Addon: Altoholic

Altoholic isn't new around. It's been talked for more than a year at least, between alt's fanatics, as a must have.

If u take alt's seriously u must have it.
If u don't have it, either ur just slacking (like me) or u don't wanna assume how geek u are.

I consider myself an altoholic. I've done several chars, on serveral accounts. I've even deleted many lvl's 20's just because i wanted to organize my multiboxing teams, or simply because i needed to transfer back my chars to GB Horde, and couldn't have Ally chars.
Long story short, i lost total track of the time i've spent on alt's of any kind.

What i currently hold is my oldest chars and some fresh ones i've created recently to have one of each class.

Yesterday, after reading a post at mmo-champion regarding altoholic, i decided to give it a go, since im pretty much into my alt's atm.
The result was quite...unexpected. It was great to have such an addon that keeps track of everything one might need to organize his toons, but at the same time, when i saw the summary of days played i kinda...i dunno...stopped in time?
372 days played on all chars, not counting a mage i've had with 20 days and a lot of other lvl 20's and 30's i had at some point.
By my calculations i must have around 450 days played lifetime on all accounts and toons i had active. Ofc i've thought of the afk times, but even if u take out what? 30 days? 40 days? Yeah, it's still a lot.

So... my advice is that, if u don't wanna get depressed by the ammount of time spent in WoW don't install it. If u don't bother at all with it, use this awesome tool for who has more than one char.

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