Ikea makes me cry

I could try and tell the whole story. I could let u feel what hapened but... it's just too painfull, rofl. I'll try to say it in just a few words.

Went Ikea on Friday to buy a uber desk, and the main piece didn't fit my car. And let me tell u it has a big trunk.
So i had to send it by other transportation, and it would arrive Saturday (yesterday)

Well... i started piling things on another room (yes, piling infinite cd's) and they just wouldnt arrive with the fukin table. 9pm was the hour. Table didn't fit my stairs to the atic, after 100 try's from side, left, right, bottom, it just wouldn't pass. The guys left, and there i was, with a fukin piece of wood in my restroom loolol (seriously, not so funny)
Anyways, i wasn't going to give up. I started dismounting my stairs, cause they are built in a single piece that comes from the gound, and in the end i just couldn't take out the last stair that would give me space. At least, at this point i had "bought" more space, and so i tried.

I just pushed the fukin table up, only to find out i couldn't make it by a finger of space... well, if i fucked enough wall, it could pass, scratching the whole table in it's way up but... it would reach the final destination. So i took option B.


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Strickmabil disse...

Xaval... o que eu me ri a ler essa merda!