Unlucky or just destiny

I promised Woko i would make a boxing team horde side and all my wow folders turned to critical errors. In more than a year, i never had problems with patching, updates, whatever.
Now, arriving late at home, having to raid and completing some essential daylies gives me something like 0 time to play extra main. (some say i already play too much and i agree).

Yesterday, after what? 1 month+ wiping on YoggSaron, my guild downed him. Oh yeah, im glad we did it, but i would be even more if i didnt had to go to the airport earlier, not killing that fucking boss. People hate me so much, they are willing to spend thousands of gold just to wait for that day i can't make it to raid. Im such a no-lifer that i haven't missed a raid since February. 100% raid attendance until yesterday.

Looking forward to Northrend Lolbeasts and the other guys. Must be sooooo difficult.

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