Anti Totem Macros

Imagine ur getting the same team, over and over, in arenas. After some time, if they have enough brains, they will end up using a clever tremor totem macro, along with some nice fear. I highly doubt a team could have enough time to find my tremor totems, in the middle of my totem forest, without macros.
Well, but all u can say, im a purge away from destroying all ur buffs, and killing a totem shouldnt be any harder.
Most buff's can be vastly superior, and most importantly, they are with u in every place. Whenever a shaman does a position change, more than 30y away, buffs fade. This is why i agree with the following.

Shaman (Skills List / Talent + Glyph Calc.)
Totem Stomping Macros
We don't like totem stomping macros. Destroying a totem should be a choice and require at least a modicum of player attention. That is one of the main differences between totems and other types of spells and we don't want everyone to just opt out of that difference.

Preventing them isn't always easy to do, but we do try and stay on top of it. We did stop it for a short time, but players found a way around it. And, no, just naming the totems after the player won't solve the problem or we would have done it long ago. (Source)

Slowly gearing up, and more worried about 3.1 release than honor points, thats me at this stage. I barely can find motivation to farm honor points, specialy when a guy reported 4 days ago, isn't still banned and farms up to 60k a day. Im 6 WG marks away from the Titan-forged Mail Helm of Dominance, but joining Laggrasp is always a pain.

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Wokomehee disse...

...i have reported alot of bots, and in general it takes about 3 weeks until they are banned =)