WotlK - Days 16/17/18/19

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

It was a big weekend, since Monday was a holiday in Portugal, and i decided to farm the remaining lvl's i needed to reach 80.
Basicaly i decided to give up a bit on instance grinding, focusing a lot more on quests, specially the gathering ones. Zul'Drak was my quest place till late 78 (around 80%) and even with available quests, i decided to give Icecrown a visit.

Icecrown is, for me, the Netherstorm of WotlK as far as it concerns questing. It's very fast paced (even faster if i had the epic flying mount), and almost perfect for a multiboxer. I said almost perfect because theres some quests involving the usage of vehicles, and i have to do that individually on most cases, wich turns out to be time consuming. Theres also the server phasing, or instancing, as u may prefer, but with a bit of attention, it doesnt disturbs much.
Im definitly going to do some daily quests here, theres even a PvP one :)

As for leveling, i haven't dinged yet. Im missing 10% to 80 :) If i play tonight, i will certainly reach 80.
Reason why i havent already ding'd was because, it was already late and i decided to make a sweep on my bags... i mean, all my 25 bags! and the result was an impressive ammount of enchanting mats, that im still undecided if i should lvl up all my 5 enchantings to 400, or simply sell it all for profit.

Well, i hope tommorow's entry will be about me, a man with a disfunctional life as i've been called, reaching lvl80 :D

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