The Retarded AoE'r

Guess what? The kings here are mages, but now with WotlK almost anyone can do AoE, and be a retard along with it. Like one of my guests nicely put it on the comments box yesterday, retards are people with special needs, not warcraft players, but i beg to differ: these people do have special needs, like the need to fucking learn to play.

The most common situation while doing massive AoE is to pull aggro on loose add's, just because the tank has the duty to keep aggro. Even before the tank reaches the pack of mobs there goes the massive damage, while being stactic, and aggroing that patrol on the back of those mobs, thus, making more damage than the tank and pulling the adds to himself, and the following sentence on party char will be: WTB AGGRO FFS?

Le AoE rétárde will often post his recount meters at the end of the run, showing how much skill he has to click a shortcut and place it on the ground. Some classes don't even need to place the area of effect, cause that would complicate the class too much.

Piece of advice: Do not try to talk about how bad the person is playing, always doing aggro just because he doesn't know to play. That person will eventually tell you suck, because u can't keep up with is damage, and ur just jealous cause u can't output 2000dps at lvl40.

3 comentários:

Unknown disse...

What puzzles me the most is that you play this game for about as long as I have and you still get surprised at this?

João Merujo disse...

I dont. I just like to write sh!t :D

Anónimo disse...

true, i felt it when i solo leveled my warrior back in old days.