Solo leveling for some boosting later?

Yeah, i've been solo leveling. Again.
The game as it is doesn't suit for what i'm looking for with multiboxing: having fun.
Im not a guy that likes to be locked on a dungeon, doing it all alone, even if it has some interest. What i like to do is PvP, face 20 guys entering Galvangar's room and rip them apart...with the help from my friends! Those friends don't seem to have the time or will to play a game that's become more of a AoE party than anything else.

So, i'm back to some leveling, enjoying the sweet experience of growing... experience.
Well, the new LFG tool is really nice, and there's always someone trying to do instances.
For now the plan is to continue playing just for kicks. Later on i'll decide if i wanna level up the other 4 chars for each class, and if i do, i'll be boosting them with my paladin.

Just remembered that perhaps i should let a class or two for Cataclysm, and let them be Goblin Mages or something? :P By that time, we should have CPL.
CPL: Character Payed Leveling :P

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