Multiboxing Record - 30 Chars

I had to post this. Theres a guy boxing 30 accounts... and u say i have no fucking life ? llololololol

30!!!!!!!!!!! ACCOUNTS!!!!!!!!!!! 390€ MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahha WATAFUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. I must resist it! I wont box 30 accounts! ahahaha this is just crazy :P

Enchanting x5 - Inscription x5

I've finnally came up with a decision regarding professions for all my shammies. Since im all into boxing, and really looking forward to play it on WotlK, i decided for now, wich professions im going to have, having in mind the sole purpose of boosting my chars dmg, and they will be Enchanting and later on, Inscription.

I already have one enchanting pushed to the min. lvl i want, 360, so i now have the task of bringing the remaining 4 to 360. For 2 reasons: enchant my rings, no matter how silly it can be, 24 spell dmg is a difference, and im always a person that goes into detail. The other reason is that, on Wotlk, i'll be able to disenchant all my gear, the one i replace and the pieces i get from quests, so hopefully, this will be a rewarding change.

As for Inscription, i really hope it's an amazing profession. Not only enhancing spell details and styles, but also bring up my damage a bit more. I'll have to spec Herbalism on an alt char for this, and start my grinding. It will be an amazing quantity needed of herbs, and other matterials, but we'll see.


Patch Pre-WotlK

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King approaching, we wanted to provide you with some important information. In preparation for the expansion, we will be issuing a new content patch in the coming weeks. Much like the patch made available shortly before The Burning Crusade's release, this content patch is designed to bridge current game content with that of the expansion and will contain some exciting changes and additions.

We have outlined some of the larger features scheduled to release with the patch below:

New class spells and talents
Stormwind Harbor
Barbershops in capital cities
Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades
Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles
Guild calendar
Hunter pet skill revamp
New profession: Inscription

As mentioned above, this is not a comprehensive list, just some of the major highlights. We’ll post the full patch notes as soon as they’re available. Regarding Inscription, please note that all Burning Crusade players will be able to select Inscription as one of their two professions and level up to a skill level of 375 with it. Upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King, players who purchase and install the expansion will be able to continue leveling in Inscription and the other professions beyond 375.


It's gonna be great. At least the SW Harbor will be something worth looking, from what i've seen in videos. Im still deciding if i roll Inscription on all my shamans or not, because it will be a huge time investement, but on the other hand, i would have the profession ready for the expansion.

As for the talents... If Blizzard doesnt review the Thunderstorm, i think we'll have one of the major QQ's on WoW history. Why? Because... lol... imagine DB bridge in AV, or LM in AB ? People will cut their wrists while in middle air :P

Im also wondering how the new arenas will work for multiboxers, because terrain hazards and moving obstacles never works well with me :P We'll have to see. At least we'll have something different!


Another Portuguese boxer comes aboard

Ah yeah!
A dual-boxer comes aboard, with hes dual lock setup, a warm welcome to Diogo a.k.a Vøpt | Vøpty that decided to reroll Alliance after starting 2 locks on GB Horde. Looking forward to see him @ 70, gl mate, and have fun.

The guild is now 5 boxer strong :)


New record for our arena team :)

It's done! 1800 rating was our goal until today, when we reached 1813 on our 5v5 team.
In 20 games we lost 5 and won 15, it was a great afternoon and we aim to get higher, anything will be good past 1800 :)

We are now number 93 on our battlegroup and number 13 of our server, Grim Batol.

While we were playing we were making some jokes about 1800, because, we dont have any points to grab our S3 weapons, so its kind of a bitter win. Anyways, what matters is that we proved ourselves worthy, and i know we can do better. I only have one brutal piece, the rest is merciless, but next week i want to see if its possible to get the brutal helm for all shamans.

So far is has been great, not doing more than only 20 games per week we still reveal good progress anyways.

More arenas next Sunday :)


Another one joins the train

And another boxer, a quad-boxer, joins the guild.
Warm welcome for: Thyriel, Thyrìel, Thyríel and Thyrîel!

Amazing, in 2 weeks 3 boxers joined the guild, and i think the main reasons for boxing are:

-trying something diferent
-taking advantage of the Recruit a Friend system

with RAF ppl can level up at an incredible rate.

i wish to see all boxers leveling quickly, cause we can do some mad stuff togheter.

An idea that just popped, raid Orgrimmar with 4 boxers lollolo :D


S4 Arena Week 6

This week we peaked at 1766. We had the chance to meet some really strong setups, usually a 2 warriors 1 enhancement combo, along with 2 healers. They rely on the fact that, either their DPS is super strong, or their healers are very well geared, but against a multiboxer team, u have to be both, and think with ur minds, not ur e-peens, like those on top of ZA mounts and Sunwell gear, that got slapped :P

Also managed to get full Guardian on all chars. Because i have 5 shamans instead of 4, it means sometimes i make char rotations, making impossible to have a steady personal rating.

We played Friday night for a series of 9 games, 8 wins and 1 loss, facing nothing but either full brutal (yes, even with shoulders) or full brutal/veng shoulders and weapons. Some even can make combos between their Sunwell gear and S4 :)
(they say multiboxers have no life :P)
And we also played on Sunday, where we had major problems against heavy melee teams and good cc on both my main and my healer, and we basically went 11 wins - 8 losses this week, due to well coordinated cc and good skill. Makes me break my keyboard, but at least we got some competition.

Slowly getting arenas points and gearing up brutal as i can, we're making it steady on the 1700's. What i really want to see is, when i get more brutal gear and if i can make the 1700's i will also get the head, if my opponents will have a harder time :)
Every single arena past 1600 the other teams outgear me, and i still win. I wonder if they didnt had their vengefull's and brutals. Some even might have weapons and shoulders from boosts and win tradings, still, they go down.

Our main goal is, and always was, 1800. Along with everything but weapons and shoulders. 1800 wasnt that far away this week, and keep in mind, this is one of the strongest battlegroups in Europe, no headless cickens past 1550.


Thunderstorm Fun

Most have seen the new WotlK deep elemental tree talent: Thunderstorm, but this video is a lot of fun. Ofc it will end being reworked or nerfed, but for now, take a look and laugh.

Low Budget Director

I started doing a movie on Friday, cause it was a holyday in Portugal, and wanted to do something different for a change. I made Baron 12 Minutes, and then on Sunday, i did Kael in Heroic (see below).

Yesterday i get a PM from one of WCM admins saying my movie was selected for daily featured movie, scrolling on the front page's banner :P
Lol, im glad to have it there, but it was a surprise to me!


Konnichiwa - Kael'Thas MGT Heroic

Decided to go Magister's Terrace Heroic for a change (been doing PvP on a non stop basis, or Baron runs lol) and this was the final result. Kael was bi0tch slapped and gave me a sweet mount :)


A tard whispered me - #1

Welcome to the first edition of this great blog space that will be:

Oh yeah baby, whenever i can and want, i'll just do another one! and another one! And and if ur a lucky tard, u might be the next :D

So for today i've chosen one whisper made to me, and one to my partner Baía.

Ok so basically, multiboxers are believed to be gay... he's a grown up obviously and we can tell that he doesnt know what's QQ. So QQ my friend it's what u were doing... :P I dont want to QQ, thats what "childeren" do m8.

So this guy whispered Baía, saying multiboxing ruins the arena concept. Doing LOS without beggining the fight is "OK". Multiboxing is bad.

All in all, im just happy these ppl exist! They make mine and other days better, happier, funnier!

Now, back to life!

And another pleasent surprise

Some time ago a guy came asking about multiboxing, from my server, and i answered some questions and so.
Now the same person whispers me again, with an alt in SW, that was seeing me kidding around with some friends (Showtekz, Jii, Baía) with growing pots and heroisms lol, and he is now lvl61, leveling 1 pala + 4 shaman combo :D

I asked him to join my guild, and now hes here, making it 3 multiboxers strong :)

Welcome: Liliq, Lilix, Lilik, Liliz and Catena (soon to be renamed :P )

Looking good! It was tottaly unexpected to see 2 boxers joining forces with me :D


Konnichiwa - Baron Rivendare 12 Minutes [Multiboxing]

Decided to give it a shot! Fraps and Sony Vegas and some of the worst editing ever :D Enjoy


Pleasent Surprise

On Tuesday, after finishing my arenas with Baía, he went to the bank @ SW and i stayed at the BM. He soon tell's me on TS: "hey, theres a multiboxer here near the mailbox" and i replied "hmmmh?"

Well, it's very rare to see new multiboxer, on any server, any faction, so i intantly went there, and he was already gone. A few second later he was comming in ghost wolf form from the entrance of SW, followed him, and stoped in his main char. He stopped as well, maybe thinking, "wtf, another one?" lol

I presented myself, offered my help on anything he needed, and also invited him to my guild (nothing serious, just my closest friends both ingame and real life) and he accepted it. I was happy to find another boxer on the server, someone to share what we experienced and that also, feels the game in the same way i do, or at least experience it. I think hes a pretty nice fella, and he is from Ireland, that means, if i ever go there, we'll have to drink a Guiness togheter :D

Warm welcome to:

Rinerii, Rinirii, Reneri, Reniri, Rineri

hes standing on lvl30 atm, and using the RAF system, i bet and hope he'll level pretty fast :) (so we can go farm old school dungeons for nostalgic epix! i love them! Onyxia ur so eeeefffffddddddd :D)

Im still trying to convince Lsoares to join us, but he likes to have a guild vault :P

New QuadCore - the difference

C2Q q9300
4 GB ram
8800 GTS 512
Abit IP35

4 wow's @ low settings

and every single process is running smoothly.
the difference is huge, it not only is playable, it also brought back the quick response i needed for clones, and i get to see them all at the same time now.

Tested with maxfps both always on top and background @ 50FPS and it was stable on all.

So i transfered my second process in my C2D to my C2Q, finished all the keybinds and macros, and it's ready to go. Im yet to test it in BG's and Instances, but i was @ shat makings the configs and i didnt noticed any lag at all. In the past i used to have like, 30FPS on the front process, and 20 - 15 FPS on each back process.

Can't wait to put it up to some heavy testing tonight :)
Btw, tommorow its a holyday in Portugal, meaning, all night long grinding. Haven't decided wich yet :D

30-39 AB quad shamans

Tidomann @ dual-boxing.com has posted a video of him boxing AB with hes quad shaman team. enjoy

30-39 ab quad box shaman hq from Tido on Vimeo.


Art of Multiboxing: Power

Having 5 shamans, not only requires good skills, macros, dedication... when it lacks hardware, it can turn into ur nightmare. Bad reaction speed is often one of the worst things that can happen to a boxer. Being able to reorganize fast after a fear, or a distract, is always needed, but what its most needed is to being able to play without any lag of any kind.

This way, im into some hardware changes today:
a quad core will replace my athlon running 3 wows, to now run 4 wows. I will release one core on my dual, in order to try and record some footage ingame. Hopefuly we'll get a better pvp performance (me and Baía), specially in Arenas, our main concern.

Expect a better Konnichiwa from now on :P

S4 Arena Week 5

Me and my partner saved 7 arenas to do yesterday night, prior to week reset, after reaching 1711 on Sunday after 3 games. We also got to pick Guardian Boots and Brutal Head for Baía.
What happened yesterday was a mixture of being nervous, with bad communication, bad luck, and in the end i just wanted to stop it and do the remaining 7 arenas so i could get my chest.

We started with Lordaeron Ruins, winning against a strong melee team [warrior, rogue, enhancement shaman, pala, resto shaman] tottaly surprising them, and with me being able to nuke at will.
But not all games are fairy tales. The following 5 games may have been the worst games i ever played. We lost them, against 3 teams: the first one was a LOS only team, with the warrior and rogue always running around, saping, and the warrior carrying a shield ready to spell reflect. The second one as a team that lost his paladin soon enough for us to get total control of the match, but i ended up screwing it, when i went to fight behind a pillar and the priest managed to kill the tremors, needless to say, my shamans started to go allover the place, being nuked at different positions.
The third team wasnt ready for us, and for the 1892347857th time i start the game by nuking a guy till hes 400hp and runs away to pillar sex. It's the most annoying thing that can possibly happen: i loose my NS nuke, and they start cycloning, blinding, stun locking my healer, fearing...

One thing is certain, i needed those last minute games, and even though we had time, i rushed it out of patience. Won't happen again from now on. I got the S4 chest now, i dont care for any other piece besides the s3 weapons, and will be gearing up on my way, so u can expect me to do much more games and every one of it will be like a final. U choose to stay behind a pillar, good for u, ill be on the other side waiting.

Peaked at 1724, came down to 166x, next week will be different :)


AV in 7 Minutes - They say Paladins can't tank

Yesterday was meant to be another AV grinding day, with a lot of headless chickens on noobhill, neither protecting the Bunker or Balinda, but in the middle of all of those AV, i get a Frostmane semi-fixed with a 20k hp buffed prot pala. Guess it reached more with Stormike Salvation :P
Result: a 7 minute AV, with all warmasters being tanked and some heavy nuke on Drek. Pala died but i popped my Earth Elementals in time to nuke the remaining 100k, it was great :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Arenas - Our serious bussiness

3rd week with Baía (my healer partner on 5v5 arenas, imba Discipline Priest) and we peaked at 1711. That means Boots and Brutal Head. We are both amazed and proud by our progression, but we can't wait to go higher.

This Tuesday i'll get my first piece bought by Arena Points: Brutal Gladiator's Mail Armor along with 3 epic gems. Afterall, we all need gear to match our skill...or is it skill to match our gear ? Let those full vengefull/brutal players that lost against us decide.

What, why, where

Decided to start a blog. For real.
My last attempt i was still lvl10, boxing 2 shamans in Azuremyst, little i knew i was going to turn into a 5 boxing shaman player.

First things first:
My name is João (john), 24y old, from Portugal. I work in computers for a living, and i also happen to like them a lot, a lot more for what they can do, than what they are. A PC is more than MSN and Hi5. It gives u large ammounts of possibilties that u can turn into a hobby, and since i always loved online gaming, my project was bound to it. The idea is to be different, distinct. I usually play 4/5 hours a day, after a 8 hour work, so u might say...i have a life, u also can say i don't, i like to put it this way:

do what u like, be who u are, don't pretend to be something u can't. if i like to play, make it a hobby, it's my choice, my right. If u don't like, who really cares :)

So, after years playing America's Army, an online FPS game, i went to WoW, without knowing if i was going to like it or not. I always liked the genre, RPG's, but never experienced MMORPG's. Needless to say, it was a blast... i played for long sessions at the begining, tottally loved the game, and so...i played it until today. Since March 06, that..i 've been playing it, in almost every single way, different classes, races, i even played to cap on both factions, raided end game, i always tried to be do something different everyday, but something was missing. When u think u've done everything in a game, and then suddenly u have the opportunity to change it, it's kinda odd. It was a Monday morning, went to AV, farm some honor for my Rogue, and i look to the side and see a guy...with 3 shamans, this was one person controlling 3 toons. I heard about multiboxing before, epic tales of Xzin pwning on BG's, saw videos.. but i always thought it was a little too much for me.

That day i decided to do some search. I also had in mind Ellay's videos, of Multiboxing arenas, back in S2. There was a reference to a site, www.dual-boxing.com

Went there, and after a lot of search, and in a Xzin thread, i had the first tools to start with. I started with 2 accounts, i wont forget the first day i tried it, because it took me so much time to spot errors and see the solutions. I googled, searched, wikied every single doubt i had, and in the following days, i was boxing with 3 shamans. This was around May this year, end of the month. After much boosting (i can say im an expert on that lol) i was around 40 when... i decided i needed more power. From 3 i wanted to go 4, but when i arrived the store, i said, fuck it, let's make it five and do pentagrams for a livin.

In 40 days, with 8 days time played, i was 70.
Such a little line for terrible experience that is leveling up... jeez...

During this time, i not only leveled, but learned how to handle multiboxing, but most important, i stopped crashing one mouse everytime i got ganked.

The long Honor grinding started, and in 4 weeks i pretty much achieved all i could, except some minor tweaks, that will come in time.

WotlK will be there soon, but nevertheless, my intentions are to gear up and climb the 5v5 bracket.

Will make more post more in the future, for now, here stays the intro, i hope u like it, and in case ur a hater, i hope u can see that, u don't have to be rich to multibox :P