Cataclysm release date

It's getting close to the release. My inital date was 1 November (inside infoz!), and it will be close to that, as more and more sites announce the first week of November as release date.

Thinking about taking a week off, insist in some MTB riding during the day and some Cata leveling during the night :) Once again, like in WotLK, Shamans are going for the cap first, and then i'll think about the Paladin, that may find some social raids at After Hours - A late night raiding guild that likes progress! Apply there if you're looking for a mature guild, 3 days raid a week, each for 3 hours and a nice guild environment!

Now that i put togheter a catchy title and some shameless pub, i shall tell u that i've been waisting both my beta account and my current 5 wow accounts, mostly due to late night GeoCaching with some friends, they constantly nagg me about it and i end up driving my car in jeep roads :)

Not sure if today, because i want to ride my mountain bike, but definitly thursday or friday is alliance city raiding day!

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Paulo Sérgio disse...


Dia 2 de Novembro :)