Dunno what tittle i should give to this text. It's nothing in particular, only to state that lately i don't feel like logging.

I don't know if i should burn my eyes boosting and boosting teams or simply level one toon. Don't even know if in one month and a half from now i still want to multibox.

The whole idea of having a guild of boxers is fun, but the probability of having someone to wreck AV with is low. People tend to play alone, either leveling toons or doing PvP, doing PvE or simply leveling profs, feels like it's on purpose. Well, im not saying some people gather and do their things, but at least with me, whenever i look and propose something it's hard to get things going.

And so, i've been a bit away from wow. This week i've must logged 1 or 2 times for 1 hour or so, lol.
I think i'm going to continue solo leveling each of my toons, the classes i still lack at 80: Priest 31, Warlock 37, Mage 32, Druid 26, DK 67, Hunter 48.

Already have: Paladin, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman.

It's just that logging the shaman and steamroll in AV feels a bit of waste of time with the xpack closing in, and also, i don't have anyone to come and have a laugh with. So i guess it's fun when i think about multiboxing haters, that tell everyone multiboxers are anti-social and freaks, when it's exactly the oposite. I like to socialize a lot and have a laugh at QQ'rs :)

Anyways it's weekend, and it means riding my bike, travel a bit and do some geocaching!


Cataclysm release date

It's getting close to the release. My inital date was 1 November (inside infoz!), and it will be close to that, as more and more sites announce the first week of November as release date.

Thinking about taking a week off, insist in some MTB riding during the day and some Cata leveling during the night :) Once again, like in WotLK, Shamans are going for the cap first, and then i'll think about the Paladin, that may find some social raids at After Hours - A late night raiding guild that likes progress! Apply there if you're looking for a mature guild, 3 days raid a week, each for 3 hours and a nice guild environment!

Now that i put togheter a catchy title and some shameless pub, i shall tell u that i've been waisting both my beta account and my current 5 wow accounts, mostly due to late night GeoCaching with some friends, they constantly nagg me about it and i end up driving my car in jeep roads :)

Not sure if today, because i want to ride my mountain bike, but definitly thursday or friday is alliance city raiding day!


Returning to Gimp

Had to consider it, and after clearing my mind i decided to ask to join! Ofc i was invited, but the guild is almost full with alts, lol.
Meanwhile i've done some AV's, and got some footage for a nice vid :)
Anyway, had to sleep earlier, i had some geocaching today in hard terrain, but it was so worth it!

Sporting Lisbon in some hours, let's win that shit!


AV Weekend

A reminder to all Misery Battlegroup Multiboxers.
It's AV Weekend in a few days :P


8 months later

All 5 shamans are up and running, like old times. After some hours with macros and configs i finnaly have a taste of what it was like, and nothing like a good BG for a test.

Not bad.

Founded a new guild, quinary, after being kicked from Gimp and not even receive a reason or note. I was online with a solo char when i saw some of my teams being kicked... Anyways everyone's welcome to join and stay as long as they want!



Clearcast 3

A mate from GB Horde known for his skill and good mov(i)es. While joking with him about entering one of his movies, he told me: "but u already got on one :)"

Here it is: Cleacast 3 - Minute 33:20 :D


Do want!

A new fucking computer to handle 4 wow clients!
Accepting donations!

Konnichiwa back home

March this year i went Silvermoon with all i had and took the main shaman with me!
Now the shaman is back home, to his 4 brothers that missed him for a long time!

In time they'll get ready for more adventures, another way of saying major owning :)
The info is spread, the best PvP'rs on GB Horde know they'll have a nice help in battlegrounds for Cataclysm!

I may be unable to play so much time like i used to, but at least i'll play it in style, causing QQ and e-havok :P

This is Konnichiwa v3

Worgens are cute, but...

Goblins take the prize.
Thing with worgens atm is their starting zone and their looks. They look amazing and the animations are cool.

But, today i had the opportunity to create a Goblin and got an instant laugh. It's still downloading the whole beta to my laptop, so i haven't been able to play with it more than 2 minutes, but from what i see, it's machines and crazy buildings allover the place, with people delivering quests in cars and all that sort of stuff.

Looking forward to take a look later and record a video :)