Thats me, without nothing else to do, and the lack of guildies on S3D day (on KT day, everyone's online) doesn't help much to fill my time.

So i came up with the idea, of carrying on with my alt teams, to infinite and beyond.

5xHunters - 22
5xLocks - 18
5xMages - 16
5xPriests - 12
5xDruids - 12
5xDK - 61

Well, by the end of 2020 i should have all leveled, but until then, let me have a good time with them. It's lots of fun, to sit and watch the power of 5 gnomes doing AE, or 5 hunters doing multi-shots and raping everything.

I'll follow my own instance grind technique, along with combined rested XP in each team.

But this is just a way to kill some time, while the next patch is about to come out. I expect the shamans to get uber at PvP, but if not, well, im going to dedicate to level up some alts, while attempting Ulduar with my guild, as long as there's ppl online to do such.

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hyper disse...

i'm glad to see that there is a person more addicted than me :P

Wokomehee disse...

Haha ;o) ..u can do it! And i have to admit, i am often tempted to make new teams =) When my 2 current teams are 80, i will make locks or mages :P Just cant resist it! lol.. yah, its addicting =)