Please, make it fast

The longer it takes to install the new patch, the more we get owned in arena. Something that never happened before became true yesterday: can't win a single arena match for the weekly arena points.

It's gear, combined with the oposing zerg, combined with how weak the priest and shamans are atm. Multiboxing is nothing compared to any team who has average skills. It's pathetic to watch defensive specs being played on arena with the sole purpose of surviving, while the other just nuke at will. Several spells/attacks are non-sonse on todays arenas.

It lacks strategy, mostly on low ratings. It's a rush and destroy game, with arenas not taking more than 3 minutes to end, where 1 minute is burn before the gate opens. The damage is so far more powerful than the healing that is makes me believe some blizzard employees have nothing but shit in their heads.

All in all it just amuses me that, there's still people complaining bout multiboxing in PvP. They trully don't play shit at this game.

Makes me think that, even with all the nerfs and boosts on next patch, we wont be able to counter a team with 2 DK's or 2 Hunter's, rogues spamming aoe attacks, etc, etc. PvP is slowly comming to an end in WoW, and i must start considering other boxing MMO's.

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