Hunters and Ninjas

Decided to lvl my warrior a bit and went tanking some dungeons with the new system.
At lvl76 HoS is a bit challenging, but when u get a fucktard hunter that the first thing he does on each pack is Multi-Shot, and for the rest he nukes a single target and kites it around, things get somewhat annoying. I taunt the target and get back to the rest of the mobs, but he just wouldn't let go the target, wich was amazing.
In the end he tells me to learn to tank, cause it's really easy. I said if it wasn't easier for him to change target and let me grab that mob he kiting around, and he says i should learn to tank. ROFL

On the last boss a Tank neck drops, the DK needs it, wins and says thanks for the party.

If there was a God, how could we be filled with morons allover the place?

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Wokomehee disse...

Omg:P yeah , its so many morons out there! /comfort

...oh and ill pass the offer to download beautiful girls :p

João Merujo disse...