Planning my return

Vacations are always nice, and after some from my multiboxing team, next week i'll have some on real life. Amazingly, i do work for a living.

Recent changes boosted my faith on the shaman again, and there's a new multiboxer on our server, with 10 accounts, on horde side. Im looking forward to speak with him, as on Grim Batol all multiboxers know eachother. At least i do like to contact them, and have a chat sometimes.

Next week the plan will be set in motion, gearing up once more via PvP.

But first, im planning a trip to visit some long time friends up to the north, so expect more news to the end of next week.

[tuga]Hmmmmm, francesinha do Capa Negra....hmmmm, dores de barriga. aha[/tuga]

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