One week later

My Warrior dinged 80 precisely one week ago. I had the mood to level up from 74, where it was for a long time, perhaps since June, and the new LFG system was awesome to join as Prot.

Now, when a char reaches 80 a new adventure begins: collecting gear, wich, as all may know, ends up being a PITA, with all the ninjas and fail runs to HC's and wtv more.

I had a little help from my friends, who were great and joined me for countless HC runs, still going everyday. Lost track of how many Emblems of Triumph i got, but damn, we farmed a lot!

While many argue that this ruins the game, wich in a way i agree, trash players remain trash, even with great gear or not. What i know is that i was given a chance to tune my warrior with massive gear upgrades and im doing DPS like i've never seen a warrior do. It's a "first come, first serve" playstyle that i seem to enjoy very much with the warrior and now i just can't stop playing it.

Slowly leveling some alt's, using the rested xp, and making 10mans along with HC's, that's me enjoying the game without the raid guild stress i always end up finding sooner or later.

Oh almost forgot! Nice lunch on Saturday from my good fellas over at After Hours, i love these meetings where we talk and talk about warcraft, with the lady in the back thinking we're gonna nuke something later.

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Unknown disse...

Soon enough you're gonna ask yourself: why even bother leveling alts? :P

João Merujo disse...

Yeah, because everytime i level them, i reach mid 20's and it's over.
I dunno, i had to put the heirlooms somewhere.

Anónimo disse...

www.dual-boxing.com and ask in forum ;)