Two years ago

I didn't care with nothing more than fun while playing WoW. I stopped worrying about gear, and raiding, and DKP's and shit.
It really didn't matter how much decked in BT gear someone was, or PvP gear... it was a dead target. A vast legion of fans emerged and Grim Batol wasn't the same anymore.

My memories from 2 years ago:
My pal Strickmabil and i traveling around and killing...stuff.

Dropping a 2150 rating team dead in 20seconds and laughing at the whine on official forums

Gohan, Francis, Slayer, Ji, Big, Debian, Blade, Gibson laughing hystericaly at "that druid decked in sunwell gear is gonna die! watch him! watch him! ahahahhahahhahaha!!!"

Let's see if Cataclysm gives something deadly for multiboxers, now that Mages have "heroism/bloodlust" and so many other surprises. I don't think i can resist to upgrade my 5 accounts :P

Unfortunnetly i can't play that much nowadays, but i'd sure have fun like the old times!

So anyways, here's a vid to remember

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