Been a long time

Since i didn't wrote anything here!

Well nothing extraordinary happened, i've been riding my bike more than ever, lost some interest to geocaching and overall i'm good :)

Last March i joined one of my old guild, After Hours @ Silvermoon, and been playing Rogue since.
There was a project with some old mates that didn't lasted (as always, people loose interest cause they contantly swap games to play), on which my Paladin was in, and now i have it on Silvermoon Horde, where a little team from After Hours decided to be Horde server first :P

Multiboxing is completly out of my projects for the near future but i'll always had those times in my mind, cause they were great.

Wish the best luck for all my old boxing friends and everyone i know that visit's this blog!

I'll post something whenever i find it worthy :)

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