Time to change and expect more

Last week it was a week to forget. Never done so bad in arenas, loosing 12 in 12 matches, against all kinds of combos, and geared players and omfg, i wanna erase it from my mind. Dunno what happened, it was simply impossible, as Strickmabil would die in a matter of seconds, and try to heal him, not dps'ing, and eventualy end on taking damage myself was the most dificult time so far.

Something had to be done. Disc Priest is not what it used to be, neither are shamans, and we both felt like we needed a hand on arenas. Physicx was the answer to our problems so far, and so we turned the tide, ending with a 22-10 score for this week. Hes a long time mate of us, even from another game, and hes doing great atm in the 2v2 and 3v3 brackets. He decided to take the invite and i think hes somewhat enjoying our arenas.

We're excited about the results so far, and we even took a lot of whispers this afternoon while playing, that made us laugh and enjoy it. We also made an achievement, winning 10 ranked arena matches in row, not that bad for scrubs.

Will we turn into some crazy cookie cutter setup?
Only time can tell :P

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