Short on time and will

My Multibox is kinda dead for a week now. I always try to play it, either for PvP or level up alts but raiding is taking all my time, and i've also been doing as many daily quests i can, thing that was not even an option sometime ago.

Been grinding some quests for reputation, foods and mats to raid and that's all.
Yogg Saron is going to die, sooner or later, and every minute counts.

I tried to abandon boxing 2 times by now, and i always end up playing it again, even with the keyclone all reseted, i just config it all and play again, it's like a disease.

Im perhaps better leveling each toon individualy than having a hard time leveling all 5. I really dunno. Multiboxing lost some of it taste it had when i started.
Successful people doing it in PvP and showing the rest of us it's possible to do things in Arena, are the same that play the whole day, alternating between PvE and PvP, and i had my share of it to be wise enough to the point of admiting that everything is possible when u have the time for it. Multiboxed shamans, Gladiators, with all the little items farmed to the exaustion, ulduar totems and shields, better for PvP.

Ain't got the time for it really. But PvE is being a pain, too big to keep on with it for much longer. Theres 2 kinds of people in videogames: those who know to play, and those who know shit. Thing is, when it comes to group effort, no matter how many of u are good playing, retardness always wins.

I'll just post something from time to time, it's been almost a year since this blog was made and i kinda enjoy everything that was posted here.

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