Merry X-mas

To everyone who visits the blog, and that i know:

Merry X-mas guys <3


PTR & Arena Prep

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.0.8

  • Fire Nova Totem: Now no longer generates threat.
  • Healing Way: Now only one application is required to reach full benefit. No longer stacks.
  • Improved Water Shield: Lesser Healing Wave now has a reduced chance to trigger this talent.
  • Magma Totem: The damage and scaling has been increased and no longer generates threat.
  • Mental Quickness: Reduced the mana cost of instant cast Shaman spells by 2/4/6% and increases spell power by an amount equal to 23/46/70% of your agility.
  • Searing Totem (Rank 4) now does the proper damage for its rank.
  • Tremor Totem's duration has been increased from 2 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Elemental
    • Elemental Shields: This talent has been removed. It has now been merged with Elemental Warding.
    • Elemental Warding: Now reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%. Changed from only reducing Nature, Fire and Frost by 4/7/10%.
    • New Talent: Shamanism-Your Lightning Bolt spell gains an additional 2/4/6/8/10% and your Lava Burst gains an additional 4/8/12/16/20% of your bonus damage effects.
    • Storm, Earth and Fire: This talent has been moved up in the tree, and it’s talent points have been reduced to 3 down from 5. Wind Shock is also included in the range increase (with Earth Shock). The damage bonus to Flame Shock has been increased, up from 10/20/30/40/50 to 20/40/60.
    • Unrelenting Storm: point cost reduced to 3, down from 5. Now does 4/8/12%

LFW to see Shamanism and Magma totem. EM is also a change that we'll see how it fits.

As for Arena preparations, nothing serious tbh. Got to buy some arena water above all, and once i raise my Inscription enough to get Armor and Weapon vellums III, i'll be able to skill up my enchanting on all the remaining chars.

We are definitly going to have a hard time on arenas, specially against melee teams. I predict a gib fest, on single target, or a major AOE kill. I can do the same for single target, but my play style won't allow me to charge from 4 different positions.
My gear is weak, every class is buffed to produce a huge ammount of dmg in no time, but anyways, we gotta see what we can do :)


Killing Time

My idea of killing time is leveling Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Jewelcrafting and Inscription.
ahha NO LIFER!
All around 200 skill atm, but i do want to make it close to 300 this weekend, at least the 3 gathering ones.

And apart from that, im getting some ideas for my new video, some kind of PvP best moments, from World PvP, EotS, WSG, AB, AV, SotA and Wintergrasp. Aiming for a fast paced and great music video, for entertainement only :P

Wednesday starts the new pvp season, S5, and im curious about how's it going to be like. My bet is on lot's of DK's and Paladins into the 5v5 bracket, and our team will have a hard time. We'll see.

Meanwhile, great news:


* Tremor Totem now lasts 5 minutes.
* Magma Totem damage has been increased and no longer generate threat. (From 172 to 371 damage for Rank 7)


* Elemental Warding now reduces all damage taken by 2/4/6%. (Old - Reduces Fire/Frost/Nature damage by 4/7/10%)
* Unrelenting Storm changed from 5 to 3 points. Now Regenerate mana equal to 4/8/12% of your Intellect every 5 sec, even while casting. (Old - 2/4/6/8/10%)
* Elemental Shields has been removed.
* Storm, Earth and Fire This talent has been moved up in the tree, and it’s talent points have been reduced to 3 down from 5. Wind Shock is also included in the range increase (with Earth Shock). The damage bonus to Flame Shock has been increased, up from 10/20/30/40/50 to 20/40/60.
* *NEW TALENT* Shamanism - Your Lightning Bolt spell gains an additional 2/4/6/8/10% and your Lava Burst gains an additional 4/8/12/16/20% of your bonus damage effects.

Good news, specially the magma totem one. Current tick is around 300 dmg, with 500 crits, so with the patch it will be around 1k per tick, 1.3k crit ? rofl
This means 5k dmg, every second, not including crits. Theorycraft is boring, let's test it on wed.

LB dmg is being buffed to something close to the old LB dmg coeficient, and Lava Burst will now crit past 10K. In lvl70 pvp gear, wich is sweet.


S4 Arena Fun

After a long time, taking courage to make another video, i finally came up with something. This is footage from the last week in arena season 4, just a random night agaisnt low ranked 5v5 teams. I hope u enjoy the music, the jokes, everything.
Dedicated to a close group of friends, and to my personal healer, Baía aka Strickmabil!


SotA and For The Alliance!

Last night i decided to go for some SotA, again, and it can be really nice with a well coordinated team. Map is fun, but i think theres an excess of guns and vehicles :s

Anyways, great moment of the night was to finally accomplish the For The Alliance! achievement.

So here's some pics, and ty for visiting.





WotlK - Day 20 & Ding!

Im finally 80, twenty days after the x-pack was released, and it's a relief. Only being able to play some hours after work, makes me a casual player, with hardcore taste nevertheless.

Anyways, it's done, and im now ready to see how it will work @ PvP. There was still time to try the new BG, SotA, and after a long time waiting, i entered. I also want to point out that, theres almost 0 BG's rolling, as no one is really PvP'ing atm. I only saw the usual players, like Akashi and Nemoni, around.

First of all, it was annoying to be split between the boats, so i need to grab the rest of the team by running to the other boat.
Getting a vehicle is out of question, so i went by foot, and being able to blast a turret or a vehicle in less than 5 seconds was awesome :D 5 Flame Shocks, 5 Lava Bursts and it's GG.

SotA is fun and something different, but i dont think i will farm it on a daily basis. But theres still much to settle @ PvP, much to see as far as balancing concerns, and theres a lot of DK's in BG's taking advantage of their OP'ness.

It's wait to see, and meanwhile, i think i'll execute my grind plan: leveling up Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Jewelcrafting and Inscription.
At first i thought of 5 Inscription, but i really can't roll a prof x5 again and i want to make a good use of my group.
Plan is to level up those profs, without any rush, but in order to make some good cash, and at the same time, level up Inscription and Jewelcrafting.

It's all for now, and i wish to say |thank you| to all those that support me:

- my present guild Ðårk SiÐe øf the Møøn, wich i founded and all my friends, both web and RL, are welcome to join
- all my other friends in other guilds, trying to push PvE content, keep the good job :)
- my ex-PvE Guild momentum, with whom i still maintain great relationships with old school members (hardcore motherfukers)
- all hardcore PvP'rs in GB Alliance that KNOW what it gets to be good, boxer or not, and always respected me
- all hordes that tried to kill me, and ended up on Spirit Resser or on Oficial Forums whining

Again, ty for all the great moments, and for all those that are yet to come :D
A new journey lies ahead! And me, togheter with Strickmabil, we ain't defenitly gonna eat Cornetos @ Café do Aires!


WotlK - Days 16/17/18/19

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

It was a big weekend, since Monday was a holiday in Portugal, and i decided to farm the remaining lvl's i needed to reach 80.
Basicaly i decided to give up a bit on instance grinding, focusing a lot more on quests, specially the gathering ones. Zul'Drak was my quest place till late 78 (around 80%) and even with available quests, i decided to give Icecrown a visit.

Icecrown is, for me, the Netherstorm of WotlK as far as it concerns questing. It's very fast paced (even faster if i had the epic flying mount), and almost perfect for a multiboxer. I said almost perfect because theres some quests involving the usage of vehicles, and i have to do that individually on most cases, wich turns out to be time consuming. Theres also the server phasing, or instancing, as u may prefer, but with a bit of attention, it doesnt disturbs much.
Im definitly going to do some daily quests here, theres even a PvP one :)

As for leveling, i haven't dinged yet. Im missing 10% to 80 :) If i play tonight, i will certainly reach 80.
Reason why i havent already ding'd was because, it was already late and i decided to make a sweep on my bags... i mean, all my 25 bags! and the result was an impressive ammount of enchanting mats, that im still undecided if i should lvl up all my 5 enchantings to 400, or simply sell it all for profit.

Well, i hope tommorow's entry will be about me, a man with a disfunctional life as i've been called, reaching lvl80 :D