Why isn't Multiboxing dead

Felt like writing something. Afterall, it ain't everything about idiots who use guilds and their good will.

Why isn't multiboxing dead?

After all the modifications in game, that annoy every single multiboxer?
Like arriving AV and don't have leader anymore, and find our chars scattered among 5 different groups.
Or a retarded shaman that pop's heroism before the gates open, or just after.

After PvP became retarded to the point of a single AoE'r kill 5 or more people in one place?
Arena matches taking less than one minute, and i'm not talking about skilled players, but rather mages and locks pressing a couple buttons.

But like so many non-multiboxing people always said: multiboxing is unfair
Come get raped by AoE to see what unfair.

Well, and to answer my inicial question, why isn't multiboxing dead, is quite simple.
It takes 15 minutes, to try and join a random dungeon, to see why multiboxing can be your best friend! The ammount of retards in WoW continues rising and there's no stopping that.
50% of runs are doomed by people always saying gibberish.
20% of the runs end when people ding and leave the group to go learn new talents.
20% of the times u'll get an afk tank
5% u'll have people kicking other people
4% is 4 guys walking around, not knowing where to go, with me trying to say that i know the way: follow me please!
1% of the runs, u'll get 4 other people who have done the instances countless times, who know what to pull and when to pull. Know when the healers and dps's need to MB.

Multiboxing turns that 1% into 100%.

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