WotlK - Day 20 & Ding!

Im finally 80, twenty days after the x-pack was released, and it's a relief. Only being able to play some hours after work, makes me a casual player, with hardcore taste nevertheless.

Anyways, it's done, and im now ready to see how it will work @ PvP. There was still time to try the new BG, SotA, and after a long time waiting, i entered. I also want to point out that, theres almost 0 BG's rolling, as no one is really PvP'ing atm. I only saw the usual players, like Akashi and Nemoni, around.

First of all, it was annoying to be split between the boats, so i need to grab the rest of the team by running to the other boat.
Getting a vehicle is out of question, so i went by foot, and being able to blast a turret or a vehicle in less than 5 seconds was awesome :D 5 Flame Shocks, 5 Lava Bursts and it's GG.

SotA is fun and something different, but i dont think i will farm it on a daily basis. But theres still much to settle @ PvP, much to see as far as balancing concerns, and theres a lot of DK's in BG's taking advantage of their OP'ness.

It's wait to see, and meanwhile, i think i'll execute my grind plan: leveling up Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Jewelcrafting and Inscription.
At first i thought of 5 Inscription, but i really can't roll a prof x5 again and i want to make a good use of my group.
Plan is to level up those profs, without any rush, but in order to make some good cash, and at the same time, level up Inscription and Jewelcrafting.

It's all for now, and i wish to say |thank you| to all those that support me:

- my present guild Ðårk SiÐe øf the Møøn, wich i founded and all my friends, both web and RL, are welcome to join
- all my other friends in other guilds, trying to push PvE content, keep the good job :)
- my ex-PvE Guild momentum, with whom i still maintain great relationships with old school members (hardcore motherfukers)
- all hardcore PvP'rs in GB Alliance that KNOW what it gets to be good, boxer or not, and always respected me
- all hordes that tried to kill me, and ended up on Spirit Resser or on Oficial Forums whining

Again, ty for all the great moments, and for all those that are yet to come :D
A new journey lies ahead! And me, togheter with Strickmabil, we ain't defenitly gonna eat Cornetos @ Café do Aires!

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