Mimiron down

After some major effort, and downing him in 10man, my guild killed Mimiron last night in the 25man version. It's a great fight, that puts into play more than the usual tank&spank and little things to do.

In this fight awareness is everything, and if someone screws a bit, most likely, it's a wipe.

Theres only one thing that bothers me in this fight, and its the fact that, in phase 4, Arcane Barrage is casted and the bottom vehicle still runs around, what sometimes can cause the tank to die if he can't position the boss correctly. Other than that, its all about eyes and ears.

I frapsed the fight and already made the movie, bad thing is, i rendered it wrong, ending with a size of 700mb's. Anyways, im uploading it and already making another render with a little less quality, im aiming for the 500mb's.

It's General Evax time and mana starvation is already bothering me.

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