Been a while...

since my last post.
I've been sorting out stuff at work, playing some WoW and planning some adventures (life's too short).

So im back at PvE, once again! Of course i want to see the content and raid with my Paladin, but im more excited to play with friends again.

I've transfered my Paladin to Silvermoon, along with my Warrior. I already had my Rogue there, still at lvl77, but looking forward to level it up.
The guild is After Hours and it's the solution for whoever arrives late at home, back from work or whatever, and still wants a piece of WoW. Check it, it's a very nice guild, always seeking more devoted and grown up players.

All my preparations are done, im back at raiding ret after a long time and im excited about it. Im also looking forward to craft my Shadow's Edge and who know's, in the future i may upgrade it.

There isn't much to add, other than im about to go on a trip to Madrid and visit an old pal, and at the same time watch Sporting Lisbon against Atlético Madrid for the UEFA Europa League :D

Stay cool!

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