, and im going to do the same on Tuesday, cause i lack some points.

The fact that we needed 1970 team rating to buy the S3 shoulders is because we faced some retarded teams with higher ratings than the personal of their members, therefore, our rating got fuked up.

Yesterday we made 2 matches against another team with ratings screwed, that ended giving 8 team rating and 2 personal rating. We waited half a hour just to face that team again, but it look like they raised their personal rating, and so we got some more. When i left the arena i checked my personal and Baía's rating, and when i saw 1953 i couldn't belive. We are now at 1953 personal and 1970 team rating. Not bad for a boxer.

Don't care if i can't go higher, my wish is to get 3 more shoulders for the other shamans, since i always rotate them, and get ready for WotlK. In the following weeks we'll do more arenas, in order to learn more and improve, but i can say my work is done, our objectives seemed so far and afterall they were fulfilled.

I wanna dedicate it above all to our closest friend that always believed we were able and that...were always ready to help us out :) (lololol)

Btw, here's a pic of what we've been facing recently. Im not to blame if full brutal rogues suck my fire nova totems.

ahhhhhhhhhhh, almost forgot!
to be in the mood for arenas, we paid Orgrimmar another visit, i just love that city, and their mobs near the entrance. Some give HK's, why ?
This screenie is the best: it has whinning, win, ownage, fun, honor points and world pvp.
150+ honor kills. Ty Horde GB.

Have a nice Friday :)


Record broken and 10 points to go

25 games:

-22 wins
- 3 losses

1953 Rating
Best Alliance team GB

It may sound like "big deal" but it really is, taking in mind we never played with this setup before S4, and i still wear merciless.
It's just not an i-win comp, u gotta learn it and adapt to ur opponents, and sometimes its impossible, like yesterday night, when we started, facing a lock/mage/rogue, where the mage blocked at 200hp, and when they survive my burst its a GG, for all reason im not even going to bother explaining. We lost 2 games to this team, and won one. After the arena ended we Q'd again and they dodged. After a fucking half hour waiting, we got a match.

We need setup not gear gave us like 50 points in 10 minutes. Then, they took 19 points back from us, in a good LOS game on BEM's ramps. I specially like the rogues gear, clearly 1800 stuff.

After this a team came in action, from Kazzak if i rememeber correctly. Now...the problem about this team was that... they were 1750 team rating, and 1400 personal rating, and THAT'S WHY WE FUKED OUR PERSONAL RATING AND OUR TEAM RATING.
Cause we won personal based on their personal because the difference from personal to team rating was too high. And our team rating was solely calculated by the other team rating. So at that point we were like 20+ points different from our personal to team rating.

So we continued arenas, and with everyone dodging, or going to bed, we started to face some 1400-1600 quality teams. And it just went on and on all night long. Never refuse a good quality time.
We ended the night with "only" 13 points difference to our team rating.
Sucks to have 1953 and not being able to get our shoulders, but we'll see how it goes tonight.
10 points away from e-success.
And e-acceptance.


The ganking game!

Just another regular night. How many times i say that? A lot.
With the approaching of WotlK, things are slowly getting ready, as ppl are already waiting for it, and in my case, less and less PvP. Only enough arenas weekly, don't loose too much it's the key, that means, don't Re-Q over and over agaisnt teams with 1500 and full brutal.

Btw, curious update:
Quote from: Bornakk (Source)
We had hoped that the introduction of some new Honor rewards in the upcoming patch would give players a great opportunity to spend any of their remaining Honor. However, many players would still be surprised by an Honor and token reset as it isn’t something we’ve done in the past. As such, we've decided to not reset Honor or tokens upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Players who save their Honor will be able to spend it on level 80 rewards, although those rewards will be significantly more expensive than their level 70 counterparts.

This means, grind 75k honor baby and save it. Resist the temptation of buying the new items, Cloak and Trinket.

Anyways, The ganking game! was the great moment of the night. Xandro quickly regreted of letting me playing the game but the guy was good sports and entered the fun. This is the thread and basically it works this way:

When u kill one of the 3 announced targets, u post a SS of it, and name 3 targets to gank of ur own faction. Easy. U just have to go alone, and thats the best part :P

So the thread starter gave himself as a target, that was kind.

Then i've choosen 3 targets, and he picked the one i wanted the most, cause basically Dévon is against boxers, cause hes mom won't give him money to do the same.

ahaha gg.

Then Xandro gave new targets to nuke and off i went. I met one just in the middle of town, i had to nuke him down :P

Im still waiting on anyone to kill my targets :(