Casual Boxing

I'm not fit to sit in a chair for 4 hours straight raiding. Better, i can't do it cause my doctor said so.
Quit raiding and return to MultiBoxing again (for the 190819023th time) wasn't an easy decision. I really didn't felt like seting up everything again, invest more money on it, but...but... i couldn't resist.
This all comes more like a preparation to cataclysm than play the current content, cause i need to practice my uber senses for boxing again, oposed to what many think, it isn't just follow and assist.
It's gonna take a while before i stay in shape, and i really need to convince Strickmabil that this path will lead us to world domination on Cataclysm.
Rated BG's start to look like the best thing to come, and with the help of another 4x5toons multiboxers in AV, i think we have the odds on our side.

So yesterday i managed to transfer all my toons to GB Horde side, all but the last one, because it gave an error with the credit card, and it locked the char for the next 3 days, without chances of faction change it. So i have now 4 Konnichiwas ready for action and a ticket submited to unlock my 5th in order to join Horde side.

It was already late night when i saw my friend Jackinabox, who got really surprised and amazingly didn't had any anger stored :P
He and Clearcast were in party, he invited me and we chatted for a little bit. I may say now i belong to the "alliance cities dawn raiders", as most likely we're gonna rape IF's door sooner or later, ahaha!
He also said i was the best multiboxer he ever faced, along with Strickmabil, we gave his team hell in arenas! (ahhh pois é modafoca!)

It truly was the best thing to do at this moment. I get to meet some friends, spoke to many i ganked, play my way, anytime i want... i just need Strickmabil to start rocking in AV :D

3 comentários:

Paulo Sérgio disse...

Volta "Stricka-mos" :P

Strickmabil disse...

26 emblemas...
Não jogaste um crl ontem Paulo Ferreira.
BTW merujo, parabéns pelo novo treinador.

João Merujo disse...

lolololol que miséria