8 months later

All 5 shamans are up and running, like old times. After some hours with macros and configs i finnaly have a taste of what it was like, and nothing like a good BG for a test.

Not bad.

Founded a new guild, quinary, after being kicked from Gimp and not even receive a reason or note. I was online with a solo char when i saw some of my teams being kicked... Anyways everyone's welcome to join and stay as long as they want!


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Wokomehee disse...

We had to kick some inactive chars since we hit the 500 limit =) ...even some of my chars is gone :P We miss u alot tho, and want you back now that you are playing, so if ur interested give me a /w =)

João Merujo disse...

The only reason im overeacting is because i faction changed specially to join Gimp. Wasnt asking for keeping all my chars, only 4 shamans. No hard feelings reallly, i like u a lot and Rui as well. I also helped a lot of people in the guild, im sure it wasnt hard to keeping 4 chars in the guild. But anyways, 8 months was a lot of time, i understand, but i said i would be back :)