Windseeker !

Hi all
Instead of paying my accounts and pwn some newbs in av, i just went solo. Again.

Sorry if the blog is turning out a story of a solo char, instead of a multiboxer but...
Blog is mine, capiche? :D

Thursday late night, and decided to venture into MC (again!!), since some ppl want rep, others want old fashioned loot, and others just want fun. I for one, want my damn bindings.

Full clear in MC, and when Garr died, as soon as i click the loot and saw Bindings of the Windseeker i just screamed like a little girl, ROFL!

Left Binding comes from Baron Geddon, and ofc it wasn't going to drop.
And it didn't.

But boy, i finnaly got one Binding after all this time. I've never saw it drop in vanilla, and only recently have been killing both boss's in hopes of seeing it drop.
Already have 8 Elementium Bars stashed, lacking 2. Call me whatever u want but...TF is "the sword".

Well, it's a 3% drop rate, and im looking forward to meet mistar Geddon this week :D

I promise to make a video if i manage to get the second binding ^^

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