So i heard Rogues are in

Dunno what Strickmabil has to say about this, since hes been leveling a Rogue.
I think that with enough playtime 4 Rogues in arena would 1shot a target and spam Fan Of Knives to death the others.

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Strickmabil disse...

Nao me parece viavel

João Merujo disse...


IsMultiboxing disse...

I say melee boxing depends too much on Blizzard's good will to keep or at least not to change two features:

- Interact with
- Click to move

I still find elemental shaman to be the best pvp class to box and the ONLY one in my opinion that can only get better.
Solo or boxing, elemental shaman is the WORST pvp class nowadays.
So, the conclusion, it doesn't risk nerfs like every other class does, only buffs in a bright future not distance horizon :).

Next patch we're getting one weapon against melee that we were severely lacking.
An instant AOE effect with 3s CD if glyphed and the only thing it requires is to have ANY fire totem down (meaning it'll stack with magma too).

When I first tried it against dummies in the PTR it was crit +5k damage per shaman. Magma can tick at above 1k, so that can make 24k in a single "tick" and therefore, 48k every 3s against melee. Add that to the +1k lightning shield and it can hurt melee...