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Its been a mad week in Ulduar, full of win, fail, tears and smiles.
Our guild has managed to kill Flame (oooomyyyy) and Razorscale, after 2 days of try's and even 10seconds after the enrage.
Deconstructor reveals to be the pain in the ass of many low DPS guilds, such as ours, sadly. We haven't managed to down him yet, after 3 days of try's, with the main reason being the lack of DPS.

Theres some sort of explanation behind this, and i find it in the easy content that we have farmed.
With the exception of S3D, and some achievements, such as Malygos 6 minutes, everything else is like auto-attack mode, and that didn't prepared us well enough for Ulduar. Now, we find ourselves struggling to make players to do some research on their class, and at the same time try to raise their DPS. It's just that 4k DPS was achieved long ago in TBC raiding, and some ppl only produce around those numbers.

I find it a very hard switch for some players, most of them used to a certain way of making DPS, and now forced to learn something that works better.

Lack of DPS and Raiding aside, i haven't payed my accounts so far. Its just that i can't find much more to do with multiboxing than leveling groups for fun and pwning in PvP. Let's see how other boxers deal with the new changes and if the elemental shaman can do something besides dying in arenas.

Well, i'll leave u two vids i've done recently (watch in HD ofc). Thx for visiting, cya around :)

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Unknown disse...

Bons videos, gz nas kills. Curtia de poder raidar outra vez, mas ya....ta fodido...

Queria saber o nome das musicas nos videos, escreve-me aki ou diz-me kk coisa dps.