PTR Testing

Just finished some playing on the PTR, and after 15 minutes of WSG i almost deleted WoW.

I copied both my pala and my shaman, but only the shaman got copied by now, so, i gave it a go. Made a new talent tree and jumped for some wsg action, only to find out, retards dont choose hours to play. And dispite the whole ally team was being gy camped, horde had like... 7 locks in 10 possible players.

As for my shaman, all i can say is lol. A big fucking joke, and u need 5 to be able to kill something thats for sure.

700+ res.
1750+ SP.
20k HP.

I die in seconds. I can't fucking heal myself, or even do any sort of damage besides instant. Yeah, even in 1v1 situations, it's just ridiculous. Locks, hunters, mages. It's tested, and i dont even wanna test the rest.

Now the best part is, Lava Burst came down from 10k dmg on crit to half damage. On time i got lucky and hit for 7.5k. Normal damage with flame shock applied was 5k - 5.5k.
Nah, im seriously now quiting my shamans if a major change isn't made to the class. Hell i couldnt give less of a fuck on what the changes influence multiboxing, point is, i pitty any fool who plays a shaman alone, cause he stands no chance. Being killed by hunter pets, rofl, it's just the cherry on top of the balancecake.

All im saying is, continue the joke around the game. That's less 4 accounts i pay, and eventualy 5, cause im growing tired of the tard-friendly process. Im expecting to see some improves for the shaman class, and everyone should agree on the fact that its just too easy to kill a shaman. An elemental one.

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