The retarded puller-ninja

Most likely we're talking about a melee dps here.
It's a retard and loves to do shit, such as ninja pulling and ninja some loot. The educated version of this chap will say sorry in every sentence.
From his PoV he's doing it right, u just suck at tanking cause u don't taunt that mob he's hitting in single-target mode till it dies.

The retarded puller-ninja doesn't stops for mana breaks, that's for loosers.
If he wears plate and uses shields, start praying hard so u can get that shield u wanted from the last boss u're trying to get for months, cause he will roll, and everyone knows the retard will most likely get the loot.

Tommorow: The retarded AoE'r

3 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

shameful to use the word retard as slang. It's a slur that hurts people with special needs.

João Merujo disse...

sorry, this is the internets and this is my blog. ofc i have the most respect for people who diserve it, such as people with special needs.

Wokomehee disse...

haha, pugs =)