Improving the gear

Slowly building a better shaman. Beg ur pardon. Shamans.

Finaly got my 5x Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance and also a pair of Hateful Gladiator's Mail Leggings for my main shaman, after a lucky 10man VoA.

Im aiming now for either a new neck or bracers, since i still have the S4 ones, and a new trinket, obtainable via 25 WG Marks: Flow of Knowledge

I'll get a better ring when S6 comes out, since hateful and some deadly pieces won't require rating. Basicaly it will be a "farmagainthatshitnoob", that gives me creeps. Such a fucking bad prepared season this one has been, and a fucking screwed PvP at all levels. Hopefuly shamans will have the so needed boost in PvP.

Excuse me ladies, for swearing like a hooligan, i just can't hold it.

With my guild, we managed to take Sarth+2drakes down, after some try's. Some people died too early, and even with a surprisingly low number of players, we still managed to down him. Well done guys :D

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