Accounts payed and some PvP action

Friday night decided to pay my accounts and get some action. Took some time to bind everything again on my shamans, and work on the talents, but in the end it turned out ok. Im surprised by how much damage i still manage in PvP, and the EM change was a godsend. In the end, i dont think it's enough to battle to the top, but the time will come.

AV is messy, with leaders not being able to organize groups, im limited on my grounding totems, wich is kinda gay. Thats all i did this weekend, some AV's for fun, and a new Battlemaster's trinket along with the LagGrasp one, with the same use of the PvP trinket, but without resil.

End result was 111*2 SP added to each of my shamans, wich is great. 9k+ Lava Burst's on flame shocked targets.

Also had some time to play on my alt's, Hunter's and Lock's are my favourites. Was forced to respec to Demonology, since i can't stay alive inside DM that much time. With the Hunter's, it's another game, but Gibson promised me that at lvl20 with Siphon Life on my locks, i may get another taste of the lock imbaness.

Thats all and welcome back Gi-Gi, just play with moderation :D

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