Been a while

Since i last input something here.
These are dark times for the mighty knights of the multiboxing, regarding PvP.

The unbalance as taken upon a game, where the best burst wins, and u better be wearing plate and imune to spell and melee dmg.

So i've taken the decision of quiting PvP for now, and focus more on PvE. I joined a old group of folks, whose wish is to progress in PvE content withouth the hardcore stress, and so, im leveling my Tankadin, soon to be 76, hopefuly, 80 by saturday.

This is the guild site: http://www.cartelguild.eu/forum/
Im very happy to find a good place to raid again, i know most ppl are wise and afterall, they've given me a spot to act in what i wish the most: Tankadin.

Anyways, i hope to make some videos, and in the long run, im gonna learn to PvE with Multiboxing: 1 Tankadin, 3 Ele Shamans, 1 Resto.

PvP is definitly not put aside, we can easily do some Arenas again at any time, better if its balanced a bit more.

Ty all for the support so far, it has been a great journey, to disturb the minds of those who cant afford and feel nothing but envy, and to show the comunity how a guy, with a full time job, takes Arena teams down in seconds, that have been on top charts forever. Ain't nothing better than take out the leet e-peen from someone.

Btw, here's a blog i found interesting: http://ihealamultiboxer.blogspot.com/

Peace all!

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