3.1, the patch of ownage

People make often the same mistake, by thinking that a boxer is only good with extreme easy classes and ofc, OP'd.
Nah, a boxer is good when he can turn around the odds of battle, when he manages to look good to the rest of the server, or has been told by top arena players that he has superb control of his chars (and a good healing partner). It's not all about instant casts, even if that's our best weapon.

Since WotlK came out, the Shaman pretty much stayed in the shadow of what it used to be. The only great arena spec was restoration, getting to 2k rating with some dps classes has been a easy ride. But not for elemental. A knockback didnt pulled out whatever dev's had in mind. A 100% crit spell, after consuming a dot isn't working as well so, changes have been made for 3.1 patch.

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)

  • Mana Spring Totem: This totem has been redesigned. It now provides the same mana benefit as Blessing of Wisdom to the entire party or raid, but is exclusive with that effect.
  • Elemental Mastery redesigned: When activated, your next Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning or Lava Burst spell becomes an instant cast spell. In addition, your Fire, Frost and Nature damage spells have a 15% increased critical strike chance for 15 seconds. Elemental Mastery now shares a cooldown with Nature’s Swiftness.
  • Elemental Reach: Now also increases the range of your Flame Shock spell by 5/10/15 yards.
  • Lava Flows: No longer increases the range of your Flame Shock spell, but now increases your casting speed by 10/20/30% when your Flame Shock spell is dispelled for 6 seconds.
  • Lightning Overload: Reduced to 3 points (7/14/20%), down from 5.
  • Storm, Earth and Fire: No longer increases the range of your Earth Shock or Wind Shock spells, but now also causes your Earthbind Totem to have a 33/66/100% chance to root all nearby enemies for 5 seconds when initially cast.
  • Thunderstorm can now be cast while stunned.

Do i need to write anything?
Old times are back with instant casts, and so much more has been added.

All i can say is that, maybe, just maybe, now i won't get steamrolled. I can instagib who i want in a matter of seconds, so let's so who will be laughing more from now on :)

The Discipline Priest has been given some great spells as well, this means my good friend Baía aka Strickmabil will surely do a hell of a job with me :D

Also, small updates on my setup.

Added a 24" to my main, and switch my old 22" to my followers :)

Well, working on some WG Marks atm, as well as some honor. Im expecting a lot of good things from next season.

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Wokomehee disse...

Great news :D Gief lvl 80!
...nice setup u have there Merujo, im saving up for a bigger screen myself, looks good =)