Later all. This time for good.

Can't enter a dungeon to level up any of my toons or teams. When i say, i can't, i mean, never. Outside Northrend is impossible, and since im ignored all the way, here's my move.

Can't enter an instance outside Northrend. I am deeply sorry but this goes beyond all the patience i have, and thus, im gonna cancel this account.
Not a single ticket answered, not a reason why, i just may give a tip to you: invest those monthly millions instead of making profit.

Account Type: Wrath of the Lich King Account
Account Status: Canceled

Maybe another day.
Later all.

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Wokomehee disse...

The instance servers, and the botters in Wintergrasp are really pushing my buttons aswell! Its really really really (!) annoying.

Take a nice break, when we have a server upgrade, and are able to enter instances without jumping back and forth for an hour or two, ill give u a little wink ;o)