How to: Freya in 3 faceroll try's

Gather 25 monkeys
Clear the mobs (note: theres a lot of mobs, and u'll die more than on the boss itself due to retarded CC trys)
Clear the keepers (bigger mobs than the rest, they are tree's. carefull with the ones to the right, they hit hard)

Engage Freya and kill everything u see, including some tree's that spawn. Stupid thing sometimes is that u have to kill some mobs all at the same time, making things incredibly difficult.
We did it at the 3rd try, but my face was starting to bleed.

On to the serious bussiness (i love this expression)
Boxing groups leveling up, starting to feel the power BUT! right now! i've been helping my dear friend Gibsonz with some heroics, along with the old school brigade. He desperately needs loot so he can double up hes damage and make the mages cry, since, in T6, he can equal them already.

Sunday. Baron Geddon. No Binding.

Forgot to mention, Thorim went down as well. Seems like we needed a seriousbussiness talent from our seriousbussiness rogues, so that the Thorim encounter could feel less seriousbussiness. Down at the 3rd try. It's seriousbiz when other class's have to tell our seriousbiz rogues what spec is more seriousbiz on a certain boss.

Mimiron, or like some call it on my guild, Mirmirone, we're on our way!

To wipe!


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